Digimon Adventure Character Complete File — Personal Life Info

A translation of the “Personal Life Info” portions of the Digimon Adventure Character Complete File (デジモンアドベンチャー キャラクター完全ファイル), detailing information about the Digimon Adventure and Adventure 02 kids’ home lives, all written in-character.

Note that the sections for the Adventure kids are meant to be read as being from the perspective of their Adventure-era selves in 1999, whereas the Adventure 02 ones are naturally written from their perspective in 2002. (For these particular portions, Hikari and Takeru are classified as Adventure 02 kids.)

(Character introductions | Personal Life Info | Middle School Report/A Day in the Life | Our 25 Years Later)

Taichi Yagami & Agumon

Introducing my room

Hikari and I share a room. We have a bunk bed, and two separate desks and sets of drawers. But lately, Hikari seems to have been pretty antsy about that. Whenever she calls her friends over to visit, she seems pretty embarrassed whenever she has to say “I share a room with my brother.” I guess I’d say I’m pretty embarrassed, too. Well, it seems like we’re going to get our own rooms once I start middle school, so I’ll just have to put up with this for a bit longer. Oh, I also currently sleep in the top bunk.

Agumon: We slept in the same bed when I came to Tokyo!
Taichi: It did end up getting a bit cramped, though.

Introducing Taichi’s family

A super super bright husband and a cute wife
Father: Susumu
Mother: Yuuko

My dad’s the kind you can rely on when it really comes down to it, and my mom’s the laid-back type who comes off more as an older sister than a mom. They’re both naturally super important to me. And then there’s my little sister, Hikari…she’s really delicate, so I have to take good care of her!

Yamato Ishida & Gabumon

My home’s dining room

My old man and I live together, just the two of us, but since he’s constantly busy with work, I end up having to do most of the housework. Naturally, I do the cooking every day and get our meals ready. I think we’ve gotten quite a few condiments and ingredients stocked up in here. I did the cooking when Takeru came to visit earlier, too. But we’re a household of guys, and it’s a mess and everything is cluttered, so it’s pretty embarrassing.

Gabumon: Yamato, your miso1 mackerel was delicious ♡
Yamato: Thanks, Gabumon!

Introducing Yamato’s family

A wild and frenetic producer who wolfs down the food his son labored so hard over
Yamato’s mother, living in a different household: Natsuko

My old man is a producer for press media. It’s hard to tell what time he’ll ever come home, so we don’t get to see each other much. It’s why Mom started to get tired of him…But when he’s at work, he really is the coolest.

Sora Takenouchi & Piyomon

Introducing my room

My mom teaches traditional Japanese flower arrangemen2, so we live in a Japanese-style home. My room is Japanese-style, too, which means it doesn’t have much of a girly atmosphere to it. The tatami3 straw flooring kind of calms me down, so I love it. You can see the ocean from my room, so whenever the weather is good, it feels amazing! It’s become part of my daily routine to send out emails while sitting by the window and looking out at the ocean.

Piyomon: Sora~♡ The tatami feels really nice!
Sora: I love it, too!

Introducing Sora’s family

Two parents following completely different areas of expertise, with their own unique ways
Mother: Yoshiko

My dad teaches folklore studies at a university. He also studies Digimon, alongside Jou-senpai’s older brother. My mom is a Grand Master for a school of traditional Japanese flower arrangement. It seemed like she didn’t care for my passion for soccer at first, but now she’s come to understand.

Koushirou Izumi & Tentomon

Introducing my study room!!

My room has led to many occasions in which everyone gathers and holds meetings in it, so I’ve been putting everything into keeping it as clean and tidy as I can. But because I’ve ended up gathering a large number of books anytime I want to know something, it’s been difficult to get them all in order. And whenever I finally manage to get them in order, I end up collecting even more…What should I do?

Koushirou: The most important thing is that they’re easy to use.
Tentomon: Good ol’ Koushirou-han!

Introducing Koushirou’s family

We’re not related by blood, but…
Father: Masami

My actual parents passed away in an accident when I was very young. My current parents are distant relatives of my birth father, but they consider me to be their real son…Father, Mother, thank you.

Jou Kido & Gomamon

Introducing my study room

This is my room, where I study. I was planning to study here every day during my summer vacation, but things got messed up when I ended up going to the Digital World. But I’ve learned that there are a lot of important things beyond just studying, so I think our adventure was a good experience for me. Ah, incidentally, when we were fighting Vamdemon, Shin-niisan managed to escape everyone’s notice because he was sleeping in the closet.

