Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna — Blu-ray deluxe edition booklet character summaries

The Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna Blu-ray deluxe edition booklet contains summaries of the character arcs of the twelve main featured Chosen Child and Digimon pairs. For the eight pairs originating from Digimon Adventure, each paragraph recaps their character arcs across Adventure, Adventure 02, and Adventure tri., while the remaining four have a recap of their character arcs in Adventure 02.

Taichi Yagami and Agumon

Taichi had his first adventure in his fifth year of elementary school. He had a tendency to rush in without thinking, but he connected his heart with Agumon and managed to overcome his barriers. He gradually started showing his capacity for leadership. After becoming a middle school student, he entrusted his trademark goggles to his junior, Daisuke, and took on a support role. But whenever things became dangerous, he would join in the fight. Once he became a high school student, instead of just pushing on forward, he would often stop in his tracks to think over things. As he watched the town be destroyed by the Digimon battles, he started to have doubts about his actions, which became a cause for friction with Yamato. But Agumon, who conveyed his thoughts in a straightforward manner, pushed him forward, and so despite Taichi’s pain, he gained courageous resolve to help his friends.

Yamato Ishida and Gabumon

Yamato showed a protective side when it came to his younger brother, Takeru, who lived in a separate house from him. But he usually kept a calm composure and didn’t show much of his heart very much, tending to isolate himself from the other Chosen Children, and would often quarrel with Taichi in particular. But his partner Gabumon called out to him and expressed his affection, and he came to understand the importance of friendship. When he became a middle school student, his feelings for his friends didn’t change, and he would help his juniors in any way he could. When he became a high school student, Yamato was the one with the most passionate feeling. When the others no longer had Taichi to support them, he showed his capacity for leadership. At that time, Gabumon helped push Yamato forward and supported him.

Sora Takenouchi and Piyomon

Sora was a well put-together person who took care of others, and Piyomon had a spoiled personality. Sora’s relationship with her partner got her to rethink her own poor relationship with her mother, and she managed to rediscover her love for her family and friends. When she became a middle school student, she picked up tennis and flower arrangement, and she formed a better relationship with her mother. In addition, Sora’s words of kindness about her friends helped gently push forward her junior, Miyako, who was afraid of fighting. When Sora became a high school student, Piyomon’s memories were reset by the “reboot”. But even when things started going badly with their relationship, Sora continued to think of Piyomon. This led to her bond with Piyomon returning more deeply than ever, and Piyomon achieved an Ultimate evolution.

Koushirou Izumi and Tentomon

Koushirou had an exceedingly “inquisitive heart”, and Tentomon supported him while watching over him from the side. This never changed, not when they were going on their adventure in the Digital World, nor in the real world when Koushirou confronted his adoptive parents. His signature PC skills and analysis abilities remained intact even through middle school and high school. When his juniors set out on their adventure, and when Koushirou had to confront the crisis of the infected Digimon, he used his knowledge to get through them. His partner, Tentomon, was the one who most strongly refused to give up, and he continued to support Koushirou. Their unchanging bond resulted in an Ultimate evolution.

Mimi Tachikawa and Palmon

Mimi was simple-minded and spoiled, while Palmon had more of a composed personality. As their battles became more intense, Mimi’s pure heart was open-minded towards any Digimon regardless of whether they were enemies or allies, and she came to understand the hearts of many different Digimon. That pure-heartedness of her never changed, and it was her most distinctive characteristic. When she became a middle school student, she even had an influence on her junior, Miyako, leading to the discovery of her Digimental, and when she became a high school student, she was the quickest to befriend the transfer student, Meiko. However, she would have times when she would run around uselessly trying to be helpful, and she took the idea of causing trouble for her friends very badly, but when she overcame her barriers alongside her beloved Palmon, Palmon evolved to her Ultimate level.

