Digimon Adventure Enemy Character Song File: Quotes

(Digimon Adventure character song masterlist)

A collection of translations for the “Quotes” bonus tracks from the Digimon Adventure Enemy Character Song File character song album.

A Champion Finisher Quote From Etemon

Etemon: I’m the King of Digimon, the great Etemon! YEAHHHH!

A Self-Centered Quote From Gotsumon & Pumpmon

Gotsumon and Pumpmon: We’re Shibuya-type1 Digimon who love having fun~!

A Kingly Quote From Pinocchimon

(giggles) Now that everyone’s here, what should we play~? Ha ha ha!

A Prideful Quote From Ogremon

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! The only one who gets to defeat Leomon is none other than the one and only me!

Announcement Quotes From Scumon & Chuumon

Scumon: It’s me, Scumon, pyon!
Chuumon: I’m Chuumon, pyon!
Scumon: We’ve got a very important announcement for everyone, pyon!
Chuumon: Yeah-pyon!
Scumon: We will be starting our new series, Scumon Adventure, pyon!
Chuumon: We’re gonna evolve like Agumon-pyon! Chuumon, evooooooooolve!…Chuumon.
Scumon: …You’re still the same, pyon.
Both: Well, then, excuse us!

A Darkness Quote From Devimon

Chosen Children! I shall leave no survivors as I send you all to your graves!

(Digimon Adventure character song masterlist)

Translator's notes
  1. The “Shibuya-type” (渋谷系, Shibuya-kei) is a bit of a pun, because while Shibuya-kei refers to fashion and hobby trends in Shibuya, –kei also can be used to casually describe a “type” or “sort” in the same way you’d describe a kind of Digimon. []

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