Digimon Ghost Game voice actor comments

A translation of the comments for Digimon Ghost Game included with the initial press release on its website from September 10, 2021, from voice actors Mutsumi Tamura (Hiro Amanokawa), Miyuki Sawashiro (Gammamon), Yuu Kobayashi (Ruli Tsukiyono), Kazuya Nakai (Angoramon), Akira Ishida (Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai), and Yuu Shimamura (Jellymon), along with the press releases on August 7 and August 14, 2022, with comments from voice actors Yumiko Kobayashi (Espimon) and Masami Kikuchi (Ryudamon).

Main poster, staff, and main cast reveal, and announcement of a fascinating PV!

Main poster reveal and staff announcement!

The main poster for Digimon Ghost Game, revealed on August 1 (Digimon Memorial Day), has been revealed! In addition, we will also announce the main staff for the series, with Tenya Yabuno and Hiroshi Izawa on planning cooperation, and Sogo Masashi as lead writer1 The series director is Masatoshi Chioka, who served as an episode director for many Digimon series in succession between Digimon Adventure and Digimon Savers. Masato Mitsuka, the series director for Digimon Adventure:, will be heading the series.

Cast announcement!

In addition, we will also unveil the detailed character backgrounds and images for the main characters! Tenya Yabuno, who previously worked on Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01, served as the original character designer for the three main children, as well as the teaser art for the series that became a huge topic. The character designs for the Digimon partners are by Kenji Watanabe, who has worked on designing many Digimon and is a familiar name to Digimon fans. We are also announcing the main cast, with Mutsumi Tamura as Hiro Amanokawa, Miyuki Sawashiro as Gammamon, Yuu Kobayashi as Ruli Tsukiyono, Kazuya Nakai as Angoramon, Akira Ishida as Kiyoshirou Higashimitarai, and Yuu Shimamura as Jellymon, with comments from all six cast members!

A PV will be broadcast on the 12th!

In addition, we will be revealing a PV for this series during the broadcast of Digimon Adventure:‘s 65th episode, “Giant Ruin, Negamon”, which will be broadcast the day after tomorrow on the 12th. Such a fascinating PV will be broadcast after the episode finishes! Please be sure to check out the Digimon Adventure: broadcast!

Hiro Amanokawa

A first-year middle school student attending Hazakura Private Academy. 13 years old.
A person who keeps himself together and generally ends up managing things by himself, who often has other people relying on him. The kind of person who can’t refuse requests from others. With a strong inquisitive spirit, after meeting Gammamon, he begins to take an interest in Digimon.

Comment from Mutsumi Tamura

I’m so happy to be involved with the Digimon franchise again.2 I get the impression that Hiro is a rather ordinary kid. He feels like someone who takes things seriously and cautiously, and does a pretty good job with studying. He seems to be the inquisitive type, but I myself am also trying to use the recordings to get a feel for what kind of kid he is. I’m looking forward to seeing different sides of him from here on out! This series combines Digimon and a bizarre, mysterious atmosphere, so it seems like it’ll be very different from before. Please look forward to it, everyone!!


A Digimon that appeared in front of Hiro by way of his father Hokuto.
Brimming with inquisitive spirit, he has a habit of biting anything and everything around him. He has a mischievous personality, but he listens obediently to what Hiro and his friends say. His favorite food is chocolate, which he calls “the champion”.

Comment from Miyuki Sawashiro

I’m Miyuki Sawashiro, and I get to be with a Digimon named Gammamon, who’s lively all of the time and loves chocolate (or that’s how it seems to be, anyway). Along with everyone else here on the other side of the screen, I’m doing my recordings with the feeling of, let’s have lots and lots of fun! going to see them every week with Gammamon. The letters “Ghost Game” are even larger than the “Digimon” in the logo…! It’s definitely going to be the kind of story that’s pretty scary!? Rumor has it that it seems to be even scarier than GeGeGe no Kitaro3.…It couldn’t be, right? Please be sure to watch it for yourself.

Ruli Tsukiyono

A first-year middle school student attending an integrated middle and high girls’ school. 13 years old.
She runs a social media account named “Rirulun”, which is in the midst of gaining sudden popularity. She has many friends, and is the sociable type. She’s on the lookout for things that suit her, and has a tendency to poke her nose into everything.

Comment from Yuu Kobayashi

I’m very, truly happy to be involved in the newest series, Digimon Ghost Game, for the Digimon franchise that is loved by so many fans. For this series, I’ll be playing the main female character, Ruli Tsukiyono, and I’m full of such gratitude that I’m getting tense. I hope I can take things step by step with Ruli-san. This is a series that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and gender. Please watch this story of how everyone grows! I hope you’ll look forward to it.


A Digimon with a large body that can fly high with his long ears.
He has sharp hearing, and can make out even distant sounds. Has a mature personality, and is always calm. He is intimately familiar with things regarding the Digital World. He enjoys listening to Ruri’s piano playing.

