Digimon Adventure Character Complete File — Our 25 Years Later

A translation of the “Our 25 Years Later” portions of the Digimon Adventure Character Complete File (デジモンアドベンチャー キャラクター完全ファイル), detailing some mini-dialogues among the now-adult Chosen Children and their Digimon partners from the time of the 25-year timeskip epilogue from Digimon Adventure 02.

(Character introductions | Personal Life Info | Middle School Report/A Day in the Life | Our 25 Years Later)

Taichi Yagami & Agumon

A diplomat connecting reality and the Digital World

Taichi: All right, Agumon, let’s make our best show and head to the Digital World!
Agumon: Hey, Taichi~…what was it we’re supposed to be doing today?
Taichi: Hmm…We’re supposed to be meeting with Centaurmon in the morning to discuss preservation of the ruins, and then in the afternoon we have to come back and meet with the Prime Minister and have a meeting about the expansion of the Digital World…
Agumon: (sigh) Yet another day of real hard work…
Taichi: And then after that, there’s, uh…
Agumon: But Taichi, you’re forgetting something important!
Taichi: Hm? Oh no, what’d I forget?!
Agumon: Fooooooooooooood!
Taichi: Oh! Oh, right! Right, definitely can’t forget that. (laughs) All right, once we get back from the Digital World, we’ll eat something reeeeeeally big and delicious, okay?
Agumon: Gotcha! Hm, I’m feeling in the mood for hamburgers today!

Yamato Ishida & Gabumon

Working hard with Gabumon, as an astronaut!

Gabumon: I did it, Yamato! I can evolve on Mars!
Yamato: Good, the experiment was a success. So it’s possible for you to evolve even when we’re this far from Earth…
Gabumon: We’ll be able to hold our ground no matter where we are. All right, Yamato, where are we going next?
Yamato: Jupiter. The key to evolution between humans and Digimon is supposed to be there. And then we’re going to have to fight against…
Gabumon: But, wait, Yamato…
Yamato: Hm?
Gabumon: We’re going to have to make a stop at Earth first! Your kid’s school entrance ceremony is about to start, right?
Yamato: Aaaaaaaaah! You’re right! Sora’s gonna blow a fuse if I miss it! Okay, we’ve gotta hurry!
Gabumon: Wait for me, Yamato~!
Yamato: Come on, Gabumon, we’re gonna be late!!

Sora Takenouchi & Piyomon

The great achievements of a fashion designer, with dashing Japanese-style coordination!

Piyomon: Sora~ ♪ That kimono looks great on you!
Sora: You think so?
Piyomon: I love aaaaaall of your kimono, Sora! Especially since you put all of your love into making them!
Sora: Thanks, Piyomon. Here, I’ll make one for you!
Piyomon: Yaaaaaaay! I get to be in matching kimono with Sora! (nuzzles Sora with her head)
Sora: Oh, Piyomon…you’re always gonna be this clingy, aren’t you?
Piyomon: Aw, but you’re the one who’s always spoiling me, you know?
Sora: Heehee. Yeah, you’re right. Once I’m done making it, why don’t we do a fashion show together?
Piyomon: Really?! I’m so happy! I’ve always wanted to go out on stage wearing one of your kimono. I’m so excited!!

Koushirou Izumi & Tentomon

The leader at the forefront of Digital World research!!

Tentomon: Hey, Koushirou-han, the folks o’ this world finally got used to bein’ ’round Digimon, eh?
Koushirou: They have, and it’s thanks to all of the people and Digimon who’ve been working together on this. Honestly, thank you.1
Tentomon: Oh no, Koushirou-han…Ya makin’ me blush…
Koushirou: Oh, come on. If we hadn’t met you guys, I’d have never learned a single thing about this amazing other world, and I probably wouldn’t have been able to figure out what to do with my life.
Tentomon: K-Koushirou-han…(deeply moved to tears)
Koushirou: And besides, Professor Takenouchi, Shuu-san, and I are planning to put together an encyclopedia with all of our Digital World research.
Tentomon: Real amazin’! (crying a river) Hey, Koushirou-han, ya puttin’ me on the cover of that encyclopedia, right?
Koushirou: …Y-Yeah, sure. (nervous laughter)

Jou Kido & Gomamon

The Digital World’s first doctor!!

