Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna drama CD — Where Should We Go?

A translation of the drama CD included with the deluxe edition of the Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna Blu-ray, “Where Should We Go?” (ぼくらはどこへ行く?).

The story that began to spin at full speed
finishes dyeing the earth in red
Let’s save it with our own hands,
this globe that’s become a mere empty paradise

The eternally progressing road on the hill
Let’s chase it, with all of our heart, far away

Stand up! The hero is within me
The target towering over all else, there’s no way we can lose
Burn up! My heartbeat is burning within my chest
We’re going to take back our forgotten future
Let the battle of passion arise!

(Adventure 02 episode recap music)

Narrator: 2010, early summer. Daisuke and his friends, who have each decided on their own paths, are coming up with a plan for their summer break. Daisuke and his friends take charge in order to put their plan into action…

(Adventure 02 episode subtitle music)

Daisuke: Where Should We Go?

Instructor: “And so, for that reason, my current belief at this time is…” C: “we should have all continued together, without abandoning it.” Taking that also into consideration, we get “even though we continued on, we did not go there…”

(bell ringing)

Instructor: Right, that’s all the time we have. That’s it for today’s lecture.

(students yawning)

Girl: All right, see you later, Hida-kun.
Iori: Good work today. See you tomorrow.
Boy: See ya, Iori!
Iori: Goodbye. Please be careful on your way.

Daisuke: As always, talking politely1 all the time, Iori!
Iori: Daisuke-san…And Takeru-san, too…
Takeru: Hey, Iori-kun. It’s been a while.
Iori: If the two of you are getting together and coming to meet me…is something going on?
Daisuke: It’s pretty short notice, but I wanna talk about something. Could you give us a moment?

(someone singing “Stand By Me ~A Single Summer’s Adventure~” in background)

Clerk: Thank you for coming! Welcome to Karaoke Manor! Do you have membership cards?
Iori: We are not members.
Daisuke: Anyway, three students!
Takeru: Ah, also, we might have more coming later.
Clerk: Understood. Should I add all-you-can-drink?
Iori: There is no need for that.
Clerk: …Got it. How much time would you like?
Daisuke: We’ll just go with…three hours for now!
Takeru: Ah, we might add more later.
Clerk: Understood. Please head to room 505!

(door opening)
(someone singing “Friend ~I’ll Never Forget~” in background)
(door closing)

Daisuke: All right, we’re here!

(bag unzipping)

Daisuke: Hey, V-mon! You can come out now!
V-mon: Haaaaaah! Daisuke, I’m starving!
Patamon: Haaah, ahahaha!
Takeru: Sorry for stuffing you in my backpack, Patamon.
V-mon: Why’d you have to hide us?!
Daisuke: I told you not to complain! It’ll be bad if I can’t save up on what they would’ve charged for you guys!
Iori: You’re rather stingy.
Daisuke: Leave me alone!

(backpack unzipping)

Armadimon: Guys! It’s been a while, dagya!
Daisuke: Oh, Armadimon came, too!
V-mon: Oh! We’re at a karaoke bar, huh?
Patamon: Takeru, do I get to sing?
Takeru: Once we’re done talking.
Patamon: Yay!
Daisuke: Right! First…let’s get something to eat.

(Daisuke picking up phone)

Front: (on phone) Hello, this is the front!
Daisuke: Three oolong teas, and three orange juices! Also, the French fry pile, the fried food combination platter, and every type of pizza! And then, the entire first page of the menu!

(Daisuke hanging up)

Iori: The entire first page…
Takeru: (laughing) They’re probably wondering about what kind of gluttons we must be.
Iori: Who is going to be paying for this?

Clerk: Here you are! Your drinks, the french fry pile, the fried food combination platter, the pizzas, and the entire first page of the menu!

(sound of food slamming down)

Takeru: Whoa…This is a lot.
Clerk: Then, if you’ll excuse me!

(door opening and closing)

Daisuke: All right, you guys can come out! Feast yourselves!

(Digimon cheering)

Digimon: Let’s eat!

