Digimon Universe App Monsters website cast and staff comments

A translation of the cast and staff comments from the news section of the official Digimon Universe App Monsters anime website.

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Appmon main cast and staff information reveal!

(Originally posted June 9, 2016)

Yumi Uchiyama (voice of Haru Shinkai)

Ever since I was contacted and informed that I’d been decided on to play Haru, it felt like I was having a long dream, and I spent the whole day in an absent-minded daze, but when we did the PV recording, I was full of so much joy, thinking, “it wasn’t a dream after all!!”
From the time of the audition, I was deeply moved by the staff’s passion for their work, and so I’m very happy to be able to assist them with it!!
Getting to play the main character in a series that I’ve been loving and watching since I was a student makes my heart pound, but I’m going to put everything I have into playing Haru, so I hope everyone will look forward to it!!

Yumi Uchiyama’s profile

Born on October 30, from Arts Vision. Major roles include DokiDoki! PreCure (Dabi/DB), Nisekoi (Ruri Miyamoto), Bakuon!! (Onsa Amano), and Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World (Puck).

Kokoro Kikuchi (voice of Gatchmon)

Upon being contacted and informed about the decision to cast me as Gatchmon, my manager told me over the phone “I don’t even remember my name or age anymore!!”…When I heard about the decision, I forgot my own name and age, too…I was overcome with shock…I’m very nervous, but beyond that, I’m full of happiness. The broadcast will be starting soon, and as I’m thinking, I hope the kids will have fun playing at being alongside the Appmon…my heart is pounding right now while I wait for the post-recording day!

Kokoro Kikuchi’s profile

Born on November 9, from Kenyuu Office. Major roles include Heartcatch PreCure! (Potpourri), Onion-Headed Asatarou (Komomo), and Calimero (Giuliano).

Wataru Takagi (voice of the App Drive)

It’s a huge honor to be able to participate in the latest entry in the long-running Digimon series, App Monsters! The toys that are being developed alongside the anime broadcast are so exquisitely made that even adults can enjoy them. I put tons of feeling into voicing the clips for all of the monsters! Let’s all have fun together! Looking forward to the broadcast from here!!

Wataru Takagi’s profile

Born July 25, from Arts Vision. Major roles include Detective Conan (Genta Kojima/Detective Takagi), One Piece (Bellamy), and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (Okuyasu Nijimura). He is also currently active as a live-action actor playing the role of Shigemasa Oyamada in the NHK Taiga drama Sanadamaru.

Series director Gou Koga

(Major works: DokiDoki! PreCure, One Piece: Episode of Sabo)

It’s been 17 years since Digimon Adventure! Digital technology has now become indispensable to our lives, and if artificial intelligence were to end up exceeding human ability, would that be a good thing? Or would it be a scary thing?
I hope to convey an exciting new story of this adventure with “Digimon = Appmon” befitting of the “now”, to the children who are living in this “now”. Please look forward to it!

Lead writer Youichi Katou

(Major works: Aikatsu!, Yo-Kai Watch)

The key point of this work, “artificial intelligence”, has been popping up more and more in the news every day, and has become quite the current hot topic. I want it to be a passionate story that you can watch in a carefree manner and laugh alongisde, while also being something meaningful to have made and to be seen for this current era. The protagonists, Haru and his friends, will be taking an important step in their own lives through receiving their App Drives and meeting their Appmon. The key to everything is kindness. Starting with Director Koga and Producer Nagatomi, and including the script team, we’ve assembled the perfect team of staff for this work. Please be sure to look forward to it!

Character designer Kenichi Ohnuki

(Major works: Gundam Build Fighters series character design, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans animation character design)

When I first showed them Haru’s rough drafts, I was incredibly relieved to get a “looks good!” back from them.
This is my first time working with Toei, but it’s fun doing work by discussing with people from various positions and not just the production site.
There’s still some time before the broadcast starts, but I will continue to do my best, so please look forward to it.

