Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna novel (Shueisha Mirai Bunko ver.) — Character Introductions

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Taichi Yagami (22)
A fourth-year in university, who currently lives by himself. Whenever Digimon incidents cause trouble for others, he doesn’t hesitate in going in to help them.
Agumon (Digimon partner)
A bipedal reptilian Digimon. He has an energetic and laid-back personality.

Yamato Ishida (22)
A fourth-year in university with a cool-headed disposition. His hobbies are music and motorcycles. He is currently aiming for graduate school.
Gabumon (Digimon partner)
Although he wears a fur pelt, he’s actually a reptilian Digimon, like Agumon.

Digimon research team from New York
Menoa Bellucci (22)
A genius girl who entered university at the age of 14. She is a professor who researches Digimon.
Kyoutarou Imura (35)
Menoa’s assistant, who accompanied her to Japan. A tall man with a blank expression. Always has an intimidating air to him.

An unknown Digimon.

Sora Takenouchi (22)
A fourth-year at a women’s university. She is currently training to follow in her mother’s footsteps as the Grand Master of a Japanese flower arrangement cultural school.1
Piyomon (Digimon partner)
A young bird-like Digimon whose wings have developed to become like arms.

Koushirou Izumi (21)
A third-year in university. During his time as a university student, he also manages his own company.
Tentomon (Digimon partner)
An insect Digimon with a hard shell and six limbs. For some reason, he speaks in Kansai dialect.

Mimi Tachikawa (21)
She sells miscellaneous goods that she considers to be “cute” online, and is traveling the world in order to do so.
Palmon (Digimon partner)
A plant Digimon with a large tropical flower on her head.

Jou Kido (23)
A fifth-year medical student aiming to become a doctor. He is currently deep in study for his goal to become a doctor.
Gomamon (Digimon partner)
A marine Digimon specialized in swimming, covered in warm fur.

Takeru Takaishi (19)
A first-year in university. Involved in a children’s literature club. Yamato’s younger brother.
Patamon (Digimon partner)
A mammal Digimon with peculiar ears.

Hikari Yagami (19)
A first-year at a women’s junior college, majoring in early childhood education. Taichi’s younger sister.
Tailmon (Digimon partner)
A holy beast Digimon that looks like a cat.

Team members in New York

Daisuke Motomiya (19)
A first-year at a vocational school. Hoping to become a ramen chef, he researches by eating noodles in various places around the world.
V-mon (Digimon partner)
A bipedal small dragon Digimon.

Ken Ichijouji (19)
A first-year in university. With a strong sense of justice, he doesn’t hesitate in getting involved with Digimon incidents.
Wormmon (Digimon partner)
An insect Digimon that looks like a hornworm.

Miyako Inoue (20)
A second-year in university who is currently studying abroad in Spain. She manages the “Chosen Children” community.
Hawkmon (Digimon partner)
A bird Digimon that looks like an eagle.

Iori Hida (17)
A second-year high school student. In the hopes of becoming a lawyer, he is studying hard to get into a university’s law department.
Armadimon (Digimon partner)
A mammal Digimon with a hard shell.

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Translator's notes
  1. Sora’s mother is an iemoto (i.e. effectively a Grand Master) for a school of cultural preservation of traditions related to a Japanese art form — in this case, ikebana (traditional Japanese flower arrangement). []

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