Kamen Rider Gaim novel — Character introductions

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Takatora Kureshima (Armored Rider Zangetsu Shin)
A man who continues to fight as Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin. As the person who was once in charge of Yggdrasill’s “Project Ark”, which planned to save only a limited fraction of the human population, he had been fighting with determination to bear his own sins alone, but after meeting Kouta Kazuraba and clashing against his younger brother, Mitsuzane Kureshima, he realized the true meaning of saving the world. Currently, he is assisting with the reconstruction of Zawame, while also traveling the world in order to recollect the sprouts left behind by Yggdrasill’s misuse of technology.

Oren Pierre Alfonzo (Armored Rider Bravo)
The manager of the famous pastry shop “Charmant” in Zawame. He had once joined the army in order to obtain French nationality, and his fighting ability is far beyond that of an average person. In trying to be a hero who protected Zawame, he had a hostile relationship with the Beat Riders, but once he learned the truth about the Helheim forest, he came to assist them in protecting the city. He was able to recognize Hideyasu Jounouchi’s potential in becoming a talented pastry chef, and started training him day and night as his disciple. His original name was Gennosuke Ouren. He refers to Takatora as “Sir Melon”, and harbors respect and adoration for him.

Kugai Kudou (Armored Rider Saver)
A Yggdrasill researcher who was killed in a past disastrous accident with the Apple Lockseed. He then appeared in front of Ryouma Sengoku, bearing a mysterious Lockseed. He seems to be able to transform into an Armored Rider, but there are still many mysteries about him.

Kouta Kazuraba (Armored Rider Gaim; Man of the Beginning)
A kind-hearted young man who continued to fight to protect others instead of for his own desires, despite harboring worries of his own and being at the mercy of his own great power. After fighting against Yggdrasil, awakening his own power as an Overlord, and winning a decisive battle with Kaito Kumon over the fate of the world, he became a transcendent being known as the “Man of the Beginning”. Alongside Mai Takatsukasa, who had become the “Woman of the Beginning”, he departed Earth, taking the threat of Helheim with him.

Kaito Kumon (Armored Rider Baron)
A young man who, at a young age, came to know the suffering of the weak being trampled by the strong, and attempted to create a world where the weak would not be oppressed. His high degree of charisma drew people towards him, both enemies and allies. After a decisive battle against his fated rival, Kouta Kazuraba, he acknowledged Kouta’s strength, and his short life came to an end.

Mai Takatsukasa (Woman of the Beginning)
A member of Team Gaim, and a childhood friend of Kouta Kazuraba. She once spent her time aiming to become a professional dancer, and practiced her dancing every day and night. After Roshuo implanted the Golden Fruit into her heart, she was reincarnated into the “Woman of the Beginning”. She then traveled through time and began continually warning the humans of the past about the future, in the hopes of preventing conflict.

Ryouma Sengoku (Armored Rider Duke)
A genius researcher from Yggdrasill, who developed the Sengoku Driver. With a ruthless and self-righteous personality, he was willing to do anything it took to obtain what he wanted. After obtaining the Golden Fruit through Mai Takatsukasa’s heart, he was fatally wounded by Kaito Kumon in the form of Lord Baron, and ultimately perished after falling from a building.

Mitsuzane Kureshima (Armored Rider Ryugen)
A member of Team Gaim, and the younger brother of Takatora Kureshima. Being used to constantly lying in order to hide his whereabouts, he ended up finding himself on the path of bearing his burdens alone. However, his heart was saved by Kouta Kazuraba and Mai Takatsukasa’s forgiveness, and he vowed to protect the world that they wanted to protect. Currently, he is attending a university in Zawame, and plans to eventually assist his older brother, Takatora Kureshima, with whom he has reconciled.

Zack (Armored Rider Knuckle)
A member of Team Baron, and its current leader. After Kaito Kumon’s departure, he continued to fight against the Invase and Overlords and protect the city as Kamen Rider Knuckle. He has a passionate personality and, in order to carry on Kaito Kumon’s wishes, was the one to put an end to the Neo Baron incident. He is waiting for an opportunity to return to the United States to put his dancing skills to the test.

Hideyasu Jounouchi (Armored Rider Gridon)
The leader of Team Invitto, and a pastry chef apprentice who works at the pastry shop “Charmant”. A self-proclaimed tactician, he tried to use underhanded tactics hoping to not get his own hands dirty, but went through personal growth via his training under Oren Pierre Alfonzo and came to face the city’s crisis head-on. He is now improving his own skills as a pastry chef, including managing the store in the actual manager’s absence.

A prince of a certain country, whose face looks identical to Kaito Kumon’s. His personality is the exact opposite of Kaito’s, and he is bright and never stops smiling. When he visited Zawame, he was impressed at seeing Kaito save him from assassination, and, inspired by his bonds with those around him, he reflected on his own responsibilities. Once the conflict had ended, he returned to his country, and left a letter for Kaito saying “There are people who will be on my side when I return. I’ll try believing in them.”

A mysterious man referred to as “the serpent” by the Overlords, and who refers to himself as the embodiment of Helheim itself. He appeared in front of the humans who were involved in the world’s destruction and recreation, including Kouta Kazuraba.

Mikhail Stuglev
The president of a Russian high-tech venture corporation that assists Takatora Kureshima.

A member of Team Baron, and its current second-in-command. He loves dancing, and when he fought against Kaito Kumon regarding a joint dance event, his passion for dancing became clear. He is currently working alongside Team Gaim to dance on stage and bring liveliness to the city.

Rica, Chucky, Rat
Members of Team Gaim. They once competed against other teams in the past, but they currently dance together in order to bring excitement to Zawame.

Youko Minato (Armored Rider Malika)
A member of Yggdrasill Corporation, and Ryouma Sengoku’s secretary. After meeting Kaito Kumon, she was inspired by his obsession with power, and chose to see it through to the end. She gave up her life to protect Kaito Kumon from a bomb that Zack had planted.

Sid (Armored Rider Sigurd)
A lock dealer who secretly operated behind the scenes in Zawame. He betrayed Yggdrasill for the sake of his own ambitions and challenged Roshuo for the Golden Fruit, but lost to his overwhelming power and lost his life.

Ryouji Hase (Armored Rider Kurokage)
The leader of Team Raid Wild. Alongside Hideyasu Jounouchi, he attempted to outsmart the other teams, but continually slipped up thanks to his reckless personality and poor judgment. After eating a Helheim fruit, he was transformed into an Invase, and was ultimately disposed of by Sid.

Kougane (Armored Rider Malus, Armored Rider Jam)
An artificial Golden Fruit created by Overlords in the past. He eventually was completely eliminated by Mitsuzane Kureshima and the “Man of the Beginning” Kouta Kazuraba.

Kiyojirou Bandou
Owner of the fruit parlor “Drupers”.

A part-time employee of the fruit parlor “Drupers”.

Raymond, Scythe, Isaac
Mercenaries who once fought through the world’s battlefields alongside Oren Pierre Alfonzo. They know Oren well and trust him deeply.

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