Kamen Rider Ex-Aid ~Mighty Novel X~ — [Dear] You

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To you, the player.
First, let me sincerely show my gratitude to you for picking up Mighty Novel X.

Since you’re the kind of person who already knows games well enough, I imagine your playstyle won’t involve reading the manual, but for convenience’s sake, let’s start with a tutorial.
Mighty Novel X is what you would call a novel game — the kind of game the industry would normally classify as a “visual novel”. It’s a sort of game where you can experience the story as if you were reading a novel.
Of course, there are already many games of this genre out in the market, but I would be appalled if you considered this game to be like them. You should consider this to be a game of a sort that has never existed before.
The protagonist of Mighty Novel X is none other than you.
The Game Area is the very same town where you are now.
In order to advance Mighty Novel X‘s story, you must visit the designated “Novel Spots” around the city.
When you, the player, set foot in a Novel Spot, a cutscene will begin, and you will be brought into a special Mighty Novel X Game Area. You will go through Mighty Novel X‘s story alongside the game’s characters.
Within the world of Mighty Novel X, you are essentially a bystander, but at the same time, you will be the one who controls your own destiny.
That is because each cutscene will have points where you must make a decision, and if you choose correctly, the story will proceed towards a dramatic ending.
For example…let’s imagine a tree.
Start at the ground.
A thick tree sprouts from the ground.
You climb the trunk towards the top of the tree.
At some point, you reach a branch.
You choose one branch and keep climbing up that branch.
If you choose the wrong branch, you will not be able to reach the top of the tree.
You can only reach the top of the tree if you choose to follow the correct combination of branches.
And when you get to the top of the tree, the view you can see from there will be the ending of Mighty Novel X.
However, you may not necessarily like the view you see from there.
The ending may not necessarily be an ending you wish for.
But that ending will still be the destiny you’ve chosen.
As a game master, I have created games of all different kinds of genres.
Needless to say, all of them were masterpieces that the players found to be exciting and fascinating. It could be said that Mighty Novel X falls into a particularly special category among those games.
But I will be honest.
I felt that this game should not be advertised lightly. As a result, I kept the existence of Mighty Novel X a secret, and never revealed any of its details. I even felt that it might be better for it to gather dust in storage and never see the light of day.
This game’s story is a true story, one with a certain kind of forbidden knowledge.
But if Mighty Novel X has made its way into your hands, and if you’re playing it now, that means it must be in your destiny.
And, to be honest, it makes me very excited.
Mighty Novel X is not like my previous games, where players and opponents compete to see who is the winner.
This game contains the story of how it all began, a story that no one has ever spoken about — or, perhaps, one that everyone has tried to avoid speaking about.
Naturally, it is the story of you and me.

Life is a truly magnificent game.
It takes place in a giant world named “Earth”.
It has more than seven billion players, all unique in their own way.
And each player has countless numbers of quests to fulfill.
For example, romance.
One could take on a challenge of impossible love, or be satisfied with love for someone already close to them, or achieve an unbelievable miracle of mutual feelings.
All players must survive the game of life by overcoming many challenges, making many compromises, and occasionally coming up on a rare miracle.
For example, academic exams.
Or careers.
Or marriage. Or having children.
When another life is born, you must be the guardian of a new player who is starting a new game.
As a parent, will you guide the child through the path they take? Will you respect what the child wishes to do?
You have your own quests to clear, but you also must keep your child’s quests in mind.
Every player faces their own challenges every day. They must make choices that they cannot take back. They must continue to fight for the destiny that lies in store for them tomorrow.
All they can do is continue struggling for a happy ending.
You, of course, are one of those players. As a player, you have managed to overcome many of those challenges thus far.
That is how you came to be the way you are today.
Yes…even back then…
All of this started with you.
Your destiny changed the moment you sent one particular letter.
But you probably still don’t know — or perhaps, you’re simply pretending you don’t know — that your destiny had been determined even before then. It was determined the very day you were born.
From the very beginning, your destiny was already set in stone.

This is your last chance to turn back.
Once you start Mighty Novel X, you probably won’t be able to stop the progress of the game midway through.
You will have no choice but to continue watching the story.
Are you prepared to follow the story of the destiny hidden within Mighty Novel X?
Perhaps, if you learn the truth within this story, the transparent crystal within you might become murky and shatter.
But if you fail to follow this story to its end, you will be exiled from it.
Your crystal will drift within the world of the game, and will never be able to return to reality.
Knowing the risks of this game, will you still choose to play it?

Yes — Proceed to the next page.
No — Close Mighty Novel X right now.

You chose “Yes”. Of course you did.
It was pointless to even ask. Your heart is already firm in your decision.
Indeed…I, who possess divine talent, predicted you would be unable to resist…
Your mind is dominated by insatiable curiosity, and you’re already feeling the heat of passion spreading around your body.
We are long past the point where you can pretend to be a bystander…
Reflect on it, and feel your own heartbeat…
Beating on its own…as if you can no longer control it!
The excitement!
The rhythm!
Or, perhaps, the self-destruction!
You feel a desire for it through your entire body!
You no longer have any recourse to choose your own destiny.
Whether you want to or not, you’re unconsciously acting on your own.
After all, playing this game is inevitably in your destiny.
Well, we’re at the point where it would be crude of me to continue this tutorial.
Turn to the first page of the story!
Is it your destiny to clear this game? Or will you reach a game over?
Wait and watch!
For the ending your destiny has in store!


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