Producer Daichi Nagatomi (from Toei Animation)

“A story that is Digimon, and yet not Digimon”
That is what App Monsters is. Whether you’re someone who loves Digimon, or someone who’s never seen Digimon once in your life, please draw yourself into the story of Haru and Gatchmon (laughs).
The keywords are “Digimon”, “smartphones”, “AI”, and “App Monsters”. Please look forward to the airing!

Appmon character and cast reveal! Umeka Shouji as the heroine Eri Karan, and Motoko Kumai as Dokamon

(Originally posted June 29, 2016)

Umeka Shouji (voice of Eri Karan)

It still hasn’t hit me that I’m even getting to write a comment like this right now, it’s like a dream. It’s the Digimon series, one that’s loved by so many people. I’m really happy to be involved with this. When I was a kid, animation gave me tons of exciting and thrilling moments, and “dreams” added on top of that. Eri-chan and I are going to be doing our absolute best so that the “dreams” full of excitement and thrills will reach the children of now!

Umeka Shouji’s profile

Born on August 20, from Aoni Production. Major roles include One Piece (Ran/Inazuma), World Trigger (Yuu Kunichika/Itsuki Fujisawa/Yuuko Kumagai), and Beautiful Skin Family (Sara Bihada).

Motoko Kumai (voice of Dokamon)

It’s an incredibly huge honor to be involved in the newest work in the long-beloved Digimon series! I’m really looking forward to the post-recordings from here on out. I’ll do my best to use this opportunity and achieve digital evolution, even as a non-digital person myself (laughs). I’ll be putting my soul into playing this role, so please be sure to support me from here on out!

Motoko Kumai’s profile

Born on September 8, from 81 Produce. Major works include Heartcatch PreCure! (Coffret), Onion-Headed Asatarou (Asatarou), and Exploration Driland -The True Treasure of 1000 Years- (Kibamaru, the Blazing Sword).

Appmon character and cast reveal! Shiho Kokido as Torajirou Asuka and Nao Tamura as Musimon

(Originally posted July 6, 2016)

Shiho Kokido (voice of Torajirou Asuka)

When it was decided that I would be playing Torajirou, I was so happy that I ended up getting goosebumps. I’m a proper member of the Digimon generation, so it’s like a dream to be able to appear in the newest series in a franchise I’d watched when I was a kid. I’m sure there are tons of people who are looking forward to this new Digimon series in the same way I am. Since this series will be watched by people from a wide range of ages, my partner Musimon and I will be working together and putting everything we have into taking on the challenge, so please look forward to it!

Shiho Kokido’s profile

Born on December 20, from Ken Production. Major works include Go! Princess PreCure (Aroma), Brave Beats (Kotone Amamiya/Wink Beat), Sekko Boys (Miki Ishimoto), and Drifters (Olminu).

Nao Tamura (voice of Musimon)

I’m really happy to be able to participate in the world of App Monsters as Musimon! Watching the videos gave me goosebumps, and I felt how passionate the staff was towards their work. I’ll be putting my best into it as an Appmon cast member, so that the series will be loved by many!

Nao Tamura’s profile

Born on October 10, from the Tokyo Actor’s Consumer’s Cooperative Society. Major works include World Trigger (Chika Amatori), Log Horizon (Minori), and Usagi-chan of Urawa (Misono Mimuro).

Appmon new character and cast reveal! Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Rei Katsura and Daisuke Sakaguchi as Hackmon

(Originally posted July 13, 2016)

Toshiyuki Toyonaga (voice of Rei Katsura)

I’ve known and been enjoying the Digimon series as a viewer since I was a student. And now, I’m actually getting to help out on the side that provides the enjoyment…Nothing could make me happier. I’ll be doing my best to bring modern Digimon = Appmon to the modern kiddos!

Toshiyuki Toyonaga’s profile

Born on April 28, from Super Eccentric Theater. Major works include the Durarara!! series (Mikado Ryuugamine), Tokyo Ghoul (Hideyoshi Nagachika), Mobile Suit Gundam AGE (Flit Asuno), and Bungo Stray Dogs (Junichirou Tanizaki).

