Kamen Rider Ex-Aid ~Mighty Novel X~ — [P.S.] To You

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To you, the player.

How did you enjoy Mighty Novel X?
Right now, I am in the world inside the Proto Mighty Action X Gashat Origin.
As per the program preloaded into Kuroto II, I have fused with Kuroto II’s Bugster virus and gained all of his memories.
As a game master, I must honestly admit to feeling defeat.
After all, in terms of victory or defeat, you beat my game.
As a result, my plan failed, and I could not reach my happy ending of being revived.
However, it truly was a very fascinating time.
Most importantly, the most intolerable situation — a game created by my divine talents being left unattended — was averted.
Mighty Novel X has managed to become another one of my masterpieces, on par with the other games I have produced thus far.
And you always manage to entertain me.
I could not have imagined you would give the Mighty Novel X Gashat the power to predict the future.
That was magnificent. It stimulated my talents.
I shall use the data from this incident productively for future game development.
But I must say, I am feeling very impatient right now.
From this point on, you will all be devoting yourself to more research on regenerative medicine for Game Syndrome, but, sure enough, it is an endeavor that will take many years.
Is this the difference between the talents of ordinary people and the talents of a god?
Well, that’s fine. I shall rest until that time catches up to me.
No matter how much time I am given, it will still never be enough.
Because I spend every day dreaming of formulating the excess of ideas overflowing from within me.
It will be very easy to create a game that you will never be able to beat.
I look forward to seeing what kind of game I will have ready by the time we reach our next destiny.
I promise, I will lead you on a stimulating, inspirational journey that exceeds your imagination.
But there is one thing I cannot promise you.
When the time comes, whatever tragedy may befall you, please be aware that I accept no complaints or returns.
If you are still prepared to challenge me despite that, I shall welcome you.
Heh heh heh…Let us continue to enjoy…the neverending game!


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