(sounds of Digimon eating)

Iori: Who is going to be paying for this?
Daisuke: See, you guys are the stingy ones!
Takeru: I mean, aren’t we all?
Daisuke: I’m not stingy, I’m saving up!
Takeru: Aha, well, whatever.
Iori: So, what was it you wanted to talk to us about?
Daisuke: Ah, well, what, you ask? Well, what I wanted to ask was about…!
V-mon: Daisuke was thinking about going on a trip with everyone!
Daisuke: Hey, V-mon!…Don’t say it before I do…
V-mon: Ah…Sorry, sorry.
Iori: Incidentally, by “everyone”, whom do you mean by that?
Daisuke: I was thinking, well, first, Hikari-chan, of course! Takeru, and Ken, and Iori! And Miyako!…I was thinking about reaching out to Taichi-san and the others, but…all of our seniors seem pretty busy.
Takeru: Well, the busy ones can still join when it’s convenient for them, right?
Armadimon: Hawkmon said that Miyako’s studying abroad in Spain right now, dagya.
Takeru: Ichijouji-kun said he had soccer training camp too, or something like that…
Patamon: Huh…Everyone’s so busy!
Daisuke: Well, everyone’s like that. But Iori’s the one with school and club activities, so since he seems the busiest, I came to ask him about his situation first!
Iori: I see. So that’s what it was…As far as I’m concerned, I have prep school and kendo practice over summer break, but if it doesn’t overlap with my training camp, I can probably make adjustments.
Takeru: Huh, really? Your situation’s a lot more flexible than I thought.
Daisuke: That really helps, Iori!
Iori: I’m fine with going on a trip, but…what do you all want to do?
Daisuke: I wanna go and eat good ramen!
V-mon: We gotta go see the ocean!
Patamon: I wanna go gather firewood in the mountains!
Takeru: …Firewood?
Iori: If that’s what we’re thinking about, how about Izu for the ocean, or Karuizawa for the mountains?
Daisuke: I like that! I can play tennis with Hikari-chan in Karuizawa!
Takeru: But we wanted to go to the ocean too, right?
Daisuke: That’s good, if we go to Izu, I can go ocean swimming with Hikari-chan! Heh heh…
V-mon: Daisuke…You’re kinda embarrassing me…

Iori: Incidentally, Armadimon, where would you like to go?
Armadimon: I…wanna go to Nagoya2, dagya!
All: Nagoya?!

(sound of Armadimon taking the mic)

Armadimon: (on mic) Nagoya in Owari is held up by its castle!3 Nagoya, a landmark famous for its brilliant, shining gold tiger-fish statues4, dagya! You can see it on the map in the exact center of Japan, the heart of its culture, Nagoya! The best of both worlds from the east and the west, Japan’s number one car society! There’s four full traffic lines in all four directions that can be followed with no need to mind for pedestrians on the side, and the local favorite date spot is the aquarium! There’s a zoo and quite a few art museums, too, dagya! Aaaaaaaand…when you talk about Nagoya, you can’t miss the gourmet! When you talk about gourmet, you can’t miss Nagoya, dagya! Miso cutlet5, tempura rice balls6, deep-fried chicken wings7, Nagoya chicken meat, and deep-fried shrimp! Morning breakfast sets8 on a round table! Some slightly salty starch-sauce spaghetti9! It’s not pasta, it’s spaghetti, da ga ya! When you’re in a hurry, there’s train platform kishimen10, I recommend the uptown platform kind, dagya! Hot and boiling miso udon! Super-super-spicy Taiwan ramen!11 Slightly lavish chopped eel bowls12, yo! And, most importantly, Yamatoya13, dagya!