Jou: It’s been ten years since I finally became a Digital World doctor, and now I’m drowning in work…
Gomamon: Hey, Jou! Ogremon got drunk and fell off a cliff!
Jou: Oh, no, we’ve got to get to him as soon as we can!! Let’s go, Gomamon!
Gomamon: I’m on it!
Jou: Are you okay, Ogremon?! Oh yeah, you’ve definitely been drinking too much…
Gomamon: Looks like his right arm got broken in the fall. Oh, the bleeding’s awful.
Jou: Show me, show me!…Oh, oh, that’s a lot of blood. Yeah, that’s way more than usu…
Gomamon: Hey! Jou! Are you okay?!
Jou: I-It’s nothing. I’m fine.
Gomamon: Are you sure?! Hey, Jou, you look really pale right now?!
Jou: I’m fi…(faints)
Gomamon: Jou, you…are a doctor, right?
Ogremon: …What am I supposed to do now?!

Mimi Tachikawa & Palmon

A peppy and cute cooking show host?!

Mimi: All right, Palmon, we’re gonna put on a real show today!
Palmon: Got it! Leave it to me!
Mimi: We’re gonna mix the whipped cream with the sugar, then scrape up all of the edges and mix it thoroughly.
Palmon: Got it!
Mimi: Once it’s mixed, we’ll put it on the hamburger patties I’m frying right now!
Palmon: O…Okay!
Mimi: And then once that’s done…hm…ah, I know! We’ll top it off with canned orange syrup! Be sure to handle it delicately, Palmon, you have to be careful with the toppings!
Palmon: R…Right. You’ve got a real progressive cooking style, Mimi! It’s the talk of the town in the Digital World! Scumon and Chuumon are super big fans!
Mimi: I wonder why it’s not catching on with any humans…! Hmph.
Palmon: …I think I’m getting used to this kind of flavor, too.

Daisuke Motomiya & V-mon

A successful ramen cart owner?!

Daisuke: Yeah! Yet another day of some real hard training. Hey, V-mon, make sure you don’t mess this up!
V-mon: You too, Daisuke…aren’t you the one who put too much soy sauce in it yesterday?! It was way too salty!!
Daisuke: It’s fine! As long as we’ve got the right spirit, everything’ll work out. All you gotta do is believe it’ll be tasty, and it’ll be tasty!
V-mon: Are you sure?! Your Digitamamon teacher would get so mad if he heard you say that!
Daisuke: Anyway, the cart’s ready to go! I’m bringing the kid along, too! We’re gonna tour the Digital World! Chibimon’s coming, too!
V-mon: R-Right…
Daisuke: Well, we’re all here, so! Digital Gate, open! Motomiya family and ramen cart, let’s roll!
V-mon: …Hey, Daisuke. You have an actual business of chain stores right now, so why are you still pulling that cart around?
Daisuke: Huh?! You do realize I enjoy doing this, right?
V-mon: …I see.

Ken Ichijouji & Wormmon

A hot-blooded police inspector with an unparalleled sense of justice!

Ken: We’ve got a case. Let’s go!! Wormmon, all the Digimon involved with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police special investigations department2 are rolling out!
Wormmon: Okay, Ken-chan! Leave it to me!! Wormmon, evolve! Stingmon!
Ken: I can always count on you…!
Stingmon: I’ll brave fire and water and thorn if it’s for you, Ken-chan! Every day for the rest of my life!
Ken: Thank you. By the way, it seems like they’ve found a dead body near the river, death by unnatural causes…
Stingmon: A dead body…(shivers)
Ken: You’ll be fine, Stingmon! (beaming smile)
Stingmon: K-Ken-chan…! (struck through the heart)
Ken: Stingmon? What’s wrong? Why is your face all red?!
Stingmon: …Ken-chan’s smiling face is a double boost to my power!! Hroaaaaaaaaagh!! (super speed)
Ken: Aaaah! Wait for me, Stingmon!! What’s going on?! I can’t keep up! (concern)

Miyako Inoue & Hawkmon

Married to Ken, and a mother of three children!