Daisuke Sakaguchi (voice of Hackmon)

I’m Daisuke Sakaguchi, who plays Hackmon. This series is about App Monsters, but I’m a regular cell phone user, so I live a live rather far removed from smartphones and apps (laughs). And yet I’m Hackmon…I should use this opportunity to make my life a bit more digital (laughs). In any case, I’ll be putting my best into it!

Daisuke Sakaguchi’s profile

Born on October 11, from Aoni Production. Major works include the Gintama series (Shinpachi Shimura), One Piece (young Portgas D. Ace), and Blood Blockade Battlefront (Leonardo Watch).

Appmon new character and cast reveal! Makoto Furukawa, Mai Fuchigami, and Ryou Hirohashi as the protagonist’s classmates Yuujin Oozora, Ai Kashiki, and Watson

(Originally posted July 20, 2016)

Makoto Furukawa (voice of Yuujin Oozora)

Digimon is a series that I’ve been very familiar with since I was a kid, so I’m truly happy to be involved in this series as a voice actor. I’ll do my best to convey what Digimon gave me as a kid to the audience!

Makoto Furukawa’s profile

Born on September 29, from Space Craft Entertainment. Major works include One-Punch Man (Saitama), Haikyuu!! (Yuutarou Kindaichi), and Mikagura School Suite (Sadamatsu Minatogawa).

Mai Fuchigami (voice of Ai Kashiki)

I’m genuinely happy to be able to be in the series I’d been watching myself, back when I was a kid! For this series, I’ll be playing the character “Ai”…but this is an original story, so everything about her is a complete unknown to me at this stage. What kind of trials await her from here…what kind of happiness will she find?! I’m going to be doing everything I can possibly do for this. Please look forward to it.

Mai Fuchigami’s profile

Born on May 28, from m&i. Major works include DokiDoki! PreCure (Alice Yotsuba/Cure Rosetta), Assassination Classroom (Nagisa Shiota), Girls und Panzer (Miho Nishizumi), and Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova- (Iona).

Ryou Hirohashi (voice of Watson)

I fell in love with Watson the moment I saw him on the character chart at the audition site. Being able to play a kid who immediately makes me go “I like this one!!” is like a dream. Thank you very much. There are still so many things I don’t know about what kind of character he is, so I’m excited. I hope we can grow together. Please look forward to the rest.

Ryou Hirohashi’s profile

Born on August 5, from Aoni Production. Major works include Sailor Moon Crystal (Luna), My Hero Academia (Minoru Mineta), and Sgt. Frog (Koyuki Azumiya).

New PV featuring the cast of the 4 characters with App Drives and their 4 Buddy Appmon! Check out the synchronicity between each pair!

(Originally posted August 1, 2016)

(From back row, left) Motoko Kumai as Dokamon, Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Rei Katsura, Daisuke Sakaguchi as Hackmon, Nao Tamura as Musimon; (From front row, left) Umeka Shouji as Eri Karan, Yumi Uchiyama as Haru Shinkai, Kokoro Kikuchi as Gatchmon, Shiho Kokido as Torajirou Asuka

Comment from Yumi Uchiyama (voice of Haru Shinkai)

This was my first time recording with everyone, and it made me all excited to properly feel “the recording process really has started!’, and I’m so impressed by how all of the characters are just oozing with their own charms! I was nervous from start to finish, but with the warmth of my fellow actors and the staff, I really do want to face forward with Haru and put proper care into playing him!

Comment from Kokoro Kikuchi (voice of Gatchmon)

We recorded the Appmon PV the other day. It was the first time all eight of us had gotten together, but as soon as one of us made a joke, everyone else started laughing, and it felt like all of us were sharing this space together, with a very calm and bright atmosphere. Each pair of Buddies has a ton of charm points, and their personalities fit each other perfectly, and Yumi-chan and I even quietly had an exchange of words, “let’s do our best, too”…(laughs). The studio was filled with the forward-facing feelings of the director and the rest of the production staff, and everyone involved in Appmon. Everyone has love and confidence for App Monsters! We’re inching closer and closer towards the start of Appmon‘s broadcast in October, so I hope that the feelings of everyone at the production site will reach the audience…!!!

