Digimon Adventure Character Complete File — Middle School Report/A Day in the Life

A translation of the “Middle School Report” and the “A Day in the Life” portions of the Digimon Adventure Character Complete File (デジモンアドベンチャー キャラクター完全ファイル).

The “Middle School Report” sections are written in-character by each Adventure kid’s Digimon, detailing their thoughts and observations about their human partners having grown up and attending middle school during the time of Digimon Adventure 02. For the six Adventure 02 main cast members, since this obviously wouldn’t apply, this section is replaced with an outline of each Digimon partner’s “daily schedule”.

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Taichi’s Middle School Report

Taichi gave Daisuke his goggles. It’s a bit sad to see him without his trademark, but he also looks a lot more mature. He’s in middle school now, but he’s working hard at playing soccer with the club. I wanna try playing soccer with Taichi sometime~.

“Taichi~ Teach me how to play soccer!”

Yamato’s Middle School Report

He was already cool when we’d first met, but by the time I’d gotten to meet him again after so long, he’d somehow gotten even cooler. As his partner, I’m so proud of him. Right now, Yamato’s formed an amateur band with some friends and performs at live concerts. He’s in charge of vocals and guitar1 for the band. Naturally, he seems to be popular with the girls. I’ve always loved the sound of Yamato playing the harmonica, but I’m interested in his guitar work, too!

“I want to hear all of Yamato’s songs!”

Sora’s Middle School Report

Sora’s now a second-year in middle school. As always, she’s still into sports, but she’s switched her club activities from the more boyish sport of soccer to tennis, which is popular with the girls. On her days off, she’s been putting her efforts into flower arrangement. Somehow she seems to have gotten a lot girlier. Is it because of Yamato!?

“Sora looks like she’s shining whenever she plays tennis!”

Koushirou’s Middle School Report

Koushirou-han’s gotten taller, and he’s gotten even smarter. Speakin’ as his partner, seein’ him grow up gets me all emotional. He’s doin’ club activities, and it seems like he was actually puttin’ a real face up there in the elementary school computer club. Miyako-san and the others seem to be takin’ real good care of their senior.

“Koushirou-han’s gotten real mature…(earnest stare)”

Jou’s Middle School Report

Jou’s still studying for “exams”. I feel like he said something similar to me three years ago, too. He came all the way over here, but he still can’t hang out with me. Ah, but before he went to “prep school”, he still gave some supplies to Daisuke and the others. In the past he used to be too fixated on himself, but he’s really grown up.

“Has he gotten a bit more open-minded?”

Mimi’s American Life Report

Thanks to her dad’s work, Mimi’s moved to America. I’m really worried about the fact she can’t meet up with everyone anymore. But thanks to her natural brightness, it looks like she’s already made tons of friends in America. Among them is Michael, who, of all things, has been a Chosen Child since 2001!

“Mimi’s getting more and more fashionable by the day!”

A Day in Chibimon’s Life

8:00~10:00: Daisuke was about to be late, so he tossed me at the computer room window. I ended up slamming into Patamon and somehow made it out okay, but that was really dangerous, you know!

10:00~12:00: We decided to go on a little expedition around school. How exciting! We went past the cafeteria, and there was a nice smell coming out of it…Ah~ I’m hungry.

12:00~14:00: We watched Daisuke and the others during physical education class. They had a basketball match, and Daisuke had a little too much passion and ended up wiping the floor with his face…geez, what are you doing…

Daisuke arrives at the computer room!

15:00: Daisuke~, did you bring me any leftovers from lunch~!?

Wormmon housekeeping

8:00~10:00: Ken-chan’s gone to school. Ken-chan’s mom and dad also both have to go to work, so I’m left alone in the house…It’s a bit lonely in here.

10:00~12:00: Ken-chan used up his break time to call me. Seems like he was worried about me. He really is kind. Hurry up and come home~!!

12:00~14:00: I did some physical training, so I can be a strong Digimon! I made three round trips climbing up and down the apartment walls. Ken-chan will be happy if I get strong, right?

Ken returns home

15:00: Ken-chaaaaaaaaan! I missed yooooooooou! (crying)

A Day in Poromon’s Life

8:00~10:00: I accompanied Miyako-san to school. Her hair was shimmering and sparkling in the morning sun, and she was quite beautiful! I wanted to admire it for a bit longer, but class had started.

10:00~12:00: We all went to the school cafeteria together. We also snuck into the broadcasting room, and there was a huge microphone there. I naturally took an interest in it and yelled into it, but then my own voice started ringing through the school…!

12:00~14:00: After that incident…well, of course, Miyako-san was angry. Ah, what am I going to do? (sweating heavily) I was so terrified that I ended up shutting myself into the computer room.

Miyako arrives at the computer room!

15:00: Ah, Miyako-san smacked me hard in the face…(crying)

A Day in Tailmon’s Life

8:00~10:00: Hikari and I came to school together. I was the first one to arrive at the computer room. Hikari was diligent as usual, leaving lots of spare time.

10:00~12:00: We all ended up going to the school cafeteria together. Everyone was hopping all around. Honestly, they’re just like little children. No, we can’t go down that hallway!

12:00~14:00: We watched Hikari’s class. She was doing dance for her physical education class. The boys playing basketball off to the side keep looking back at her. Hoh hoh, she’s popular, I see.

Hikari arrives at the computer room!

15:00: Hikari, I want to dance, too!

A Day in Upamon’s Life

8:00~10:00: I’m goin’ to school with Iori. I’m always real sleepy in the mornings~. Once we get to the computer room, I gotta get some more sleep, or I ain’t gonna be able to evolve…

10:00~12:00: I was ’bout to fall asleep, but then the others all invited me over to play. Man, everyone’s so full o’ energy~.

12:00~14:00: Iori was in science class, so I went to go see how he was doin’. Looks like he was workin’ on some kinda observation diary for sponge gourds…I wonder if you can eat sponge gourds?2

Iori arrives at the computer room!

15:00: Ioriiiiii…I couldn’t get in a nap, I might not be able to evolve…

A Day in Patamon’s Life

8:00~10:00: I came to school with Takeru. I was chatting with Tailmon in the computer room, but then suddenly Chibimon came in through the window and slammed right into me. That huuuuuurt! (cries)

10:00~12:00: School expedition time~! We stopped in front of the school cafeteria, and there was a really nice smell coming out of it. Chibimon and Upamon were drooling a whole river. Kinda gross.

12:00~14:00: We went to go watch Takeru’s physical education class. Today is Takeru’s specialty, basketball! Takeru’s doing great, of course! Nice shot!

Takeru arrives at the computer room!

15:00: Takeru~! Teach me how to play basketball, too!

  1. People who have seen Adventure 02 will note that Yamato is actually a bassist rather than a lead guitar player, but the book here does say “guitar”. []
  2. You can, in fact, eat sponge gourds (also known as the luffa/loofah), and while it’s not a particularly mainstream ingredient for most of Japan (it’s mostly used to make sponges), it is sometimes used as a vegetable for cooking in the Ryukyu islands, Kyushu, and Okinawa. []

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