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Translation for sasakure.UK’s song “Tochka” (トーチカ), featuring Hatsune Miku.

This song originally debut on sasakure.UK’s album ergosum, and was later posted to YouTube and Nico Nico Douga.

Author’s comment

Farewell, Tochka1, a song of togetherness

from album ergosum

“Tochka” was a song that was not originally planned to be publicly released, but I was deeply moved by the MV that Yu Fukase had independently produced, so I decided to publicly release it alongside the song on this channel!
In addition, in accordance with the public release of this video, I was able to supervise it to some extent.
May this “song of togetherness” reach many. –sasakure.UK

Hello, I’m Yu Fukase. I draw illustrations and make videos.
I’m incredibly happy to see this video that I’ve made for a song I love published in this way! My heart is tight with nervousness.
I hope you all enjoy the world depicted in this video. –Yu Fukase

Lyric translation

Sprinkling and falling, the scent of gunpowder
The spring coming through the cement, no abnormalities, with self-interested feelings
“We’re not going back, you know,” no matter what
This love is full of such holes

Look, it’s falling again, the scent of gunpowder
Reality peeled away, and the thinking pattern patrol
You’re still immersed in dreams
while bearing poison

The remnants of the life that spilled out that day
Wailing out things like “thank you”
…Don’t toy with me, my breath…has…already…stopped…2

Farewell, Tochka, I won’t ask you “please forgive me”
Do something to take that righteousness and “hang” me up
Such a convoluted point of ending, it’s our time of parting
The flowers offered as tribute, and the scent of gunpowder

Tochka, Tochka
A song of togetherness

Emptying the hole, filling it up, the bottom of hell and the light
The spring coming through the cement, no self-interested feelings, with abnormalities
The reality that pierces through you who have awakened
Life, piercing through, selfishness

A weapon that protects a single life
No matter how many hundreds of fruits are bitten into

The determination that connects to a single heart
No matter how many thousands of fireworks spread out

That single outstretched palm that has awakened
Even if you shout “go and learn!” about what’s right
Don’t go off dreaming, there’s no harm…in…my…passing…2

So, Tochka, I won’t ask you “please understand”
Do something to dry me out with that poison
Ah, Gloria, a point of burning down, it’s our time of parting
The flowers offered as tribute are yours…

So, it doesn’t matter which is right!
Do something to pierce through me with that weapon
Because my final words are wailing out things like “thank you”
…Don’t toy with me, it’s already goodbye

Tochka, Tochka
Tochka, a song of love

Translator's notes
  1. “Tochka” (トーチカ) is a Japanese loanword from Russian that refers to a pillbox military blockhouse (some of which are seen in the PV for this song itself), but also in its original Russian incarnation (as “точка”) to a “point” (such as a “point of ending”, or the period at the end of a sentence). As the nature of the song leaves it deliberately ambiguous as to what exactly is being referred to, including its treatment as somewhat of a name in relation to the plant girl in the PV, I’ve left the name as-is. []
  2. This line uses a “reading” furigana of dots over its actual text, implying that you’re supposed to read the line as it literally having become nothing. [] []

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