Armadimon: (off mic) Haaaah…So yeah, that’s why. Let’s all go to Nagoya, dagya!
Daisuke: I’m personally interested in Taiwan ramen, but…
V-mon: Hey, why’s it called “Taiwan” ramen when it’s a Nagoya specialty?
Armadimon: Gh…!
Patamon: Right? It’s from Nagoya, so it should be called Nagoya ramen!
Daisuke: You’re right, huh!
Takeru: I heard about this one, too. The fried shrimp is talked about like it’s a Nagoya specialty, but it’s not actually from Nagoya, right?
Armadimon: Ghhrrrk!
Iori: I’ve been thinking this for a while now, but a large number of Nagoya specialties are actually variants of other completed dishes, aren’t they? For instance, chopped eel bowls. Why don’t you just call it an eel bowl?
Armadimon: Haaaaargh! Even you too, Iori…!
Takeru: Now that you say that, it’s the same for miso cutlet, isn’t it?
Daisuke: Yeah, cutlet is just cutlet, it’s already a dish on its own, isn’t it?
V-mon: Kishimen is just flattened udon, isn’t it?
Iori: Perhaps it’s just my opinion, but I feel that many of them seem to simply be adding things onto completed dishes to make variants. So in other words, they’re rip—
Armadimon: Variants!!! (panting heavily) Honestly, don’t go sayin’ such slander, dagya! Nagoya’s the great metropolis that links the east and west like glue, dagya!

(door opening)

Ken: Sorry for coming in late, guys.

(door closing)

Wormmon: Hello!
Takeru: Hey, Wormmon. Hello!
Daisuke: Ken and Wormmon have arrived!

Ken: I see. So that’s what you were talking about.
Iori: Is there anything you would particularly like to do, Ichijouji-san?
Ken: Hmm…Well…If I could suggest something…maybe the hot springs?
All: Hot springs?
Ken: Yeah. Hot springs are nice…!

(Japanese water fountain sound)
(sound of Ken taking the mic)

Ken: (on mic) Hot springs with flowing water — that goes without saying! If it’s possible, I’d probably prefer a quiet, old rustic spring in a garden covered in moss. I would like to stay in a historical building that pursues aesthetic transience14 and calmness, rather than flashiness or beauty. I don’t have any particular preferences for the food, but the portions shouldn’t be too large or too small. But even if you’re only going there to rest the body, there are a great variety that are splendid. As far as the water quality goes, for the women, I recommend the carbonic acid salt spring or the simple alkaline hot springs. That refers to a hot spring with a pH level of at least 8.5, which used to be called a simple hot spring. Only in the past, though.15 If there’s something I would really recommend…I personally prefer the sulfur hot springs! Incidentally, the sulfur hot springs are said to be able to relieve vein sclerosis and high blood pressure. If it’s possible, I’d love to stay at one and relax for at least two nights. Ah…Hot springs…! Heh heh heh heh…

Takeru: You…have some surprisingly refined interests!
Daisuke: Maybe not so much “refined” as much as he’s kinda obsessive…
Patamon: I have pretty much no idea what he just said!
V-mon: Neither do I!
Wormmon: Don’t make fun of Ken-chan!
V-mon: Oh, so do you understand what Ken just said?
Wormmon: Mm…Nope!
Armadimon: Dagya!
Iori: Someplace with the ocean, mountains, and hot springs…Then, how about Atami?
Ken: Atami! They primarily specialize in chloride springs. The transparent colorless springs might be nice once in a while, too!
Daisuke: Ramen at a hot springs inn…That’s got its own charm, too! Light, with refreshing soy sauce and spiral fish cake, a nostalgic flavor from long ago! Mm!
Takeru: Right? Atami’s got some good hot springs, right?
Ken: If we’re going to be stopping at a hot springs inn, I’m intimately familiar with a lot of them.
Daisuke: Intimately familiar? What are you, an old man?
Takeru: But, well, in that case, we might as well just go with that.
Iori: So, then, our next trip will be in Ata—


Hikari: Wait!!
Tailmon: You’re way too premature in your decision-making!
Daisuke: Hikari-chan!!
V-mon: And Tailmon!
Takeru: When did you get here?
Hikari: I’ve been here for a while!
Tailmon: While you were all caught up in your conversation, none of you noticed us coming in ourselves!
Daisuke: Are you guys ninja or something?
V-mon: Ninja? How cool!
Tailmon: I’m not a ninja!
Takeru: Hikari-chan, you told us to wait, so does that mean you don’t like Atami?
Hikari: It’s not that I dislike Atami, it’s just that I thought, if we’re all going on a trip, shouldn’t we go to Spain, where Miyako-san is?
All: Spain?!
Daisuke: Suddenly we’re going overseas now?
Takeru: …Isn’t that a pretty high hurdle?

