Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna novel (Shueisha Mirai Bunko ver.) — Epilogue

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Epilogue: Digimon Adventure

The Eosmon around the world all screeched to a halt.
They made no struggle, and the Eosmon all dissolved into beads of light, disappearing into the sky.
The “Chosen Children” around the world put their hands to their chests in relief. Daisuke, his three friends, and their Digimon, who had all been fighting in New York, looked up at the sky and took a brief rest.
“That’s Taichi-san and the others for you!”
Daisuke raised his fists to the sky, proud of them in the same way he’d be proud of himself.

Taichi and his friends returned to the Real World, and, since Menoa was the culprit behind the unknown-cause mass coma incidents, Imura arrested her himself.
As she was apprehended by Imura, Menoa had a very calm expression on her face.

Neverland, which Menoa had created from the Digital World, vanished.
Neverland’s disappearance was accompanied by the “Chosen Children” all over the world who had lost their consciousness waking up, one by one.
And thus, the incident that had swallowed up the “Chosen Children” all around the world was completely put to an end.

Crash. The sound of the waves was light.
The cicadas were crying loudly, and one would start sweating just by sitting there.
Taichi was looking at the ring of light on his Digivice, which was almost completely gone.
“It’s hot, isn’t it?” Agumon said while sighing, and Taichi softly nodded.
“Well, it’s summer, after all.”
Now that the fighting was over, Taichi and Agumon were spending their remaining time absentmindedly.
“Hey, Taichi, do you remember the day we first met?” Agumon suddenly asked Taichi.
Taichi laughed a little.
“…Like I’d ever forget.”
Taichi started to remember their meeting from more than a decade ago, as clear as day.
“Hey~…Taichi~…” said Agumon, in a cutesy voice.
“I want shaved ice.”
Whenever Agumon used that kind of spoiled voice, it was always because he was trying to get food out of him.
“Huh?…Man, I guess that’s how it’s gonna be.”
Taichi yanked himself upwards.
“You like it melon-flavored, right?”
Agumon looked up at Taichi.
Taichi’s back was broad, and he really looked like an adult.
“Taichi, you’ve really gotten big.”
Hearing Agumon’s honest voice, Taichi said, “You really don’t change, do you?”
He said this without turning around, because if he were to look at Agumon’s face now…he might start crying.

“Hey, Taichi.”
Hearing Agumon’s voice, Taichi turned back to him.
“What are you gonna do tomorrow?”

Meanwhile, Yamato had taken Gabumon to an observation deck.
“Woooooow! What a great view!”
“It’s nice to do this once in a while, isn’t it?”
They’d reserved the observation deck so that other people wouldn’t barge in on them.
While Gabumon was in high spirits, Yamato took a harmonica out of his pocket.
“Ah, your harmonica!”
Gabumon’s eyes lit up.
“Got myself a new one…Kinda wanted to try playing it again.”
“Play it for me, Yamato,” said Gabumon, looking out at the view.
A carefree tune played from the harmonica, as Yamato played it in the peaceful wind.
Gabumon closed his eyes and enjoyed Yamato’s musical performance in his special reserved seat next to him.
“…Yamato, I’m proud to have you as my partner,” said Gabumon, suddenly. Yamato, still playing the harmonica, did not answer.
I feel the same way, too. Gabumon’s the best partner I could ever ask for.
He’d wanted to say it on the spot, but he couldn’t say it, because it really would feel like a farewell at that point.
Yamato continued playing the harmonica for a while.
“Hey, Yamato.”
Hearing Gabumon’s voice, Yamato looked at him.
“What are you gonna do tomorrow?”

At the same time, in different places, Taichi and Yamato’s conversations were in sync.
Taichi looked out at the ocean.
“Hmm…Tomorrow, well…”
Yamato was looking at the view from the observation.
“…No idea.”
Taichi and Yamato were both caught up in thinking about the next day. What did they want to do, with Agumon and Gabumon?
At the observation deck, Yamato came up with something he’d wanted to do with Gabumon.
“I know…! Tomorrow — “
Taichi, at the ocean, thought of something fun he’d like to do.
“Let’s — “
When the two of them had turned their heads, the wind was blowing strongly.
Two butterflies were flying high in the sky above them.

And Agumon and Gabumon were gone.
Taichi and Yamato were both frozen in place, and looked down at their Digivices.
Their Digivices had lost all color, as if they had become stone.
As they clutched their Digivices, which made no response, their hands started to tremble.
Plink. Plink.
Tears were falling onto their Digivices.
Taichi was crying.
Yamato was crying, too.
The tears were flowing out so constantly that their eyes were wearing out.
Taichi and Yamato’s voices disappeared into the sky.

Having separated from their partners, Yamato and Taichi began to decide on their own paths the way their friends had, and took their first steps onto them.

While studying at graduate school, Yamato came up with a dream he had for his future.
He wanted to study cosmology, and become an astronaut.
The way there would not be easy. There was a whole mountain of things he’d have to do to get there.
But Yamato had a certain ambition in mind.
Someday, he was going to go to space with Gabumon. Whenever he thought of that future, Yamato was willing to do anything to get there.

Taichi, who hadn’t been able to come up with a topic for his graduation thesis for so long, was finally able to decide on one.
The topic was “In Regards to the Coexistence Between Humanity and Digimon”.
In order to create a world where humans and Digimon could live together, Taichi was going to put himself through some very difficult studies.
He was going to go into a field that few had ever looked into before, but he might as well try.
Once he’d decided on this, everything in front of Taichi was a straight path forward.

Pink petals were flying and riding on the wind.
Spring had come, in such a short time.
Taichi and his friends had finally arrived at the future that they had seen from his final summer with Agumon.
There had been fun times, and times when they’d wanted to cry.
There were times when they were afraid of those hard or painful times, and wanted to retreat into the fun of the past.
And yet, Taichi and his friends continued on forward.
“I’m really happy that I got to see you and your friends become adults, Taichi!”
“Seeing everyone change is so exciting!”
Taichi and his friends carried Agumon and Gabumon’s words on their backs.
Taichi and Yamato were looking forward to when they would meet them again, and show them how much more they’d changed.
Taichi and Yamato continued to walk forward. Towards a future that no one had ever seen before.

“Wait for us! We’re definitely coming to meet you!”

That was how the “Chosen Children” arrived at the entrance to adulthood.
And their story with their Digimon — their Adventure — evolved into new territory.

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