Kamen Rider Gaim novel — Prologue

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Two men locked in combat.
Two people in armor, like warriors.
“Kaito! Haven’t you gotten anything out of this besides sadness and despair!? Is anger all you’re made of!?”
“That’s right! I’ve come to despise this world that only adds suffering to weakness, where the only way to survive is to become stronger! I’ll obtain the power to destroy all of it — once I overcome you!!”
“I won’t let you, I can’t let you! If that’s what you want to do, I have to be here to stop you!”
The first person, the one who despised the world where the strong trampled on the weak, despised his own weakness and strove to become stronger than anyone else.
Kaito Kumon — the embodiment of anger full of contradictions, Lord Baron, the flame of the crimson lotus of misfortune.
The other, who continued to have doubts despite being at the mercy of the world’s senseless malice, and thus devoted himself and his body to protect every single person around him.
Kouta Kazuraba — full of shining, pure feelings in dazzling silver, as Armored Rider Gaim Ultimate Arms.
Baron — Kaito — let loose a fierce attack with his sword, as Gaim — Kouta — took the attack full-on, without flinching.
Their slashes were no longer even visible to the human eye, and the impact of their swords smashed through the surface of the earth.
A battle to the death over each other’s beliefs, and over the future of mankind.
Making full use of everything they had, with all of the might they had, to the point it became purely a battle of their souls.
However, all stories must have an ending, and this battle, too, must reach its conclusion.
“This is the end, Kazuraba…!”
Baron swung his huge sword down from above.
“I’m still…!”
Gaim grabbled the blade directly, and used all of the strength of his body to snap it in two.
Taking the broken sword, he stuck it straight into Baron.
“Gaaaaaaaaah — !”
Gaim’s final blow with the broken sword pierced right through Baron.
The battle now had a clear victor.

Kouta Kazuraba, the one who had obtained the future, was shedding tears.
He held Kaito Kumon, who was still breathing faintly, within his arms.
“…Why are you crying?”
“Because I can…even if that means I’m weak…I won’t hold back. I’ll cry, and I’ll keep going while I’m at it.”
Kaito’s fist hit against Kouta’s chest in response.
There was a trace of a smile on his face.
“You…truly are strong.”
And thus, the man who had tried to obtain the strongest fruit reached his end.

Such a story of such a fervent battle had reached its end.
The man and the woman holding the Golden Fruit departed from Earth, and headed to a long-distant primordial star to create a new world.
As all of this happened, “he” continued to watch.
“This is not salvation.”
With those words, “he” vanished, as if he were merely an illusion.
As one story came to an end, another had begun.

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