Jou: I end up staying in this room a lot during summer break.
Gomamon: …Jou, you really gotta go out and take a breather sometimes.

Introducing Jou’s family

My warm and kind brothers, who are watching over me
and Shuu

I have two older brothers. The older one is Shin-niisan, who’s a medical student. During our fight with Vamdemon, he managed to escape everyone’s notice because he was sleeping in the closet, and ended up helping us a lot. The other one is Shuu-niisan, who’s also interested in Digimon.

Mimi Tachikawa & Palmon

Our esteemed dining room

Our home’s kitchen is in line with my Mama’s tastes, and it’s suuuuper cute! This is where she comes up with her cooking ideas. Also, also, my current favorite is kimchi fried rice4 topped with whipped cream! And when you put a strawberry on top of it, it’s the best!! I had Palmon try some, but it doesn’t seem to have stuck with her. I guess she just doesn’t get it~

Palmon: Mimi…I don’t think I can handle this…
Mimi: Fried eggs with sugar and nattou5 are the best ♡

Introducing Mimi’s family

My constantly lovey-dovey Papa and Mama
Mother: Satoe
Father: Keisuke

My Papa and Mama dote on each other like they’re still newlyweds, and it’s honestly kind of embarrassing. But lately, I’ve started to think it’s actually kinda cute. My Mama comes up with all kinds of new cooking ideas, and Papa eagerly awaits them!

Daisuke Motomiya & V-mon

The great exhibition of my room!

This is the room where Chibimon and I hang out together. My mom and my sis keep nagging and nagging me to clean it up, and it gets real annoying. I mean, I get it, and it is pretty filthy, so I don’t really have anything to say to that, but I get the feeling I’m not the only one who keeps messing things up…hey, Chibimon! You’re the one leaving crumbs from all the snacks you’ve been eating on my bed and desk, aren’t you!? I keep telling you not to eat things on my bed!!

V-mon: Let’s clean this place up, Daisuke…💦
Daisuke: Then you’d better help out, too!

Introducing Daisuke’s family

My carefree parents and my sister with a ridiculous definition of “common sense”6
, mother, and Jun

My place is always hustling and bustling. Mom and Dad made a huge fuss when Ken came to visit, and my sis is constantly falling in love with people and cooing all over them. It seriously gets way too noisy up in here. But then again, whenever one of us isn’t home, it doesn’t feel quite right.

Ken Ichijouji & Wormmon

Introducing Osamu-niisan’s and my room

When Osamu-niisan was here, we used to share this room. We dismantled the lower bunk of our bed and replaced it with a shelf, and remodeled it into something like a loft. You can go through the loft out into the balcony, so Wormmon would often go out and come back in through there. In remembrance of my brother, I’ve left the desk mostly in the same state he used it in. We’ve also put up a picture of him here.

Wormmon: I love sitting in the sun, out on the balcony with Ken-chan!
Ken: Yeah. Let’s do it again sometime.

Introducing Ken’s family

My mother, who’s easily moved to tears, and my father, who doesn’t say much but is reliable
mother, and the departed Osamu-niisan

After I took off the Kaiser’s mask, witnessed Wormmon’s death in front of me, and lost consciousness, my father and mother were the ones most worried about me. Thanks to their love, we were able to put a stop to the growth of the Dark Seed within my body. Osamu-niisan, who had passed away, was an honor student, which led to me developing a complex. I probably modeled a bit of the Digimon Kaiser after him.

Miyako Inoue & Hawkmon

The convenience store of love and sincerity!?

My mom and dad run a convenience store, the Odaiba branch of the “i-Mart”7, which is on the first floor of our apartment building. It’s my number one recommended convenience store in Odaiba, so if you’re in the area, don’t forget to drop by, or you’ll miss out! Here, I’ll tell you what’s popular today. Firstly, we’ve got mineral water. This kind is exclusively sold here at the i-Mart. In summer, our shaved ice and our “Super Gulp Orange Drink” are also huge hits!

Hawkmon: Miyako-san, do you also sell kanpyoumaki8!?
Miyako: I recommend the mineral water!

Introducing Miyako’s family

A huge family of four siblings, running a convenience store in the apartment building!
, mother
Oldest brother:
Oldest sister: Momoe
Second sister: Chizuru

My family is pretty big. There’s my dad, my mom, my older brother, and my two older sisters. We get told that we look pretty similar to each other, but isn’t that just because we’re all wearing glasses? Maybe we all inherited it.