(door opening)

Miyako: It’s not that high!
Daisuke: Ah! Now Miyako’s here, too!
Miyako: ¡Hola!
Hawkmon: Incidentally, I, Hawkmon, am also here!

(Adventure 02 eyecatch music)

Daisuke: Ah! Now Miyako’s here, too!
Miyako: ¡Hola!
Hawkmon: Incidentally, I, Hawkmon, am also here! Incidentally, “¡Hola!” is how you greet people in Spain!
Wormmon: Hawkmon~! It’s been so long!
V-mon: So now we’re all together, right?
Hawkmon: Everyone, we’re sorry for not contacting you for so long.
Daisuke: But wait, Miyako, didn’t you go to Spain?
Miyako: I did.
Takeru: Did you actually take the trouble to come all the way back here?
Hawkmon: Exact-a-mently! When such an important meeting is happening, it’s only natural for us to return!
V-mon: Did you take a plane?!
Miyako: Of course we didn’t. We used this!

(sound of Miyako holding out D-3)

All: The smartphone-type D-3?!
Miyako: Yep! If you have this, you can open a Digital Gate, and go anywhere you want in the world!
Tailmon: I see. So that’s a usable method.
Daisuke: Which means…
Ken: Yeah. We can go anywhere we want in the world, without taking up time.
V-mon: So that means…
Daisuke: In other words, it means we can go anywhere we want in the world!
V-mon: Woooooow!
Ken: (laughing) Well, I mean, that’s what I just said…
Takeru: Anywhere…
Iori: …in the world…without spending money!
Patamon: How amazing, I’m excited!

(music draining out)

Miyako: I…feel like you’re excited about something else now.

(Digimon cheering)

Armadimon: Now we can go to Nagoya, dagya!
Hikari: No, I absolutely refuse. After all…I want to go play in Spain!!
Tailmon: I agree, Hikari. I want to go to Spain. If we can, I want to go to the Basque region!

(triumphant music)

Miyako: Yeah! To say it straight, Spain’s a great place. Both the red and white wines are wonderful, and the sangria is really the best!
Hawkmon: Um, Miyako-san, there are underage people here.16
Miyako: Every kind of food is good, and if you hit the bar at midday, you can eat all sorts of tapas! You can hop from restaurant to restaurant and they’re all exquisite, and you can have raw ham and shellfish for a reasonable price at the marketplace!
Hawkmon: Miyako-san, you’re getting a bit too passionate about this…
Miyako: So, Hikari-chan…!
Hikari: Yeah! We’re absolutely gonna have to convince everyone!
Hawkmon: Miyako-san…You’re ignoring what I’m saying, aren’t you…
Miyako: And so…everyone, pay attention!
All: Huh?
Hikari: We’d like to present the fabulousness of Spain to you!
Miyako: So shut up and listen!

(sound of taking the mic)
(Spanish music)

Miyako (on mic): ¡Buenas! ¿Cómo está?
Hikari: (on mic) Spain! It’s the country of passion! Spain! It’s the country of gourmet food!
Tailmon: (on mic) Paella…al ajillo!…Spain omelettes!
Miyako: Spain! The pinnacle of Gaudí!
Hawkmon: (on mic) Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Casa Batlló!
Miyako: (on mic) Spain, it’s the liga española~!
Daisuke: (on mic) Camp Nou, Santiago de Bernabeu, San Mamés!

Hikari: …And so, on that note, Spain has a lot of famous sightseeing places, and as for the food, they have the best cream!
Miyako: The seafood and the mountain food go without saying, and you can say it’s the center of some of the most famous gourmet food in the world!
Hikari: It’s full of art museums, and Barcelona has a huge zoo, and although not a lot of people know about it, they even have casinos!
Miyako: The humidity is low and the weather is refreshing, so it’s easy to spend time there, and the view of the town is gorgeous!
Hikari: So…
Hikari and Miyako: Let’s go to Spain…okay? ♡
All: Okaaaaay!
Hikari: ¡Gracias!