The background music is also being done by Koutarou Nakagawa, who is a regular on the Super Sentai and Kamen Rider series!

Check out the new PV using Nakagawa-san’s music!

Male vocalist Amatsuki-san will be the artist for the opening theme song!

(Originally posted August 23, 2016)

The artist for the opening theme for the anime Digimon Universe App Monsters will be Amatsuki-san, a male vocalist who started his work through posting on video sharing sites, and is rapidly growing in popularity and range of activity! Look forward to detailed information about the song!

Amatsuki’s comment

When I heard that I’d be doing the opening song for Digimon Universe App Monsters, I was genuinely shocked! On top of that, there’s nothing that makes me happier than being involved with a series that I’d been watching when I was a kid!! I just started screaming, yes, please, have me do this! To me, Digimon is truly like a single page of my youth, and back when I was in elementary school, I was stuck on the TV every Sunday morning, getting excited for Digimon. I really think it’s a legendary series, and that it’s a series that’s been providing dreams to children even now. I remember constantly listening to all of the songs when I was little. We’re planning to make this song with a modern digital sense to it, and a sense of coolness and speed befitting that of an OP, so that even if the kids don’t know the instruments well, they’ll love the song!, or even if it’s not that, it’ll still get your heart pumped!!! Please look forward to it for sure! Let’s check out our adventure with these new kids~!!

Amatsuki’s profile

A male vocalist with a refreshing, high-toned voice, reminiscent of that of a young boy. He began his activities through uploading videos of himself singing on the Internet, attracted the attention of an audience primarily consisting of young women in their teens to early 20s in the blink of an eye, and made his major label debut with his 2014 album Hello, World!, which immediately reached a peak of 4th place on the Oricon Daily Chart. On top of his singing voice, he is known for having a friendly and earnest personality with a fanciful aura, and has become popular enough to gain more than 550,000 Twitter followers as of this writing.

The flourishing Riho Iida-san will be the artist for the ending theme!

(Originally posted August 26, 2016)

Riho Iida’s comment

As soon as I heard that I might be singing the ending theme for App Monsters, I thought, I really want to sing this! In the midst of all the anxiety and anticipation and nervousness, I was so happy when I heard the final decision…I remember telling my manager, who was with me at the time, “Thank you so much! I’ll do my best!!” To be honest about it, my heart was pounding so much and I was so scared that I couldn’t hear anyone saying things like “how are you feeling?” (laughs) Now that I’ve been a solo artist for a year, it really has been a dream of mine to sing the theme song for an anime. So now that dream has become reality, and of all things, it was Digimon…I thought, are you sure this isn’t a dream? It was an anime that I fell in love with and became completely absorbed in when I was little, and when I went to school, we couldn’t stop talking about Digimon, and the anime that I spent my youth with has gone through time and been made into even more anime, and I’ll be singing the ending theme for the anime that’s inheriting the spirit of the Digimon series…I am truly happy and full of gratitude. I want to add gentle touches of color to this series through this ending song.

Riho Iida’s profile

Born on October 26, from Saitama Prefecture, blood type B, nicknamed “Rippi”. She gained popularity in 2002 as a four-year regular TV Warrior of NHK’s Genius TV-kun. She gradually expanded her range of activities to works such as movies, TV shows, stage plays, TV commercials, and radio, and in 2013, she made her debut as a voice actress via the role of Rin Hoshizora in the anime Love Live!. Following that, while playing roles such as Kana Uehara in the April 2015 TBS anime Re-Kan!, Ruka Sovagasky in the July 2015 anime Venus Project -Climax-, Agira in the Ultra series monster anthromoporphized character project Kaiju Girls, and Arsha and Marina in the action strategy RPG Bravery Chronicle, she was active as a member of “μ’s”, an idol unit formed by Love Live! voice actresses. She made her first appearance in the 66th Red and White Song Battle at the end of last year, and reached great success during her two-day performance at the Tokyo Dome. She made her solo debut in July 2015 with her album rippi-rippi. Following that, she released two singles, and her second album rippi-holic, released on August 17 of this year, was reached a peak of 1st in the Oricon Daily Ranking (on August 16) and 4th in the Oricon Weekly Ranking (on August 29). Currently, she is the primary host of the Super! A&G+ show Walking Through Life with Riho Iida, which runs every Friday from 7:30-8:00 PM.

