Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna — Translations for text on screen

There were a number of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it frames in Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna with pertinent plot-relevant information, so I’ve taken the liberty of translating some of the more important or lore-heavy frames here.

Group audio call

During the initial battle with Parrotmon, the group is depicted on a group audio call with Koushirou. The screen on Koushirou’s computer also has some other names, which read “offline”.

From top to bottom, the names listed are:

Taichi Yagami (Online)
Hikari Yagami (Online)
Yamato Ishida (Online)
Takeru Takaishi (Online)
Sora Takenouchi (Offline)
Mimi Tachikawa (Offline)
Daisuke Motomiya (Offline)

Koushirou’s chat with Taichi

During the opening credits, Koushirou has a number of windows open.

One of them is a chat log with Taichi, which involves the goggles he wears at the beginning of the movie:

Koushirou: There’s a switch on the side of the visor, so it will activate when you push it for five seconds. It perceives your line of sight and locks onto the opponent, so operation should not be difficult.
Taichi: Thaaaaanks πŸ˜…
Koushirou: It’s still a prototype, so I make no guarantee that it will operate perfectly. You’re the one who took it out without permission in the first place, so whatever happens to it is your responsibility.
Also, please don’t handle it roughly and break it.
Be sure that you bring it back to the company.
Taichi: πŸ™†
Taichi: Takeru and I have arrived in Nakano.
We’ll be on standby until the Digital Gate opens.
Koushirou: Understood.
Koushirou: Good job on rounding up Parrotmon.
The goggles aren’t broken, right?
Please do bring them back.
Taichi: I *got* it πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†

Other Japanese Chosen Children

Shortly after, Koushirou brings up a contact list, containing a list of names including those of the international Chosen Children from Adventure 02. While the list initially shows ones from overseas, he fast-scrolls to a list of Japanese names, presumably a list of Japanese Chosen Children (including three familiar names).

The names are listed in gojuuon (equivalent to alphabetical) order, surname first. (With the obvious exception of Yamato, Ken, and Miyako, the lack of officially given readings means that all of these name transcriptions are guesses.)

Shougo Asai
Touya Amazawa
Kana Anzou

Yamato Ishida
Narumi Itabashi
Ken Ichijouji
Miyako Inoue
Yuuko Imai

Shuuto Uchimura
Kai Urano

Saki Eguchi
Keisuke Endou

Takuya Ooishi
Yuria Okada

Koushirou then picks Miyako’s name from the list and starts writing an email to her.

In addition, Koushirou also has two news articles up, one about the aurora, and one about the battle earlier that day. The one about the aurora is partially covered up, but the one about the battle reads the following:

Giant Animal Appears in Nakano, Causing Chaos

On the early morning of the 19th, in the area around Nakano Station in Tokyo, a giant bird-like animal abruptly appeared. Given the surrounding circumstances, the animal seems to have been a Digimon. As the Digimon was flying around the station, causing gusts of wind, blowing away objects such as trees, cars, and bicycles, the area surrounding the station was momentarily thrown into chaos. According to eyewitness testimony, a dinosaur-like Digimon came in to provide assistance, and put an end to the incident. There were no deaths, although there were several involved people who were injured. Currently, at the site, all efforts are being focused on restoration, and each involved entity on a response. (…Read full article)

News article about lost consciousness cases

The morning after his night with Yamato at the izakaya, Taichi spends his class time reading an article about the mass loss of consciousness cases.

Successive Cases of Lost Consciousness with Unknown Cause in Tokyo

As of the early morning of the 20th, cases have been reported of people in scattered areas around Tokyo losing consciousness and requiring hospitalization. Currently, there are 13 known cases (8 men, 5 women), all in their 20s; at present, all have yet to regain consciousness, and as their condition is stable and there are no abnormal signs, there have been no clues as to identifying the cause. Each involved entity is continuing to investigate into clarifying the cause of these cases.

He is then interrupted by a message from Koushirou.

Menoa’s screen

When Menoa ruminates on her screen in her hotel room at night, her screen has a number of familiar names on it.

Taichi Yagami
Hikari Yagami
Yamato Ishida
Sora Takenouchi
Mimi Tachikawa

Ken Ichijouji
Daisuke Motomiya
Iori Hida

Note that Sora’s name is misspelled; her surname “Takenouchi” is normally written ζ­¦δΉ‹ε†…, but is written ζ­¦γƒŽε†… here.

Articles about Menoa

The newspaper that Yamato finds about Menoa has the following text:

Discovered the largest prime number at the age of 9: 14-year-old American girl becomes youngest ever student at prestigious university

At the young age of only 14 years old, Menoa Bellucci, who lives in Colorado in the United States, will be skipping grades into Liberica University. This will set a record for the youngest student in the university’s history. Liberica University is a renowned university with a history of over 250 years, and has produced a large number of Nobel Prize-winning scholars. Even among universities in the United States, known for their high difficulty of admissions, it is known as a top-class school.
From an early age, Menoa-san had a great amount of curiosity, was interested in a wide variety of fields, and poured herself into self-study research. At the age of 9, she discovered the largest known prime number, and her name became known throughout all of the United States. She plans to major in biology for university.

The caption on the photo reads:

Menoa Bellucci with her Digimon partner (from her home in Colorado, in the United States)

Yamato later brings up another article when presenting his suspicions of Imura to Taichi and Koushirou. Although the actual text of the articles is unreadable, the article titles say the following:

  • Top right: Digimon-Centric Research Team Established
  • Top left: Towards a New Field in Digimon Research — The World’s First Attempt: Development of Technology for Expansion of Digital Gates via Gadgets
  • Bottom: Liberica University Associate Professor: Digimon Research Thesis Paper Published — Understanding the Ecology of the Mystery-Filled Digimon

Yamato’s infiltration later leads to him and Gabumon finding these articles on the wall:

The ones on the far right and middle are repeats, but the one on the left reads: Investigation into Coexistence Between Digimon and Humans in the Modern Age

Taichi’s thesis proposal

The end credits depict Taichi’s finished thesis proposal:

Summary of Graduation Thesis
School Name: Soumei University
Department: Political Science and Economics
Student ID: 13071028
Name: Taichi Yagami

Thesis title: In Regards to the Coexistence Between Humanity and Digimon

There have recently been incidents with relevance to Digimon all over the world, which have been increasing in number. There have thus been increasing numbers of people who see Digimon themselves as problematic, but they are by no means an enemy presence to mankind. In coming closer to humans, they are beings that can become bridges that connect people.
I myself had a partner, Agumon, who could be said to be my other self, and the days I spent with him helped me grow into what I am now, and built upon my friendships with those around me. To coexist with them would bring much to our own lives, and our own livelihoods.
By looking back on my personal experiences, and clarifying the truth behind these circumstances, I would like to offer proposals in regards to the future that lies ahead of us.

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  1. Wow what a treat! I loved reading this. It’s so fun reading all the little details that the staff who worked on the movie put in. Makes me appreciate them and the movie even more. Thanks so much for sharing!

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