Jou Kido and Gomamon

Jou was a sixth-year in elementary school during his first adventure. He felt that he had a duty of responsibility as the oldest, but his faint-hearted personality threw him into doubt again and again. The more easygoing Gomamon would always have Jou as his first priority, giving him a big push, and he grew together with his honest partner. Whenever an incident happened, Jou would always be in the middle of his exam struggles. He would support his juniors and fight alongside them, but he wasn’t that way once he got to high school and started taking his university entrance exams more seriously. Confused about whether he had to fight, he found himself stopped in his tracks. But after having a quarrel with Gomamon, he came back running to join his friends, and they achieved an Ultimate evolution.

Takeru Takaishi and Patamon

Takeru was the youngest during their first adventure, only a second-year in elementary school. His older brother was there with him, but he was prone to loneliness and being a crybaby, and the innocent Patamon was always by his side. He endured the painful experience of having Patamon taken away from him, and his own hope helped him grow to the point he was able to save his friends. During his second adventure, he grew up nicely into a kind boy with strong morals. He obtained a new power through his Digimental, and although he displayed a strong show of anger against the powers of darkness, he eventually managed to make it through this new adventure. When he became a middle school student, he learned that Patamon was infected, and although he was unsure about on what to do, Patamon put the others before himself and wanted to save them, allowing both of them to overcome their struggles together.

Hikari Yagami and Tailmon

Hikari met Tailmon through Wizarmon’s guidance, and she joined the adventure as the eighth child. She possessed a mysterious power and was able to speak for “the one who wishes for stability”. Hikari, who had been prone to poor health, became a very healthy girl three years later. Tailmon and Hikari’s bond was so strong that Tailmon would do anything for Hikari’s sake, and they spent some idyllic time together, but Hikari was sometimes called by voices of darkness, and at one point she came to bear Ordinemon’s uncontrollable and terrifying dark powers. Together, as friends and partners, they overcame their many difficulties by seeking out the light, and Hikari became able to express her own will firmly.

Daisuke Motomiya and V-mon

Daisuke met V-mon when he jumped out at him from the Digimental of Courage’s resting place, and so Daisuke became a Chosen Child. He inherited goggles from his soccer club senior, Taichi, and thanks to his inherent positivity and ability to take action, he became the one who pulled everyone else forward. The mischievous V-mon was like a sibling to him, and they were completely in sync. During the battle against BelialVamdemon, Daisuke’s straightforward and passionate heart refused to give up, awakening V-mon’s greatest powers, and they rescued the other Chosen Children from a crisis.

Ken Ichijouji and Wormmon

Ken was famous in the real world for being a child prodigy, but he was secretly the “Digimon Kaiser” trying to conquer the Digital World, persistently inflicting cruelty on others. But Wormmon continued to believe in the kindness within Ken’s heart, and after the fight with Chimeramon, he managed to bring back the real, kind Ken. Although Ken tried to continue working alone due to his feelings of guilt, he fostered a friendship with Daisuke, and as the others came to understand Ken’s feelings, he became one of their true friends.

Miyako Inoue and Hawkmon

Miyako met Hawkmon when she lifted up the Digimental of Love. The oldest of the group, Miyako was good with computers, and she would kick off their adventure with “Digital Gate, open!” She was overly energetic and would easily get carried away, and Hawkmon would often get caught up in her antics. But the perpetually gentlemanly and cool-headed Hawkmon was an indispensable presence to Miyako. Since she had many siblings, there were times when she wanted time to herself, but Hawkmon understood well that Miyako didn’t want to be completely left alone.

Iori Hida and Armadimon

Iori met Armadimon when he lifted up the Digimental of Knowledge. Iori always spoke politely and was bad at lying, and he was serious about everything to the point of being very strict with himself. He inherited a strong sense of morality from his late father, who was a policeman, and his strict but kind grandfather. Because of that, he had a hard time forgiving Ken for all of the cruelty he’d inflicted. The more easygoing Armadimon was always at his side, being there whenever Iori needed someone to consult with. Daisuke and his other friends’ straightforward nature had a influence on him, and he ended up maturing quite significantly.

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