Tamers’ Chatroom with Hiromi Seki from V-Jump May 2002

A translation of the “Tamers’ Chatroom” section of the May 2002 issue of V-Jump, including a Q&A with Hiromi Seki, producer of Adventure through Frontier.

Tamers’ Chatroom: Digimon Question Tackle

We cut to the chase and resolve your doubts!
Tail’s1 life is on the line in order to settle all of your doubts about the mysteries of the Digimon series. All of those “answers” will now become clear!

Digimon development staff and Digimon anime series producer Hiromi Seki-san, from Toei Animation

On Adventure and 02

Q1. What happens when you take off Gabumon’s fur?
From Taiki Kaneko2, from Tokyo

He becomes a reptilian Digimon, like Agumon. He wears that pelt because he’s embarrased about looking like that…so it seems.

Q2: When BelialVamdemon was defeated, did Archnemon and Mummymon revive?
From Ari Tamura, from Akita Prefecture

They were not revived. Because they died the moment they were absorbed by BelialVamdemon…(sob)

Q3. Did Yamato and Sora get married? Also, what about Takeru and Hikari!?
From Emi Ooishi, from Hyogo Prefecture, and others

They did get married. The two of them started a relationship during Christmas, in episode 38 of 02. The two of them cultivated their love from there and eventually got married. Takeru and Hikari did not get married. I’m sorry.

On Tamers

Q4. What’s the relationship between the Ryou that appeared in 02 and the Ryou that appears in Tamers?
From asker with pseudonym I Love Yamato, from Saitama Prefecture

They’re the same individual. But in D-1 Tamers, the moment Ryou defeated Millenniummon, he was blown to the edges of time-space, and lost his memory. From there, he met Takato and his friends.

Q5. Is Renamon male or female?
From asker with pseudonym Renamon, from Aichi Prefecture

Digimon don’t have gender. That said, Renamon’s femininity comes from being influenced by Ruki.

Q6. How many cards do Takato and his friends have?
From Kaoru Tada, from Hokkaido, and others

Takato has around 70, made up of mostly Digimon. Jianliang has around 40, made up of mostly Digimon and rare cards. Ruki has around 120, made up of mainly Option Cards.

Q7. Between Dukemon Crimson Mode, Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, and Omegamon, who’s the strongest?
From asker with pseudonym Taichi’s Weasel3, from Fukuoka Prefecture

They’re all Ultimate-level, so at the base level, they’re all equally as powerful. However, their individual specialties vary depending on what Digimon they’re fighting.

On Frontier

Q8. Why is the series named “Frontier“?
From Toshimitsu Sakairi, from Tokyo

Frontier” has two meanings. The first meaning is to take a step into yet-unknown new territory…! The other is “on the forefront line”. It contains the meaning of pushing the anime forward as its frontrunner!

Q9. Why do the main characters always have goggles?
From Masashi Yamashita, from Miyazaki Prefecture

To be a bit blunt about it, it’s just the trademark of a protagonist. There’s no particularly deep meaning to it. Please don’t think too hard about it and just go with it!


Q10. Did Tail ever get to propose to Culumon (Tomoko Kaneda-san)?4

While asking questions, Tail made a marriage proposal to their important co-worker Kaneda-san, and ended up getting beaten up5 for it ♥

In granting the fans’ dreams, Tail’s dreams couldn’t be fulfilled…

And that’s the end!

Translator's notes
  1. “Tail” = Referring to “Tailmon Other”, a member of the V-Jump editorial department who hosted these sections in the magazine alongside fellow cosplayer Kaneki Tanukikouji, and later became the inspiration for Betsumon. Pictures of Tailmon Other in humorous Tailmon cosplay were included in these sections. []
  2. Readings were not provided for any of the asker names, so I’ve made my best guess. []
  3. “Weasel” is “itachi” in Japanese, therefore the asker’s pseudonym is “Taichi no itachi“. []
  4. “Tomoko Kaneda-san” = Culumon’s voice actress in Tamers. A recurring joke with the accompanying photo captions had involved Tail wanting to meet Culumon and propose to them. []
  5. The accompanying pictures depict Producer Seki beating Tail up in various ways. []

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