(music fades out)

Iori: …Everyone caved to that terribly quickly.
Tailmon: So now that we’ve all decided to go to Spain —
Armadimon: Wait a sec, dagya!
Tailmon: Hm?
Armadimon: I’m not lettin’ go of Nagoya, dagya!
Tailmon: We’re not letting up on Spain, either. So what of that?
Armadimon: Mrrrrgh!
Tailmon: Wanna fight, Armadimon?
Armadimon: Are ya just sayin’ that, or are ya gonna do it, dagya?
Tailmon: I will! I’ll take anything you’ve got!

(lightning sounds)

Daisuke: Uh…What’s with the atmosphere all of a sudden?
Ken: Hold on, you two!!
Tailmon: Hikari!
Armadimon: Iori!

(“Break up!” plays)

Tailmon: Tailmon, Armor Evolve!
Armadimon: Armadimon, Armor Evolve!
Tailmon: The Light of Smiles…
Armadimon: The Steel Wisdom…

Takeru: Waaaaait a second!!

(music stops)

Armadimon: Huh?
Takeru: Wait a second! If you evolve here, you’re gonna mess up the karaoke room!!
Armadimon: …Ya got a point there, dagya.
Tailmon: Then, we’ll take it outside! We’ll settle it there.
Armadimon: Fine, bring it on, dagya!
Iori: Please, wait! We don’t even need to go this far.
Tailmon: Why?
Iori: If we don’t have to take up travel time, we can go to both, can we not?
Armadimon: Ah…That’s right, dagya.
Tailmon: But is everyone else okay with that?
Ken: Of course we are!…As long as we go to the hot springs.
Iori: So in other words, we stop at a hot springs inn in Nagoya, and then we do whatever we want in Spain.
Patamon: Ah, but then, I want to go to the southern islands!
Wormmon: Going to the south in summer is boring! It’s summer here in Japan, so let’s go skiing in Australia!
Daisuke: Wormmon…how are you gonna put on skis?
Takeru: If we want to go see a beautiful ocean, why don’t we go to Tahiti? Do you all want to try diving?
Miyako: Then…I wanna go to Taiwan next! Xiao long bao~!
Ken: Wormmon, I just looked it up on the smartphone, but if you drive three hours from Melbourne, it seems like there’s a ski resort called Mount Buller.
Wormmon: Really? Ken-chan, you’re so kind!
Daisuke: No, really, how…?
Iori: Nagoya…then, going through Spain to Australia…and then…where was it again?
Miyako: Guys, it’s okay to go wherever you want, but don’t forget about the currency exchange! If you don’t have any money, you can’t buy anything.
Ken: Ah…You’re right.
Miyako: Especially American dollars! If you have American dollars, you can rest easy. You can even get by with American dollars in the Digital World, after all!
Takeru: Incidentally, do you think we’ll need to bring our passports?
Miyako: You’ll need it if you want to stop at inns. Also, depending on the place, the hotels may not have things like toothbrushes, so be careful.
Ken: Is that true?!
Takeru: Yeah, it’s a pretty common thing overseas.
V-mon: Hey, so, if we’re going overseas, can we bring rice with us?
Patamon: Or pickled plums17?
Hawkmon: If you start longing for Japanese flavors, I think we could just use the D-3 and return to Japan.
Armadimon: We should take Yamatoya’s ramen and bring it with us in a bag, dagya!
Daisuke: Um…
Hikari: We’re definitely going to Spain!
Armadimon: We’re absolutely goin’ to go see the Nagoya Castle, dagya!
Miyako: I could guide you guys around Spain, but…I haven’t given up on having Taiwanese minced pork rice…
Hawkmon: Miyako-san! If we’re going to Taiwan, I recommend the night markets as well!
Patamon: Tahiti!
Wormmon: Australia!
Armadimon: Naaagooooya!

(sound of Daisuke standing up)

Daisuke: Guys, hear me out!
All: Huh?
Daisuke: I want to become a ramen shop owner someday.

