Digimon Adventure tri. — Digimon Adventure Fes 2016 stage reading website sample

The Digimon Adventure Fes. 2016 event on July 31, 2016 at Olympus Hall Hachioji involved a Digimon Adventure tri.-themed stage reading, with the voice actors reading out a script for a skit. The official Digimon Adventure tri. website contains a snippet (posted on November 24, 2016) allegedly from the script that, for some reason, does not seem to be recorded on the official Blu-ray and DVD release.

Koushirou: Don’t worry…I’ll something to sort out this situation…
Yamato: Uh, Koushirou…are you sure you can even do that?
Koushirou: Please rest assured. I’ve spent the past few days conducting research through magazines. I’ve learned about every kind of compliment that can be used to praise a woman. I’ve also learned about how to be fashionable.
Patamon: Fashionable…?
Gabumon: Come to think of it, Koushirou’s dressed kinda weird today. He’s got this really in-your-face shirt and black glasses.
Piyomon: They’re really pointy, it looks painful to wear…
Meicoomon: Hey, Koushirou, why’re you hangin’ a sweater ’round your shoulders?
Tentomon: Hmph! That’s just Koushirou-han’s way of bein’ fashionable! Let him be.
Yamato: Well, yeah, Koushirou’s fashion these days has definitely opened up a whole new world…a very unique world, very different from the one my band’s in…a miraculous sense of motivation?
Takeru: Yamato…I don’t think you should be calling fashion a “world”…
Yamato: All right, Koushirou! What are you planning to do about this?
Koushirou: Yamato-san, it’s not all that difficult to praise a woman. The important part is that you have to look her straight in the eye. You have to catch onto the little things. For instance…”Those clothes are quite refreshing. They suit you very well.”
Yamato: Oh!
Koushirou: “You have very good taste in accessories. They’re very lovely. Just as lovely as you are.”
Yamato: Whoa!
Patamon! Wooooow! Look at Koushirou, he’s really doing it!
Piyomon: What a heartstopper!
Tentomon: See, that’s Koushirou-han for ya! It’s the fruits of his research!
Yamato: Yeah! You’re coming off kinda differently today, Koushirou…
Gabumon: Yamato and Koushirou are acting a bit weird…
Takeru: Ahaha…maybe the heat’s gotten to them?
Yamato: Koushirou! I believe in you. Go for it, Koushirou…!
Koushirou: Yes! Observe my growth…no, my evolution!

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