The Caligula Effect: Overdose image song “Cosmo Dancer” (Wicked)

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Translation for Wicked’s image song “Cosmo Dancer” (コスモダンサー).

“Cosmo Dancer” (コスモダンサー)
Lyrics and composition: YM
Vocals: μ (CV: Reina Ueda)
Representative character: Wicked

A parade of performative emotion
This is what I am today
Let’s all hold each other’s hands
and fight back, all together — hah!

Honestly, it’s all laughable
It’s all nothing but dust in the vast universe
The little grains dance
and fly into the air like dust

Scatter, vanish, until you’re out of my sight
Come on, don’t you wanna fight back?
You all happen to be dancing on a stage
that belongs to me…

Like puppets controlled by your hearts
You’re just being true to your thoughts
Those desires you can’t hold back anymore
Come and entertain me with them

If I get to be in an endless dream
Then why don’t I just destroy it all?
When the world is so useless
I don’t need it; that’s my dream

Hey, just show me what you always have
Those so-called beautiful “bonds”
So useless it makes me sick
I’ll show you how until you get it

Come, dance as much as you like
within the palm of my hand
On such a brilliant stage, each and every one
should have their heart stolen away

Come, the world’s days are expiring
So before that time comes
Look to the corners of the universe
and be a spectator to the tragedy

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