Ami Wajima-san will be the artist for the ending theme “Love”, starting January!

(Originally posted December 16, 2016)

Starting January, the ending theme for this series will be “Love”, sung by Ami Wajima-san. A 17-year-old from Kutchan, Hokkaido, Ami Wajima-san made her debut in May of this year via the opening theme song of the TV anime The Lost Village, “Illusion Drive”, and in August she released the ending theme for the second cour of the TV anime Kuromukuro, “Eternity Loop”. “Love” will be released on her first album I AM, on February 22, 2017.

Ami Wajima’s comment

“I’m so happy that I’ve gotten to have my own song played in an anime for the third time since my debut, and that my dream of having a close relationship with the world of anime has come true. And on top of that, it’s a huge honor to be involved in the new series for the long-running Digimon series! I feel that App Monsters is a series that both adults and children can enjoy. I would be truly happy if everyone who listens to the song at the end of each anime episode can feel something.”

Ami Wajima’s profile

Born on December 29, 1998.
A 17-year-old from Kutchan, Hokkaido, signed to Horipro, Inc.
In 2016, she won the Grand Prix at the Horipro x Pony Canyon Next Genration Anime Song Vocalist Audition. An anime song vocalist who debut with the opening theme song of the TV anime The Lost Village, “Illusion Drive”, and, following that, released her second single “Eternity Loop” in August.

Official website: http://amiwajima.com/
Official Twitter: @amiwajima
Official LINE Blog: http://lineblog.me/wajimaami/
Official YouTube channel: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC_f3Bsn4vMyc3vFuUBJmnUg

Release information

TV anime Digimon Universe App Monsters
Second-cour ending theme “Love”
From Ami Wajima’s 1st album I AM
Release date: February 22, 2017
Specifications and price: PCCG.01580/2,800 yen + tax

Revealing our new poster, for the part of the story beginning in April!

(Originally posted March 17, 2017)

Revealing our new poster, for the part of the story beginning in April! Is Yuujin Oozora becoming the fifth App Driver!?

This new story poster has, in addition to the four App Drivers and their Ultimate Appmon, Haru’s best friend Yuujin Oozora and his Buddy Appmon, Offmon! And Yuujin is holding an App Drive of a kind that’s never been seen before…!? Look forward to seeing what they’ll be doing from here on out!

The new character Offmon will be played by Yuu Shimamura!

Offmon (voiced by Yuu Shimamura)

Yuujin’s Buddy Appmon, an offline game Appmon.
He has a shy personality and is rather timid.

Here are some comments from the voice actors Makoto Furukawa, who plays Yuujin Oozora, and Yuu Shimamura, who plays his Buddy Appmon, Offmon!

Makoto Furukawa (voice of Yuujin Oozora)

Up until now, Yuujin hasn’t been involved with the battles Haru and the other App Drivers have been going through, but he’ll finally be participating as an App Driver alongside a new Appmon! As the person providing his voice, I’m happy to be able to fight alongside everyone else from here on out. Please continue to support Yuujin, and Haru and all of his friends!

Yuu Shimamura (voice of Offmon)

Appmon is a series full of fun ideas, so I’m very happy to be able to participate in it.
Offmon isn’t very used to being in contact with other people, so he’s usually very nervous around others, but when there’s something he has to do, he gets it done. Please look forward to it! That said…even from the very first recording day, I couldn’t help but worry about what was going on with his Buddy, Yuujin…

And, finally! Here are some comments from Yumi Uchiyama, who plays the protagonist, Haru Shinkai, about the new part of the story!