(mellow music playing)

Daisuke: I don’t know when I started thinking this way…But when I spoke honestly about my vague feelings about ramen to Ken, Ken turned to me and said this. “If you really want to run a ramen shop, then make a concrete plan in order to make that dream into a reality.”
Wormmon: Ken-chan, did you really say something like that?
Ken: …Mm, I might have.
Daisuke: Those words completely knocked me over. I’d just been thinking about becoming a ramen shop owner in some way or another. I’d just thought, all I’d have to do is think about it, and then it’d work itself out. How naïve I was…
Takeru: It is true, just thinking about it won’t do anything.
Patamon: Yeah, yeah!
Daisuke: So I walked over to the nearby ramen shop to go eat some, in search of figuring out for myself what delicious ramen was supposed to be in the first place. I thought this would be fine for now…but then, this time, Iori saw me and called me out.
Iori: …Did I say something?
Armadimon: Do ya not remember, dagya?
Iori: No, not at all.
Daisuke: Iori said, “The inner nature of ramen is deep. Do you think you’ll understand enough just by walking over to the nearby ramen shop?” So I started studying ramen from all over the country. Asahikawa ramen from Hokkaido, Sapporo miso, Hakodate salt broth, Sendai cold Chinese-style, Kitakata in Fukushima, Kanagawa iekei18, Tokyo dried sardine style, Hachioji sweet style with raw onion, Toyama black, Wakayama pork broth soy sauce, Fukuoka pork broth ramen, Nagasaki chanpon19!
V-mon: Every kind of ramen was good!
Daisuke: And then Hikari-chan gave me a regional guidebook! And then Miyako told me about the Youth 18 Ticket20!
Hikari: Oh, back when I was trying to get rid of that!
Miyako: …What’s so special about knowing about the Youth 18 Ticket?
Daisuke: I wanted to go eat ramen while traveling all over the country with my own two feet, and to learn more and more about ramen! I got a faint glimpse of what my own best ramen would be! But at the same time…it became incredibly clear what I was thoroughly lacking in.
Ken: Lacking?
Iori: What was it…?
Daisuke: Experience…I had absolutely no experience as a cook. So right now, I’m at vocational school working to get my culinary license. Eating lots of ramen, and making lots of ramen! I wanna learn more and more about ramen!!
Miyako: So that was it…
Iori: I’m sorry, Daisuke-san. We didn’t know about your feelings, and kept going on about what we wanted…
Hawkmon: So in other words, you’d rather not travel overseas, but to places where ramen is famous so you can carry out your research?
Ken: (laughs) Well, if that’s the case, it’s fine, isn’t it?
Wormmon: Everyone here likes ramen, right?
Patamon: I agree!
Hikari: It’s kind of cool seeing you chase your dreams like that.


Daisuke: H-Huh? Really?
Takeru: So then, why don’t we let Daisuke-kun pick where we’ll go?
Everyone: Yeah!
Ken: But in return…
All: Huh?
Daisuke: In return?
Ken: I want you to let us have the ramen you’ve made, Daisuke.

(sound of Daisuke standing up)

Daisuke: Yeah, no problem!
All: (laughs)
Miyako: So? Where do you wanna go?
Daisuke: Right! So, where I’m thinking of going from here is…
All: …?
Daisuke: Where we’re going is…!

(sound of Daisuke picking up mic)


All: Why New York?!

Hey, wait, look, everyone
is rather different from how they were yesterday
Hey, look, take a look
Even the outline of your profile is mature

Hey, you, you over there
I get it, you want to make excuses
But if this is how things go in this world
Then that’s just not gonna work, right?

Right? Wanting to breathe in,
right now! The nice breeze
It’s only natural, it’s only natural

Because tomorrow my wind will blow
I want you to keep all of the doors around the world open
Because tomorrow my wind will blow
That cowardice of yours
Will be totally blown away
Live a gorgeous life!

(Adventure 02 episode preview music)

Narrator: With New York as the city of cutting-edge gourmet food, in order to research the creation of a new kind of ramen free from pre-established notions, Daisuke intently set foot into New York. But awaiting him was a phone call from a surprising person…Next, on Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna! Now, the gate to adventure opens.