Hawkmon: Ah, Miyako-san, these children have already grown up so fast. They look so much like Ken-san and Miyako-san, which makes them oh so very cute!
Miyako: Thank you! Seriously, Hawkmon, helping me out with the kids makes things so much easier on me!…Ah, Hawkmon, can you warm up the milk for me?
Hawkmon: Yes, Miyako-san! Understood! The milk must be brought to body temperature, right? I feel like I have become quite skilled at this, especially the third time around.
Miyako: Once this one gets a bit older, I’m off my self-imposed maternity leave3! I’m going to be a lot busier with work, so help me out with the kids, okay?
Hawkmon: Ah?! Is that true, Miyako-san?!…I feel like I’m getting pinned into a babysitter role now…
Miyako: …Hey, Hawkmon, are you trying to pick a fight with me?
Hawkmon: N-No, not at all…(sweating)
Ken: Um…(concern)

Hikari Yagami & Tailmon

A kindergarten teacher who fosters elementary school children’s dreams!

Hikari: Hey, Tailmon…There’s something I really want to do.
Tailmon: What is it, Hikari?
Hikari: Well, I want to set up a kindergarten in the Digital World. One where Digimon and children can study together!
Tailmon: That’s amazing, Hikari! I’m sure you can do it!
Hikari: Thanks…But Tailmon, you’re going to have to help me out, too.
Tailmon: M-Me?
Hikari: Yeah ♪ You’ve gone through a lot yourself, so I’d like you to be a counselor for the students. Like the ones in our own school infirmaries.
Tailmon: I’m…not great with children…(concern)
Hikari: Tailmon…(teary-eyed)
Tailmon: O-Okay, Hikari! I’ll do it, I’ll pull it off, whether it’s a Baby-level Digimon or a human child! Let ’em at me!
Hikari: No, no, this isn’t a fight!

Iori Hida & Armadimon

A defense attorney who saves the souls of criminals!

Armadimon: Hey, Iori, why’d ya become a defense attorney?
Iori: Well…I wanted to become someone useful to society, like my father was.
Armadimon: But then ya didn’t become a police officer like ya dad?
Iori: I think it has to do with my encounters with Ichijouji-san and Oikawa-san.
Armadimon: Because they were folks who’d done a lot o’ bad things, but then we brought ’em back to their senses, right?
Iori: Yes. The two of them eventually came to realize the sins they had committed.
Armadimon: You’re really a kind fella, Iori.
Iori: That’s not true…I simply feel that even people who have done horrible things can have goodness in their hearts!
Armadimon: …! I love ya, Iori!
Iori: Armadimon! (beaming)

Takeru Takaishi & Patamon

A novelist who chronicles his adventures in the Digital World!

Patamon: Hey, Takeru, are you still working? Come out once in a while and play with me!
Takeru: Oh, Patamon…how long are you going to keep acting like a kid?…Well, whatever…Hey, look, I’m writing about you right now.
Patamon: Me? Hey, Takeru, I bet you’re making me look real cool, right? I worked reeeeeeeally hard with you, after all!
Takeru: Y-Yeah…Yeah..something…like that. (cold sweat)
Patamon: Yaaaaay! Show me when you’re done, okay? I’m looking forward to it!
Takeru: (…I don’t think I should tell him…I was writing about the time we fell asleep and didn’t notice the D-Terminal going off, in pretty excruciating detail…)
Patamon: Hey, what’s wrong, Takeru?
Takeru: A-Ah, it’s nothing, it’s nothing. Hey, we were gonna go out and play, right?
Patamon: Yaaaaaaay!
Takeru: ...Whew. (relieved)

Translator's notes
  1. Koushirou here uses somewhat more of a casual speech pattern than he had ever used in Adventure or Adventure 02 proper, implying he’s managed to finally stop forcing himself to speak formally to others (cited occasionally through the series and in extra material as a particular wish of his). []
  2. Although Ken is technically described as a “police officer” (keisatsukan, 警察官) in the series and this book, his appearance in plainclothes and his investigation of a dead body indicate he’s actually more specifically a detective working under the police department. The Japanese police system does not have a universal technical distinction for this position, and while it is commonly understood among many that there’s an obvious difference between it and other kinds of police-department positions, the actual formal distinction is blurry, and the common term for it (keiji, 刑事) is informal. []
  3. The “maternity leave” Miyako is on is specified as ikuji kyouka (育児休暇), which is distinguished from government-benefit maternity leave (育児休業, ikuji kyougyou) in that it doesn’t have any necessitated government benefits nor is it a legal system, so the implication is that Miyako is willingly recusing from work without pay so that she can focus on raising her children. []

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