Kamen Rider Ex-Aid ~Mighty Novel X~

This is a translation of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Novel: ~Mighty Novel X~ (小説 仮面ライダーエグゼイド ~マイティノベルX~), originally published June 27, 2018 as a tie-in novel for the tokusatsu television show Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

You can buy the novel in digital and physical format here.


What is this novel anyway?
This is a tie-in novel for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid with a short story that takes place after the events of the main series, centering mainly around Emu’s backstory.

Do I need to have seen the series to understand the novel?
The story takes place after the TV series, so you ideally should be familiar with that at the very least. Some references are made to the theatrical and Another Ending movies.

What’s with the style guide (romanization, terminology translations, etc.)?
Normally, my style guide policy is to mostly follow what I feel the audience is most familiar with and likely to recognize, but tokusatsu is a lawless place where there’s no real consensus, so I decided to just do everything as if it were from scratch. Please don’t take it as a dig at any of the existing translations, it’s just me wanting to work from as fresh of a perspective as possible. I apologize if there ends up being any confusion.

What’s with the horizontal lines in each chapter?
The physical print of the book is deliberately set up so that when the characters reach a decision point, the text will hit the left-side page break right before the character gives their answer, adding a little suspense and making it come off a little more like a visual novel. This was not reflected in the digital version, which received quite a bit of criticism from Japanese fans, so the lines are my attempt to somewhat reproduce the atmosphere with the limited format on this website.

Content warnings: near-death experience, mild blood, implied self-harm, mild surgical and medical injection depictions, child abuse (neglect and emotional abuse), suicidal ideation and attempted suicide


Yuuya Takahashi
Born February 1, 1978. Head of theatre troupe UNIBIRD. Screenwriter, director, novelist, and actor.
Writes scripts for a wide range of genres, including movies, drama, anime, and theatre.
His major works include Eightranger, The Kindaichi Case Files N, Lupin the Third Part 4, and Doraemon. He also wrote the scripts for every episode of the 2016 TV series Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, as well as its theatrical movies and V-Cinema works.

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