Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna novel (Shueisha Mirai Bunko ver.) — Prologue

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Prologue: “The Chosen Children”

A curtain of rainbow light spread out over the night sky in Tokyo.
People looked up at the sky, saying, “Wow…” and “How pretty…”, gazing at the aurora, which would normally never be visible in Japan.
But at the time, nobody realized that such a beautiful aurora would be a sign of what was to come…

The next morning, at Nakano Station in Tokyo were people waiting for the train, and groups of friends, and people talking to each other, getting along well in the morning like nothing was wrong.
…Bzzz. Bzzzt.
Out in the open air, a light went across the electric line.
A huge noise, going gshhhhhhrk!, caused all of the people staring at their smartphones to look up.
Above the heads of the people, who had been noisily chit-chatting, the traffic light turned green, then yellow, then red, then green again…switching around at a strange pace. Thanks to that, two cars crashed into each other, causing an uproar.
Strange things were happening.
Just like the rainbow lights had, the people’s anxiety was spreading.
The mysterious light started gradually gathering in the air, and turned into a large circle.
And when that circle suddenly disappeared…a single huge bird was in it.
It was a huge bird, much bigger than one would ever normally see on Earth, howling like a huge beast, and started to flap its green wings.
A single flap of its wings made so much wind that it could destroy the whole city, and the people in town were thrown into a panic.
A telephone pole, unable to stay upright against the gust of wind, started to slant and fall towards a woman clutching her baby.
The woman clutched her baby even harder, and closed her eyes, and then…
Nervously, she opened her eyes and turned her head, and saw an angel shining in pure white light.
His six white wings spread out, and, with his strong arms, he had easily stopped the telephone pole.
“Are you all right?”
A boy with a hat, still full of youth, named Takeru Takaishi, ran up to the wide-eyed woman.
“Hurry and get someplace safe!”
Once he had gotten up, the boy called out to his partner, who was holding up the telephone.
“Good job, Angemon!”
Seeing the boy, the angel named Angemon smiled a little.
The boy’s attention was caught again by the giant bird, and he heard the clear voice of a girl.
“Takeru-kun! Sorry, I just got here!”
Right then, the giant bird let out a short screech, and flew away from Takeru.
Takeru held onto his hat, looked at where the bird was going, and called out to the girl.
“Hikari-chan! It’s going your way!”
“Got it!”
The girl who had responded to Takeru, Hikari Yagami, called out to her Digimon partner, who had accompanied her to the scene.
Hearing Hikari’s call, a pink-winged feminine angel Digimon aimed a bow and arrow at the giant bird.
But she hesitated a moment too late, and Parrotmon did not stop. He broke away from Angewomon, who was shooting her arrows, and flew into the sky.
Caught in the gust of wind that came from this, Hikari fell on her back. She looked at the sky and muttered.
“That’s Parrotmon…!”
The Digimon that had gotten lost in the real world headed towards the pedestrian bridge.
Hikari called out to one of her allies on the pedestrian bridge that Parrotmon was approaching.
The other person, on top of the pedestrian bridge, was a young man wearing a pair of goggles, there to intercept Parrotmon.
“He’s here, Taichi!”
Next to the young man, Taichi Yagami, was someone even shorter than his waist, whom the voice had come from.
He was Taichi’s Digimon partner, Agumon, a Digimon with a huge jaw and long claws, who looked like a small dinosaur. Even against Parrotmon, who was many times his size, his fighting spirit was burning.
Taichi pulled out a special device shaped like a smartphone, a Digivice, in front of him, and, full of spirit, called out to his Digimon partner.
“Let’s go, Agumon!”
Taichi tried to use his special goggles to predict where Parrotmon was about to go, but…
But the goggles could not predict his movements, and kept detecting other things as Parrotmon simultaneously.
By the time they’d all merged together, the actual Parrotmon was right in front of Taichi and Agumon…
Taichi and Agumon fell over together, and somehow managed to be missed by a hair’s breadth.
“Damn it! These aren’t helpful at all, Koushirou!”
Taichi ripped the goggles off his head, yelling at the developer through a device on his ear.
“I told you, it’s still a prototype!”
The eyes of Koushirou Izumi, an owner of a company office with only 21 years of youth, were shining with the light of the computer as he responded to Taichi.
Whenever Taichi and the other “Chosen Children” fought against Digimon, Koushirou was the brains of their group, who thought up their strategies. He was providing backup by observing Parrotmon’s movements from a faraway location.
“More importantly, he’s on the attack!”
“I know, I know…Agumon, time to evolve!”

Taichi held up his smartphone-type Digivice in front of his face, and, as Taichi spoke, Agumon’s entire body was engulfed in light.

“Agumon, evolve!…Greymon!”