Comment from Kazuya Nakai

I’m really happy to be able to play a Digimon again for the first time in more than ten years.4 I’m grateful. Angoramon is really big and fluffy, but when you look at him, you can certainly feel that he’s quite intelligent. It’s all right, you seem to have gotten through to him. It seems like he can get along well with the others. “Ghost” means that it’ll be a pretty scary story, right? It makes your heart pound. Whether it’s scary or not, I hope we can have fun with everyone who’s watching and overcome everything together. Please be sure to keep up with it.

Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai

A second-year middle school student who serves as the dormitory leader for the Hazakura Academy male student dormitory. 14 years old.
A genius who skipped grades and graduated from an American graduate school, he is living an ordinary school life in Japan for some reason. He usually has a condescending way of speaking yet is actually quite a coward, but once you set him off…?

Comment from Akira Ishida

The recording has just gotten started, so I’ve only gotten to see a few things about the role, but in the end, the name Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai has a whole seven kanji5 in it. Just the fact they’re bullying him with that alone tells you that he’ll be getting into all sorts of stories focusing on his troublesome nature, so I’m looking forward to it. As the title “Ghost Game” suggests, this series combines Digimon and spiritual phenomena, so I hope you’ll enjoy it as it makes you shiver a little. Please look forward to it.


A mollusk Digimon with a plushy head.
She can easily slip through walls or the ground. With an overconfident personality like that of a queen, she hates losing. She finds human activities to be amusing and takes part in them, treating them like a game. Her favorite pastime is scaring Kiyoshirou.

Comment from Yuu Shimamura

I always loved watching the jellyfish at the aquarium and dreamed of keeping one as a pet someday. But I could have never imagined that, somehow, before getting to own one, I’d actually get to be a jellyfish. I’m so happy! Also, when it comes to Digimon, the most important part is “the bond between partners”, right!? I’m really looking forward to seeing how Jellymon and her queen-like personality will interact with Kiyoshirou and the others. Please look forward to it.

New character and cast reveal!

Yumiko Kobayashi

In the next episode, “The Diviner” (airing 8/14), a new friend will join the series!
His name is Espimon, and we’ve also revealed his detailed character sheets. And if you’re wondering who’ll be playing him, it’s Yumiko Kobayashi, who played Koushirou Izumi in Digimon Adventure:.
We’ve received a comment from her! Be sure not to miss next week’s Digimon Ghost Game, which is getting bigger and bigger with more and more characters!

Comment from Yumiko Kobayashi
I’m Yumiko Kobayashi, and I’ll be playing Espimon starting from episode 38. When I started playing Espimon, the director described the character to me and said “he looks cute, but he’s actually an endearing old man inside.” That explanation alone already made Espimon steal my heart (laughs). I played Espimon with a huge range of emotions, and he’s got all sorts of facial expressions all over the place, so it was a lot of fun!! I’m looking forward to seeing how this endearing old man interacts with Hiro-kun and Gammamon as he furthers his research!!
To all of you!! Please look forward to more from Espimon!!

A Cyborg Digimon known as a “wandering Digimon”. His specialty is in information collection, but on the other hand, his travels back and forth have a tendency to get him caught up in unfortunate incidents.

New character and cast reveal!

Masami Kikuchi

In the next episode, “Contagion Island” (airing 8/21), a new friend will join the series!
His name is Ryudamon, and we’ve also revealed his detailed character sheets. And if you’re wondering who’ll be playing him, it’s Masami Kikuchi, who played Jou Kido in Digimon Adventure. We’ve received a comment from him, too!
Continuing on from Espimon’s reveal last week, Digimon Ghost Game will get even more exciting next week, so don’t miss it!

Comment from Masami Kikuchi
I’ve been very deeply involved with the Digimon series so far6, so it’s a great honor to be invited back again. Ryudamon’s first appearance had some…unusual circumstances, so it was rather difficult to play. I’m not sure to what extent his involvement will be with the series from now on, but I’ll be playing him cutely? and entertainingly to meet the fans’ expectations, so please look forward to it.

A Digimon clad in what seems to be a helmet and armor. One who possesses a kind heart.

Translator's notes
  1. In literal terms, the role referred to here is series kousei (シリーズ構成, lit. “series composition”). []
  2. Prior to Ghost Game, Tamura had played Koushirou Izumi in Adventure tri. and LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna. []
  3. GeGeGe no Kitaro = An anime originally based a 1960 manga by Shigeru Mizuki named Graveyard Kitaro, featuring a child named Kitaro, who goes on a number of strange adventures with ghosts, spirits, and youkai. The franchise has become a staple of Japanese pop culture in relation to ghost stories, and has been adapted by Toei Animation into no less than (as of this writing) seven different anime series, each with different takes on the source material. At the time of this press release, the most recent series had been from 2018, with Sawashiro playing its protagonist Kitaro; the show aired in the same timeslot that Ghost Game would eventually occupy. []
  4. Nakai had previously played Gaomon in Savers. []
  5. Kiyoshiro’s name is written 東御手洗 清司郎 in Japanese, which is a very unusual and comically long name. []
  6. Kikuchi’s previous major Digimon roles include: Jou Kido in Adventure and Adventure 02, Dolphin and Grani in Tamers, Neemon in Frontier and Adventure:, Akihiro Kurata in Savers, and Tsuwarmon/Damemon in Xros Wars. []

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