Digimon Girls Festival — Bedtime and Early Morning Calls

A translation of the “Bedtime” and “Early Morning” calls included on the Digimon Girls Festival character song album (originally released February 6, 2002), featuring characters from Adventure (Sora Takenouchi and Mimi Tachikawa), Adventure 02 (Miyako Inoue and Hikari Yagami), and Tamers (Ruki Makino, Shaochung Lee, and Juri Katou).

Ruki Makino’s Bedtime Call
How’d a single day go by so quickly?! Didn’t even have any personal time to take it easy! You know, you always have to take time to relax. I don’t even spend all of my time fighting, either. Well, whatever. Bedtime, bedtime. (yawns) Goodnight.

Ruki Makino’s Early Morning Call
Good morning, Grandma! You’re up and active today. You’ve got to be careful with your physical health, you know. Well, it’s you, so I’m sure you’ll be fine. If something comes up, be sure to tell me right away. Anyway, I have to get to school now. I’m off!

Miyako Inoue’s Bedtime Call
(cheerfully singing) Tomorrow’s gonna be a real happy Sunday ♪ What should I do, what should I do in the morning? ♪
(speaking) Daaaah! I’ve got so many things I wanna do and it’s a problem!
(deep breath) Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…! Mmm. Mmmmm! Hey! It’s already this late?! If I don’t hurry up and sleep, I won’t be able to wake up tomorrow! Well, I’ll just get into bed and think about it there. Okay, then! Goodnight!
(long pause)
I thought about it too much and now I can’t sleep at all!!

Miyako Inoue’s Early Morning Call
Mnnnnnnnngh…Good morning…I can’t tell if I actually slept or not…(yawns)
(blearily) Right now, I should go wash my face with cold water, eat a proper meal, and…
(energetically) Right! The weather’s nice today, and the sun’s out and bright, and I’m gonna really get myself moving out there! I, Miyako Inoue, will spend today with fun and cheer~!

Sora Takenouchi’s Bedtime Call
You worked hard today! Did you wash your face? Did you brush your teeth? Did you put on your pajamas? (giggles) Good job. Okay, get under the blankets. Otherwise you’ll get a cold! Now, your big sister Sora will help you out. Ready! One sheep…Two sheep…Three sheep…Four sheep (yawns)…Five…sheep…
Six…(yawns)…sheep…Se…ven…was it seven?…sheep…
(falls asleep)

Sora Takenouchi’s Early Morning Call
Good morning.
…Good~ morning~. Good morning!! (clears throat) A very good morning to you~.
Hmm, is it not working?
Good morning. Good morning! Hmmmm. You’re really still not up…
(deep breath)
How about that?

Shaochung Lee’s Bedtime Call
Terriermon! Lopmon! Let’s play lots and lots tomorrow!

Shaochung Lee’s Early Morning Call
Big brother! Big brother!! It’s morning! It’s the morning! Get up, get up!! If you don’t get up now, you’ll be late! Big brother!
Fine, don’t say I didn’t warn you! It’s all your fault now!
Okay, I’m leaving!

Mimi Tachikawa’s Bedtime Call
Haaaaah! I went through so much today! I spilled my lunch at school, and then I accidentally dropped the blackboard eraser from the center and smacked the teacher straight in the face!
…But, you know, when things go wrong, I’m just gonna hurry up and forget about it. Yeah, yeah, on a day like this, the best thing to do is just head straight to bed and get ready for tomorrow! Don’t sit around constantly fussing about the bad things! Think positive, think positive! Hehehe…heh…
Haaaah. Now I’m sleepy.
(giggles) Goodnight.

Mimi Tachikawa’s Early Morning Call
Nnnnn. Huh…? Is it already morning?…What time is it…?

…huh? Ei…e-e-e…e-e-eight o’ clock?! Noooooooooooooo! I’m gonna be late! Aaaaaah, why didn’t my alarm clock go off?! Clothes1, clothes, clothes…aaah…bag, bag…aaaaaaaaaaah! I’ve gotta hurry up and rush to school! Okay, I’m going!!

Hikari Yagami’s Bedtime Call
I wonder if my brother’s already sleeping?
…Haaah, as always, his sleeping position is really bad.
(giggles) Tomorrow, I have to help my mom out after I get back from school, so I should hurry up and go to bed.

Hikari Yagami’s Early Morning Call
Wah! Blue sky and white clouds! I wonder if the Digital World will have nice weather, too? When the weather is good, your mood really improves, too! On a day like this, maybe I should take a different road from usual, and try looking to encounter something new. Just thinking about that makes me excited!
Okay! It’s still a little early, but I’ll head out!
Dad! Mom! I’ll be going now!

Juri Katou’s Bedtime Call
Haaaaah! I’m done with my homework, I’ve brushed my teeth, and I’m ready for tomorrow’s class! Another day of working hard tomorrow! Goodnight!

Juri Katou’s Early Morning Call
Good morning, woof!
Ah, the weather is nice! I’m on class duty today, so I’ve gotta hurry up and get to school. Oh, right! I should bring flowers for decorating the teacher’s podium!
You didn’t forget anything, right? Let’s get down a proper breakfast, take a deep breath, and yell out “I’m going out!” with spirit! Be sure to look left and right at the crossing, and watch out for cars!

  1. The word Mimi uses for “clothes” specifies Western-style clothing (youfuku) in particular. []

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