Yumi Uchiyama (voice of Haru Shinkai)

Now that the story is moving to a new phase, we’re going to be seeing it make great progress towards the decisive battle with Leviathan.
Thinking about what kinds of trials Haru-kun will have to endure makes my heart pound, but I hope he’ll be able to overcome them alongside Gatchmon and all of his other wonderful friends, so please be sure to support them!!

Nobunaga Shimazaki-san will be playing Knight Unryuuji, the young IT company CEO, who will be appearing in the new part of the story from April! Here are some comments from him!

(Originally posted March 24, 2017)

Knight Unryuuji (voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki)

A CEO of high school age. Could he possibly be the CEO of that company…?

Nobunaga Shimazaki (voice of Knight Unryuuji)’s comment

It’s a huge honor to be involved as a voice actor in the same Digimon series that I’ve known since I was a child. I can’t say anything about the specific details quite yet, but he’s a character with quite a few interesting things about him, so I hope you’ll look forward to seeing what happens.

SymaG will be the vocalist for the new opening theme, and Ange☆Reve the vocalists for the new ending theme!

(Originally posted March 24, 2017)

Comment from SymaG

Hello, I’m SymaG, and I sang the new opening song for Digimon Universe App Monsters‘s,”Gatch’n!”, which is written by Nanahoshi Orchestra and will be used starting in April. Please look forward to it. After having released my album last year, I’ve now achieved another of my dreams, which is “singing a theme song for an anime,” and so, as a “Geezermon Uploa-monster”1, there is nothing that could make me happier. This has all been thanks to everyone who has been supporting me. I’m truly thankful. I hope that this will be a song that people will love for many years to come, just like the Appmon.

SymaG’s profile

A perpetual 82-year-old who continues to charm people with his outstanding skill as a singer and his characteristic singing voice, who obtained an impressive 6 million views on Nico Nico Douga with his famous song “I sang ‘Tin Plate Dance’ [SymaG]”, with the count still increasing. Last year, he released his first album, Pleasant Final Memory, which achieved 10th place in the Oricon weekly ranking.

SymaG’s official website:

Ange☆Reve has provided a video comment!

The moment of surprise announcement for Ange☆Reve!

And finally, some comments from three of its members!

Kurumi Watanabe

It’s truly an honor that our song will be used as the ending theme for such a long-running famous anime, I’m very happy! The song and dance are very comical, so I hope we can all sing and dance together! I’m on my toes waiting for the broadcast!!

Akari Matsuwaki

When I heard that we as Ange☆Reve would have our song be used as an ending theme song, it was like a dream, and I was so happy that I kept getting goosebumps. I’ve always loved anime, so it’s been a dream of mine to sing for an anime theme song. I hope this song and Ange☆Reve will make Digimon Universe App Monsters even more exciting.

Yua Mizuno

Digimon is an anime that I’ve loved and been watching, so I’m really happy to be picked to sing for an ending theme for such a wonderful, beloved series! My nickname is already “Yuamon”, so it feels like destiny to be connected to this kind of “mon”!

Ange☆Reve’s profile

An idol group formed by winning candidates in the idol discovery “Third DOLL Audition”. Named after “an angel’s dream” (“Ange = Angel” + “Reve = Dream”), they’re a super-fresh “angelic” orthodox pure unit! As of 2017, they’re energetically active with their new current lineup of seven people (Kurumi Watanabe, Rika Sasaki, Haruka Tachibana, Akari Matsuwaki, Yua Mizuno, Arisa Yoshihashi, and Mitsuki Saigou).

Ange☆Reve’s official website:

Agumon will be appearing in episode 45 on August 12! A comment from Agumon’s voice actress, Chika Sakamoto-san!

(Originally posted August 11, 2017)

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the portable training game “Digital Monster”, Agumon (voiced by Chika Sakamoto), from the anime Digimon Adventure, will be appearing in episode 45, broadcast on August 12!! And of course, he’ll be evolving…!? Chika Sakamoto-san, who plays Agumon, has left some comments! She also commented on the atmosphere during post-recording!

