Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!!/Transcendent Evolution! The Golden Digimentals — Official website dialogue

A translation of a short and cute dialogue segment on the official website for Digimon Adventure 02‘s first movie (technically a pair of movies), Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!!/Transcendent Evolution! The Golden Digimentals. (Original text can be found here and here.)

The story moves to America, of all places! But…?

Iori: Daisuke-san, it looks like our next adventure is set in America.
Daisuke: Yeah! Whether it’s America or Antartica, I’d go anywhere for Hikari-chan!
Miyako: But how do we get to America? You’re not saying we’re gonna walk there, are you?
Daisuke: We’re gonna have to go with spirit! We’ll pull anything off if we’ve got spirit! Right, Chibimon?
Chibimon: Yeah! I think so too, Daisuke!
Miyako: I’m telling you, you can’t just…(sigh)
Chibimon: Hey, by the way, Daisuke…
Daisuke: Hm? What’s up, Chbimon?
Chibimon: Is New York further than Chiba is?1

Daisuke and his friends, ever so slightly worried about the future…
Please look forward to their fun-filled and eventful journey.

Takeru and Hikari are waiting for everyone in America.
But the all-important group of Daisuke and his friends is…?

Takeru: Hikari-chan, have Daisuke-kun and the others still not arrived?
Hikari: Not yet. They sent me an email a while ago saying they’d arrived in America. But…
Patamon: But what?
Tailmon: Looks like they’re hitchhiking here.
Takeru: Hitchhiking!?
Tailmon: Goodness, this is an emergency, it’s no time for them to be playing around…
Hikari: They can’t do anything else about it, there’s certain things going on. If it all goes well, we’ll be able to meet up soon…Ah! See, look, I got another email!
Patamon: What’s it say?
Hikari: Well…ah.
Takeru: Hikari-chan?
Hikari: They said…they missed the destination.

Traveling back and forth across the vast country of America…
When…will they finally all be able to meet safely?

Translator's notes
  1. Tokyo and Chiba are around 40 kilometers (25 miles) apart. Needless to say, New York is definitely further. []

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