Hiroyuki Kakudou’s “This Week’s Digimon Tamers”

Hiroyuki Kakudou, director of Digimon Adventure and Adventure 02, has a little part on his website where he commented on the individual Digimon Tamers episodes he directed (and one he didn’t).

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Episode 7: “Guilmon Disappearing! Adventure in My Town”
Screenplay: Chiaki Konaka
Director: Hiroyuki Kakudou

Guilmon and Takato shooting at the western twelfth Kumano shrine in Shinjuku Central Park.
Tamers takes place in some realistic areas, so filming on-location every time is very difficult.
It’s been a long time since I’ve made a post, so here’s another one.

If you’re wondering what this is, please take a look at the broadcast episode.
As a supplement; it was a program made by Yamaki-kun. You could say its name is something very much like Konaka-san would come up with (^-^ゝ

Episode 15: “A Giant Snake’s Appearance! Huge Panic on the Ōedo Line”
Screenplay: Atsushi Maekawa
Director: Hiroyuki Kakudou

It’s been a long time since my last post. From the beginning it’s been unlikely that anyone other than children would see Digimon since it’s a Sunday morning program,
and the same goes for this site too. So that is to say, promotion has been quite open for a while.
If you’re wondering why I wasn’t doing this since the beginning of Digimon Adventure,
I was very busy, so my hands were tied (^^;)
So I wasn’t able to do it
until I was done with Angemon’s first evolution CG.
The naming of the “Devas” doesn’t come from Kakudou
knowing much about Indian Buddhism (haha).
It’ll be explained in the dialogue this time. Maybe.
The photo is of Kyuubimon accelerating on the Ōedo Line, accompanied by Ruki.
The back-fire from behind is…
Oh, speaking of which, why is Garurumon’s signature attack
called Fox Fire?

Episode 21: “Juri’s Partner? My Leomon-sama”
Screenplay: Yoshio Urasawa
Director: Hiroyuki Kakudou

I don’t have any special comment to make about this episode, haha.
A lot of Devas have emerged,
and although a lot of people have been responsible for their voices,
the Leomon from this work is, of course, voiced by
the person who was the longest semi-regular in the first Digimon series,
but since there are also a lot of surprising people who appear in surprising places,
please take note of them.

Episode 29: “This is a Ghost Castle! The Great Escape of the Stray Culumon”
Screenplay: Genki Yoshimura
Director: Hiroyuki Kakudou

In the case of philosophy, if you were to speak of the German kind, it’d be idealistic, but there’s expressionism in its movies.
Above all, The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari is most famous for this.
The scene in Germany in Casino Royale is full of that kind of style,
or perhaps should I say, a sophisticated (haha) kind of form.
Like the house of the psychic boy in America’s The Twilight Zone.
In the photo is Cyberdramon practicing his special attack.
Culumon, from the title, also sings a song.

Episode 35: “His Name is Dukemon! The True Ultimate Evolution”
Screenplay: Chiaki Konaka
Director: Hiroyuki Kakudou
CG evolution scene director: Shinji Aramaki

Each and every part of the D-Real Series1 is good,
so I want Digimon like WereGarurumon, Angemon, Garudamon,
Wizarmon, Vamdemon, XV-mon,
Stingmon, Silphymon, and Shakkoumon to be in it.
Aramaki-san, who directed Dukemon’s evolution scene,
was also involved in the Digital World’s design.
We couldn’t show all of it without cuts right now due to reasons of convenience,
but it’s still amazing, so please look forward to it.
Dukemon is also cool, but the fact he doesn’t close his eyes is also a point…
But you wouldn’t be able to tell with the photo.

Episode 42: “The D-Reaper Attacking the City, the Tamers’ Determination”
Screenplay: Hiro Masaki
Director: Hiroyuki Kakudou

In Tamers, sometimes there are times when the scenario title makes full use of what’s happening,
so the first half of the episode was like that. The original title was Fear Over the City 2 or something like that, right, Masaki-san?
The one who created Ryou’s profile was Genki Yoshimura-san,
which I think is also mentioned in Konaka-san’s site.
I myself was assigned to do location hunting, but I didn’t really make the best use of their hometowns,
so Juri is in Matsumoto, Takato’s family in Zushi, Ruki in Yokohama, and the Lee family around Kawada,
and the Wild Bunch is in the Shinjuku east exit.

Episode 48: “The Power to Protect Juri, Beelzebumon’s Fist!”3
Screenplay: Atsushi Maekawa
Director: Masatoshi Chioka

In Digimon Adventure and 02,
Chioka-kun, who was an assistant to the TV director (Yamato’s dad),
was actually based on a real person, a production assistant for the Digimon series.
The character made his directorial debut on Christmas in 2002,
so we wanted to have the real person make his directorial debut as soon as possible.
Most of the little details, such as the commercial break eyecatches, were made by the same Chioka-kun.
He’s been working at Toei for four years now? Wow, time passes quickly.
Usually, the layouting, or the storyboard, would have been done by someone else,
but he actually did it for this episode as well. Please look forward to it.

Episode 50: “Crimson Knight Dukemon, Save Our Loved Ones!”
Screenplay: Chiaki Konaka
Director: Hiroyuki Kakudou

We’re finally at the climax of Digimon Tamers.
It’s an all-out war.
With Yamaki’s group, Impmon, Hirokazu and Kenta,
Culumon, Juri,
it’s possible in some sense to say that they’re all the protagonists.
Let’s Go!
(You say it like William Holden, saying the “go” at an interval after the “let’s”. That’s how you do it. It says so in the screenplay.)

Translator's notes
  1. Refers to a series of Digimon action figures. []
  2. The episode’s literal title has as its first half “The City Attacked by the D-Reaper”; the Japanese title of Fear Over the City is “The City Attacked by Fear”(colloquially, “the terrified city”). []
  3. The page for episode 48 is not actually linked on Director Kakudou’s directory page, and is a “secret link” that comes from his page about the American Box Bug. []

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