Daisuke: The heck, man? It ended up being just Ken and Iori…
Ken: Well, yeah…
Iori: Hikari-san and Takeru-san said they’d meet up with us on the second day, and all.
V-mon: Hey, Daisuke, I’m looking forward to going to New York!
Wormmon: Yeah, yeah!
Armadimon: I can’t wait to go eat ramen, dagya!
V-mon: Daisuke!
Daisuke: Yeah! All right, then, let’s go!

(sound of Daisuke holding out D-3)

Daisuke: Digital Gate, open!

(sound of gate opening)

Daisuke: All right, let’s go!
All: Yeah!

  1. Iori perpetually speaks to others in polite form, regardless of how necessary it is; it’s a habit he’s had since Adventure 02. []
  2. The joke here is that Armadimon (for whatever reason) speaks in Nagoya dialect, so, naturally, he wants to go to Nagoya. []
  3. “Nagoya in Owari is held up by its castle” = Armadimon starts off his speech by quoting an old Edo folk song, “Owari Nagoya wa shiro de motsu” (尾張名古屋は城で持つ). The line refers to the prominence of Nagoya Castle, and its role in sustaining the city. Owari refers to what was once a province in the west of Aichi Prefecture, where Nagoya is located. []
  4. “Tiger-fish statues” = Referring to the shachihoko tiger-fish statues adorning temples. []
  5. “Miso cutlet” = misokatsu, short for miso tonkatsu. Miso = sweet soybean paste; thus, misokatsu is effectively tonkatsu cutlet with a miso-based sauce instead of the usual sweet sauce that’s often served with it. []
  6. Tenmusu = A type of rice ball (onigiri) filled with deep-fried tempura shrimp. []
  7. “Deep-fried chicken wings” = tebasaki (no) karaage, a variant of Japanese fried chicken (karaage) that uses the whole chicken wing and is glazed with sweet tebasaki sauce. []
  8. “Morning breakfast sets” = Simply called “morning” in Japanese, referring to a free egg and toast commonly given alongside a morning drink (such as coffee) in Nagoya cafes. []
  9. “Starch-sauce spaghetti” = ankake spa, referring to spaghetti made with a spicy, starchy flour sauce. Other than using spaghetti and visually looking like a spaghetti dish, it has little resemblance to any kind of Italian dish. []
  10. Kishimen = Udon noodle soup with flattened noodles. “Standing shops” at train station platforms in Nagoya will often offer this. []
  11. Taiwan ramen = A spicy broth variant of ramen created by a Taiwanese chef in Nagoya (not in Taiwan). []
  12. “Chopped eel bowls” = hitsumabushi, a variant of eel-on-rice bowls (unadon) that has the ingredients arranged differently and with extra condiments added. []
  13. Yamatoya = A reference to Akatsuki Yamatoya, the writer for this drama CD and the scriptwriter for Kizuna. In the movie itself, Armadimon states that he likes “Yamatoya’s ramen”. []
  14. Ken expresses a desire for his ideal hot springs location to have a wabi-sabi atmosphere, a Japanese aesthetic philosophy based on transience and imperfection. []
  15. Ken refers to a tanjun onsen (単純温泉), one where the additives have a low percentage, allowing for a gentler effect on the body, thus making them popular among the elderly and young children. (Indeed, part of the joke here is that Ken has some unusually stereotypical “old man” tastes for someone his age.) In the past, this term was used to refer to any kind of alkaline hot spring, but currently it only refers to those with a pH level of less than 8.5, and those with a higher level are called “simple alkaline hot springs” instead. []
  16. The age of majority in Japan at the time of 2010 was 20 years old, so Miyako is the only of this group who can legally drink under Japanese law. []
  17. Umeboshi = A dried, pickled plum often served on rice. []
  18. Iekei ramen = A type of ramen made by a family in Yokohama, known for its broth made with pork bone (tonkotsu) and soy sauce. []
  19. Chanpon = A type of noodle dish more inspired by Chinese noodles, made with pork, seafood, and vegetables. []
  20. The Youth 18 Ticket (青春18きっぷ, “Seishun Juuhachi Kippu“) is a prepaid ticket that allows for unlimited travel on Japanese nationwide trains for five days. []

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