Digimon Tamers Best Tamers character song “White Seagull” (Kenta and MarineAngemon)

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Translation for Kenta and MarineAngemon’s character song “White Seagull” (白いカモメ), from the album Digimon Tamers Best Tamers 7: Kenta Kitagawa & MarineAngemon.

“White Seagull” (白いカモメ)
Lyrics: Yuu Matsuki1
Composition: Michihiko Ohta2
Vocals: Kenta Kitagawa (CV: Touko Aoyama) and MarineAngemon (CV: Ai Iwamura)

(In order to reach your heart with this song as it plays, Kenta Kitagawa will sing with full enthusiasm!)
(Pi pu pu pa pu pu!)

I saw a seagull taking off to a country somewhere far away
I wonder if fighting always means spreading our wings

In the lining of our hearts as we push on
We’re hiding our feelings of loneliness

O white seagull, what are your thoughts?
We’ll proceed on the road we’ve chosen
We’ll proceed as we unfold our wings

(Pa pu pu pu pi pu!)
(Why? You can’t sing with human words anyway, right?)
(Pe pu pu pu.)
(Can you even read the lyrics?)
(…Pu pi pu…)
(Well, whatever. All right, I’ll help you out, then!)
(Pi pu!)

[Kenta] (A single bird at the water’s edge) [MarineAngemon] Pa pi pu pi pi pa pe pi pi pa
[Kenta] (I saw a seagull standing still) [MarineAngemon] Pa pa pu pu pa po pe po pi pa
[Kenta] (I recall a single person) [MarineAngemon] Po po pi pa pu po pa pi po pi
[Kenta] (and that I was searching for Kenta) [MarineAngemon] Pe pu pa pa pa pi pe pa po po

[Kenta] (We remain here with innocent smiles) [MarineAngemon] Pu pa pi pa pe pa po pe pi pu pe pe po
[Kenta] (But we wish to become stronger) [MarineAngemon] Pu po pu pa pi pa pi po pe pa ppe pu

[Kenta] (O white seagull) [MarineAngemon] Pa pa pi po pi pa po pe po
[Kenta] (what are your thoughts?) [MarineAngemon] po pu po po pu?
[Kenta] (We’ll proceed) [MarineAngemon] Pi pu pa pi pi po
[Kenta] (on the road we’ve believed in) [MarineAngemon] pu pu pu po pa
[Kenta] (We’ll proceed) [MarineAngemon] Pi pa pa po pa pi pi
[Kenta] (with all the strength we have) [MarineAngemon] pu pu pu po pa

(Pa pu~)
(Something kinda feels off, don’t you think? I mean, you’re definitely singing, but…)
(Pu pu pa pi pi pu pu pu pu pa pi.)
(Maybe you need to put a little more heart into it?)
(Pu pa pi pu!)
(Huh? You’re saying you’re already putting heart into it?
(Pe pu pa pu pa pi pa pi pu pi pu pu pa!)
(Huh?! You’re saying I’m doing a bad job of helping you? Excuse you! I was just trying to help you out, you know!)
(Pa pu! Pi pu! Pi pu pa pi pu pi pu pi pu pa?)
(Huh? You’re saying you want us to sing together this time?)
(We can’t do that!)
(Pi pi pu pi pu pu!)
(Are we gonna be okay…?)

[Kenta] We saw the seagulls forming a flock and departing
[MarineAngemon] (Po po pi pa pu pe po pa pi pe pa pi pu pu pa po pe po pi pa)
[Kenta] When we’re together, our courage will surely spring forth
[MarineAngemon] (Pi ppo pi pi pe pa pi ppo pu pu pi pa pa pi pe pu pu pe)

[Kenta] There are times we’ve missed each other when passing by
[MarineAngemon] (Pu pe pi pa pu po po po pa pu pe pe po)
[Kenta] But we’re aiming to reach the same place, so
[MarineAngemon] (Pe pa pu po po po pa po pa pi pa pa pa)

[Kenta] O white seagull [MarineAngemon] (Pa pa pi po pi pa po pe po)
[Kenta] what are your thoughts? [MarineAngemon] (po pu po po pu?)
[Kenta] You cry out [MarineAngemon] (Po pa pi pu pa ppe)
[Kenta] as you face the sky [MarineAngemon] (pa pi pe pi pu)
[Kenta] You cry out [MarineAngemon] (Pi pu pa pu pa pe po)
[Kenta] always, at every time [MarineAngemon] (pa pi pe pi pu)

(Yeah, it’s really weird…)
(Pa pu…?)

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Translator's notes
  1. If you listen to the lyrics by ear, MarineAngemon’s “pa-pi-pu-pe-po” noises are actually the Japanese lyrics with all of the consonants changed to a “p” sound. []
  2. The song is in enka style, meaning it’s meant to invoke a somewhat old-timey Japanese feel. []

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