Chika Sakamoto (voice of Agumon)’s comment

Back during the original Digimon Adventure, I was surprised seeing children use PCs and mobile phones like it was nothing, but now that it’s become reality in the present day, I was quite honestly worried about being in Appmon as the only one from this era. There was an atmosphere of tension, as if I were meeting a distant relative for the first time, and every time someone greeted me, it felt more like “no, no, I’m the one who’s looking forward to working with you.” As I was listening to everyone else’s voices and speaking Agumon’s lines, I slipped in all sorts of silly little things I came up with. I’m really excited, and looking forward to it finally airing.

5 days until the final episode! Some comments from Toshiyuki Toyonaga-san, who plays Rei Katsura, and Daisuke Sakaguchi-san, who plays Hackmon, about the final episode!

(Originally posted September 25, 2017)

Toshiyuki Toyonaga (voice of Rei Katsura)

There is no way I could have ever imagined that the day would come for Rei to do a JHT (Jumping Happy Thunder) in such a high voice (laughs). I thought, he really does have some playful aspects to him in the end, doesn’t he? ♪ Now that he’s spending so much time with Hajime-kun…
We’re finally at the last episode. I really don’t want it to end. Personally, to me, it feels more like the end of a first season.
The road that Rei and Hackmon have been walking together…I hope you will watch over him and where they’re headed, now that he’s no longer alone.
The final episode, with the App Drivers all taking on the challenge together! Please be sure to watch until the end.

*The special attack of the character Rei is wearing a costume of

Daisuke Sakaguchi (voice of Hackmon)

This last year has been so much fun! Both the series itself and the atmosphere at the recording sight really have been the best.
Hackmon’s character seems so cool, but then sometimes he would make some ?? sort of remark, and it makes me think, I’m so glad to have met him.
The final episode is full of nothing but things to see! What’s going to happen to Haru and Yuujin? I don’t want to see it end like that! And what about the relationships between the Appmon and their Buddies?
Will they be able to defeat Leviathan at all? And so on and so forth. There are tons of things like that, so be sure to look out for it!
And if everyone supports us, Hackmon may be able to Appliarize again. So, please continue to support App Monsters!

4 days until the final episode! Some comments from Shiho Kokido-san, who plays Torajirou Asuka, and Nao Tamura-san, who plays Musimon, about the final episode!

(Originally posted September 26, 2017)

Shiho Kokido (voice of Torajirou Asuka)

It was a single year drenched in a constant flow of Tora that made you totally feel it! Tora’s inherent brightness and positivity really helped pull me forward.
Every week, even I was constantly looking forward to getting more of the script and learning what would happen next in the story that I couldn’t read about yet.
I really want people to watch this because of this current era that’s pushing computerization forward, and because it’s a story that lets you reaffirm the warmth of people and the warmth of the heart.
Be sure to watch Haru and the others’ story until the very end!

Nao Tamura (voice of Musimon)

Musimon’s carefree nature, his way of going with the flow, and his sense of companionship.
All of became so precious to me, and so important. His power of feeling it doubles when he’s with Astra! After all, when Musimon’s there, so is Astra.
The scenes that left the strongest impression on me and come to mind first are the ones that show off his bond with Astra. They’re the yellow pair that lift your spirits as you watch. Look out for the yellow pair in the final episode!
And be sure to look out for what happens to Haru and his friends!! We’re totally feeling it with the Appmon~!

3 days until the final episode! Some comments from Umeka Shouji-san, who plays Eri Karan, and Motoko Kumai-san, who plays Dokamon, about the final episode!

Umeka Shouji (voice of Eri Karan)

I spent a few hours wondering what to write…I have so many memories that I couldn’t bring them together well at all. I love Appmon, and I love Eri.
It’s over for now, but I felt I should put my all into it and not forget to smile, so that she won’t explosive-punch me when I meet her again someday (laughs)!
Thank you for watching us for a year! The 52nd episode is the culmination of everything! It won’t let you down even once, not even until the very, very, very end! Be sure not to miss it!