Agumon, who had been smaller than Taichi, had evolved into a giant Digimon on par with Parrotmon’s size.
Parrotmon flew up into the air, but Greymon grabbed its legs and stopped it from attacking.
Thump! A deep noise rang out as Greymon stood firm and held Parrotmon on the ground.
Just then, Koushirou contacted him through the smartphone in his pocket.
“In 90 seconds, a Digital Gate will appear at the designated coordinates. Please lead Parrotmon there and send it back to the Digital World.”
“Got it!”
Taichi, Takeru, and Hikari all responded to Koushirou’s instructions together.
Parrotmon was still being pinned down by Greymon, but an electric shock from a nearby antenna hit Greymon’s head, causing him to lose his grip, and Parrotmon took the chance to escape.
Taichi immediately called out “Takeru, Hikari!” to his two friends, and ran after Parrotmon.
Hikari and Takeru started running at the same time Taichi did, and Angewomon and Angemon, following them through the sky, started fighting with Parrotmon in the air.
The two angels and the giant Digimon were caught up in a fight over the skies of Tokyo, like a scene from a movie.
“Parrotmon is normally not a Digimon that enjoys battle. It must have been affected by the aurora from last night.”
Hearing Koushirou’s analysis over her headpiece, Hikari looked up at the sky nervously.
“But the aurora’s been gone for a while! So why is it doing this now?”
“60 seconds until the gate opens!”
As Koushirou continued his countdown, Takeru and Hikari started to panic. But Parrotmon was flying around in the sky, and it didn’t seem like it would be easily captured.
But then, Taichi, running in with Greymon, shouted out to his friends in a loud voice.
“We only need a second! Just stop it from moving!”
Believing in Taichi’s words, Takeru and Hikari snapped out of their dismay, and started backing up their partners. As they flew in the sky, Angemon’s attacks and Angewomon’s arrows slowly started to have an actual impact on Parrotmon.
Greymon, aiming at where Parrotmon was about to fall, blew out a ball of flames, a Mega Flame.
Greymon’s incredible flames knocked Parrotmon down.
“Got it!”
Next to Greymon, Taichi pumped his fist.
There was a moment of relief as Parrotmon fell through the air…until Taichi’s eyes suddenly opened in shock.
“Oh, no!”
There was a building with people still running away from it, and the giant Parrotmon was about to fall right into it.
Taichi and his friends were starting to fear the worst, but then…
A Digimon that looked like a wolf with white fur rammed itself into Parrotmon.
Thanks to that, Parrotmon fell safely with a loud thump into the park, nearby the designated point.
Taichi, who had been watching the scene in a daze, called out the name of the Digimon that had suddenly appeared.
Once he had, a motorcycle drove in behind him.
The bike stopped with the sound of a screech! next to the shocked trio. The man on it took off his helmet, and started to scold Taichi.
“Don’t be careless, Taichi!”
The friend who had arrived late was a “Chosen Child”, just like Taichi, named Yamato Ishida. He had sensed danger while riding there on his motorcycle, and sent Garurumon in first.
“What about you? Get here faster!”
“Unlike you, I’ve got things to be doing!”
Despite everything going on, Taichi and Yamato had started bickering, as if absolutely nothing had changed since their days in grade school.
Glancing aside at the two of them as they bickered, Takeru reported in to Koushirou.
“Koushirou-san, we’ve successfully brought it to the transfer point.”
“I’ve confirmed it from here. 20 more seconds until the gate opens. Please hold it there until then.”
“…Whatever. We’ll talk about this later.”
As Yamato said this, he and Taichi held up their Digivices in front of them.
“Yeah. Let’s finish this.”
Taichi and Greymon’s feelings came together.
This was when his partner would follow his heart, and evolve even further…

“Greymon, super-evolve!…MetalGreymon!”

Greymon’s arms, horn, and chest were covered in armor, and he evolved into the Perfect evolution MetalGreymon.
As Parrotmon was trying to escape, the armor on MetalGreymon’s chest opened, and he fired his special attack, Giga Death Destroyer, at him.
Parrotmon, who had tried to fly into the air, was hit directly by two missiles.
The flashy explosion caused smoke to billow and spread, and Parrotmon, thoroughly wounded, tried to take off again. From behind, Garurumon had evolved into WereGarurumon, and had snuck up behind it.
Letting out a weak cry, Parrotmon was thrust into the point that Koushirou had set up. Angewomon fired an arrow of light at it, so that it couldn’t move around.
There were ten seconds left on the countdown until Koushirou’s gate would open.
Parrotmon, having fallen onto the ground, was showing no sign of fleeing.
At the same time Koushirou’s countdown ended, a huge circle of light appeared on the ground. It was a gate leading from the real world to the Digital World.
Parrotmon sank into the gate, and disappeared alongside the giant gate.
Now that the fight had ended, Koushirou sank down in front of his computer and let out a deep sigh. “The Digital Gate has been sealed off. Parrotmon’s transfer is complete.”
Hearing Koushirou’s voice, Takeru and Hikari looked at each other and clutched themselves in relief. Taichi and Yamato were both grinning widely, and high-fived each other with a bang!

Agumon, whose evolution had reverted, approached Taichi and called out to him in a cheerful voice.
“We did it, Taichi!”
The Digimon, whose evolutions had all reverted, went up to their own partners.
Taichi looked over his friends, and said, dissatisfied, “That said, only four people came for this? Then what was everyone else doing?”
“Everyone’s got their own things going on. It’s not our place to be criticizing them,” Yamato said calmly, as if trying to calm Taichi down.
“Has everyone already had breakfast? If not, why don’t we eat together?” Takeru, who had Patamon on his head, proposed to the others.
“I wanna go!” “I’m going, too!” “Me too, me too!” Now that the fighting was over, the Digimon were all frolicking around like children at the sound of going out to eat.
Tailmon, the only one who was staying calm, turned to her partner, Hikari. “Hikari, what do you want to do?”
“I’ll go, of course. What about you, Taichi?”
“…Sorry, I’ve got class. See you later!”
Taichi checked the time on his smartphone, and awkwardly waved his hand at them.
“Taichi! Mom said she’d like you to show your face at home once in a while!”
Taichi had left so quickly that he hadn’t even heard Hikari say that, and the exasperated Hikari sighed.
“Sorry. I’ve got some errands to take care of. Takeru, take care of Gabumon for me.”
Yamato, saying this to Takeru, started walking towards where his bike was parked.
Watching Taichi and Yamato’s backs from behind, the lonely-sounding Agumon and Gabumon said, together, “They’re gone…”

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