Hikari Yagami & Tailmon

Introducing my new room

Now that my brother’s in middle school, we each have our own rooms. Although they ended up making things take up a lot more space, Papa and Mama helped lay things out, and now it’s like my own wonderful little castle! Back when I was sharing this room with my brother, I couldn’t really decorate it with anything particularly girly, but now I can do whatever I want, and so I made my room super cute! I’ve always wanted to put up lace curtains, so I did!

Tailmon: It’s nice to be able to do whatever you want now that you’re on your own.
Hikari: Although it is a bit lonely not having my brother around anymore.

Introducing Hikari’s family

About the Yagami family’s beloved cat, Miiko
(Miiko: Meow~)

Miiko’s been our cat for as long as I can remember. She and Tailmon are my beloved friends. Seven years ago, when a DigiEgg hatched into a Koromon, she got in a fight with him over her food.

Iori Hida & Armadimon

Introducing my grandfather’s kendo dojo

My grandfather teaches kendo at the police dojo. I am also allowed to attend once a week. My training is very strict, but the only way for me to become stronger is to put everything I have into it, so it is worth the effort. Beyond that, my grandfather has a particular taste for “Chu × 2 Jelly”, which he drinks after our training. I enjoy having conversation with him while he drinks.

Armadimon: Iori~ Chu × 2 Jelly is real tasty~♩
Iori: The fact that you get to have some without being part of the practice is unfair, Armadimon!

Introducing Iori’s family

My kind and strong mother, and my grandfather, who’s strict, but understands what I have to say
Departed father: Hiroki

My father knew about the existence of Digimon. He was a police officer, but was killed in the line of duty while acting as bodyguard to an important person. Since then, my grandfather has been helping my mother in raising me. I consider him to be a very trustworthy person. To me, my grandfather has become like my own father. He is a rather strict person, but he also understands me very well.

Takeru Takaishi & Patamon

Introducing my room

We’d only just moved to Odaiba in April, so our place still has the aura of a new home. My room would normally be a bit too big for me, since I’d be here by myself, but Patamon’s with me, so it’s always busy and never lonely. But I wish he’d be a bit more careful about where he puts himself when he sleeps…he keeps tossing and rolling around and hitting me whenever we go to bed at night, and he’s always slapping me in the face with his huge ears.

Takeru: Patamon, stop hitting me with your ears when you sleep!
Patamon: Huh? I’m not doing that, I swear!

Introducing Takeru’s family

My mom, who works actively as a nonfiction writer
Takeru’s father, living in a different household: Hiroaki

Ever since she divorced my dad, my mom has been raising me by herself as a single mother. I’m really grateful to her, but I do wish she’d be able to make peace with my dad. I’m sure my brother feels the same way.

Translator's notes
  1. Miso = soybean sauce. Mackerel (saba) simmered in sweet miso sauce is a fairly standard Japanese dish. []
  2. Sora’s mother is an iemoto (i.e. effectively a Grand Master) for a school of cultural preservation of traditions related to a Japanese art form — in her case, ikebana (traditional Japanese flower arrangement). There is a very strong expectation for the position to be passed down via lineage. []
  3. Tatami = The type of woven straw flooring typical of traditional Japanese-style rooms. []
  4. Kimchi = Korean fermented vegetables (most commonly cabbage), usually seasoned with fairly spicy red chili. Kimchi fried rice is fairly pervasive in Korean cuisine (and reasonably well-known in Japan, thanks to cultural proximity). Kimchi fried rice with whipped cream and strawberries…not so much. []
  5. Nattou = Japanese fermented soybeans, known for its extremely strong flavor and smell, leading it to be a very love-it-or-hate it food even within Japanese cuisine…let alone putting, uh, sugar on it. Or putting the resulting combo on eggs. []
  6. Jun is described as buttonda (ぶっとんだ), effectively meaning she has a tendency to come to and act on logical conclusions that seem like a complete violation of the average person’s common sense. []
  7. The Inoue family convenience store being called the “i-Mart” has a latent pun in that ai (愛) is, naturally, Japanese for “love”. Note that the name for the Crest/Digimental of Love is a bit different from the word used here; it’s usually aijou (愛情). []
  8. Kanpyoumaki = a sushi roll made with dried gourd as the filling. This is a reference to Adventure 02 episode 6, and in general Hawkmon/Poromon is known for having a particular interest in traditional Japanese-style things. []

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