Motoko Kumai (voice of Dokamon)

More than anything, it was so much fun, and a year went by in the blink of an eye.
The App Fusion and evolution mechanics are tons of fun, and Oujamon is particularly cool, I love him a lot!
The characters are full of fascinating points, and the story is truly interesting!
The story, focused on the theme of “artificial intelligence” that’s so important to the modern era, started unfolding at a faster pace, and I always ended up wondering what might be in the next script.
And in terms of being Dokamon, I’m very happy to have been able to stay devoted to Eri-chan and be with her until the very end.
There’s got to be a second season! I’m expecting one! Please be sure to support us, y’all!2

2 days until the final episode! Some comments from Makoto Furukawa-san, who plays Yuujin Oozora, and Yuu Shimamura-san, who plays Offmon, about the final episode!

(Originally posted September 28, 2017)

Makoto Furukawa (voice of Yuujin Oozora)

So many things have happened, and right now they’re going through their biggest one yet, but now that we’re at the end and there’s only one episode left, it really does feel very sad.
And Yuujin…well, everything about him will become clear at the end, but I really do love Yuujin.
Please come and witness the battle between the App Drivers and Leviathan, until the very end!
Look forward to episode 52!!

Yuu Shimamura (voice of Offmon)

Offmon only came into the story midway through, but I was really touched by how kind everyone was at the recording site, as if I’d been with them the whole time, and the enthusiasm for the series that made everyone go “this is so interesting, I really want this to come through!” I can’t even believe I got to play such an alluring and cute character like Offmon, so it’s a huge honor, and a challenge for me every time.
I loff Haru and Yuujin and everyone else who watched over us on the TV. Please look forward to the rest off what happens until the very end.3

1 day until the final episode! Some comments from Yumi Uchiyama-san, who plays Haru Shinkai, and Kokoro Kikuchi-san, who plays Gatchmon, about the final episode!

(Originally posted September 29, 2017)

Yumi Uchiyama (voice of Haru Shinkai)

This series was the first time in my life that I got to audition and experience becoming a main protagonist. I’ve been involved in a lot of series so far, and the people who were playing the main protagonists always seemed like they were shining very brightly. While I was looking up to them, I was truly very happy to be tied to them like that. At first, I was very worried about “am I the right person to be playing the lead role…?”, but before I’d realized it, the staff and cast around me had built up a very warm atmosphere, and, most of all, my Buddy, Kikuchi-san, was always next to me and giving me encouragement. Thanks to their support, I was able to face forward and put in everything I had up to this point.
Being able to meet Haru-kun taught me about so many feelings of kindness. I’m truly happy to be able to have been here as Haru-kun on such a series filled with love.
With those thoughts in mind, I focused all of the energy I had into my role during episode 52.
As Haru-kun takes on some huge challenges, I hope everyone will be able to see how he overcomes them. Please be sure to look forward to it.

Kokoro Kikuchi (voice of Gatchmon)

He pretends to be cool but gets easily embarrassed, he stands up for others with resolve, and he’s got a comic relief side to him…
This year I spent with Gatchmon was full of days brimming with energy.
The Appmon recording site was full of fun every week, and everyone was always laughing.
Appmon, which is made with the love of so many people, has reached its final episode, so I hope there will be love and lingering memories remaining with a gatch in the hearts of everyone who has been watching.

  1. SymaG is making a pun here; because he tends to publicly portray himself as an old man (jiji), and because of his background as an amateur singer on Nico Nico Douga (where uploading will often be referred to as “うp”, a corrupted keyboard typing of the English “up”), he refers to himself as a “Jiji-mon Up-li Monster (爺モン うpりモンスター). []
  2. Kumai ends her message with the characteristic -de wasu Dokamon ends his sentences with. []
  3. Shimamura also uses Offmon’s verbal tic of ending his sentences with “-off” for her last paragraph. []

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