Digimon Adventure Character Complete File — Character introductions

A translation of the character introduction portions of the Digimon Adventure Character Complete File (デジモンアドベンチャー キャラクター完全ファイル). Uniquely, each “introduction” is written in-character by the respective character’s partner.

Note that the sections for the Adventure kids are meant to be read as being from the perspective of their Adventure-era selves in 1999, whereas the Adventure 02 ones are naturally written from their perspective in 2002. Hikari and Takeru are given a “mini-section” in the middle of the book, at the beginning of which their Adventure selves comment on each other, and they are afterwards given proper Adventure 02-era sections with their own Digimon partners.

(Character introductions | Personal Life Info | Middle School Report/A Day in the Life | Our 25 Years Later)

Taichi Yagami & Agumon

Together, their courage puts their power at max!

Taichi Yagami: Taichi’s got a strong sense of justice and passion in his veins. Sometimes he pushes himself too hard and makes mistakes, but he never, ever lets that get him down, and I love that about him!! Taichi’s the kind of person who pulls everyone forward with his ability to take charge, and everyone accepts him as a leader! (Agumon)

Agumon: No matter how strong of an enemy we’re up against, Agumon never gives up and stands up against them. Sometimes he does something reckless and I get a bit nervous, but moments like those are when I can really feel Agumon’s courage. We laugh together, fight together, and eat our meals together. Agumon is the best partner I could ever ask for. (Taichi)

Yamato Ishida & Gabumon

The best kind of partners, who can come to each other for anything!

Yamato Ishida: Yamato might give off a sort of cool and detached image, but I know he’s actually just really shy and trying to hide it. Whenever he’s worrying about his little brother, Takeru, or whenever he’s talking to me, his eyes are always really gentle. He often gets into fights with Taichi, but that’s actually proof of how much trust they have in each other! (Gabumon)

Gabumon: My best friend, who needs me and understands me more than anyone else. When I ended up doing reckless things for Takeru’s, sake, he evolved and came to save me. Gabumon and I are like one in body and soul. He’s sensitive and prone to getting embarrassed, but he’s really reliable. (Yamato)

Sora Takenouchi & Piyomon

The bond between the two that no one can deny

Sora Takenouchi: Her sense of responsibility towards others is strong, and she’s someone who keeps herself together. Sora is a kind girl who’s always thinking of everyone’s happiness! Of course, she gave me tons of her love, too. I want to give her tons of my own love back to her, too. Let’s be together forever! (Piyomon)

Piyomon: Piyomon’s always acting like a pampered child, and she wouldn’t be able to do a thing without me…or so I’m tempted to think, but whenever I’m in trouble, she drops everything to come and save me. It’s also thanks to Piyomon that I was able to make amends with my mom. She really is reliable, and the best partner ever. (Sora)

Koushirou Izumi & Tentomon

The infinite sense of curiosity that supports them

Koushirou: Koushirou-han always makes it real clear whenever he’s gotten interest in somethin’. He analyzes the info I collect for him, and works day ‘n’ night to sort out the mysteries of the Digital World. He’s kinda bad at dealin’ with other people, but he’s a real right and proper young man. (Tentomon)

Tentomon: Tentomon has a very upbeat way of speaking, and he has the kind of bright personality who brings up the spirits of everyone around him just by being there. He assists me with my Digital World research, but I’m still interested in where he gets his information from, and why he speaks in Kansai dialect1. (Koushirou)

Jou Kido & Gomamon

Always going strong by taking it easy!

Jou Kido: Jou’s always working himself dry, but he’s got a bit of a thick skull, so he often ends up running in circles no matter how hard he tries. But when things really come down to it, Jou would even put his life on the line to save everyone. Whenever I see him doing that, I really, really want to fight for Jou’s sake! (Gomamon)

Gomamon: Gomamon’s always super easygoing. You get the feeling he just lives every single day doing whatever he wants. When we first met, there were a lot of times when I’d get really annoyed at him, but that might have been because I actually wanted to be more like him. (Jou)

Mimi Tachikawa & Palmon

Lovely girls with pure hearts!

Mimi Tachikawa: Mimi has some spoiled aspects to her, but she’s a girl who’ll never leave behind her kind heart. Even if she’s dealing with bad Digimon, she worries about them and goes to help them without hesitation. Most people would worry more, but that kind of thing is natural and obvious for Mimi. That’s why everyone loves Mimi so much! (Palmon)

Palmon: Palmon will always fight for me and stay by my side, no matter how much I cry or say selfish things. And yet I said you were in “horrible taste”. I’m really, really sorry. But now you’ve become like a super-cute fairy! (Mimi)

Takeru Takaishi & Hikari Yagami

Pushing forward into the future…!!

Takeru Takaishi: When Angemon super-evolved into HolyAngemon, I saw Takeru-kun refusing to give up on having hope, and I thought he was really amazing. I was able to have hope myself because Takeru-kun was there. I hope we can keep relying on you, Takeru-kun! (Hikari)

Hikari Yagami: Hikari-chan is always thinking about others, and putting everyone before herself. I’m the kind of person who’s always putting myself first, and I end up getting in fights with my brother or Patamon. I want to be more like Hikari-chan! (Takeru)

Daisuke Motomiya & V-mon

Even if it doesn’t work, keep trying until it hits!

Daisuke Motomiya: Daisuke’s hot-blooded and reckless and scatterbrained and hates losing. But he’s the type who’ll never lie to you, or perhaps I should say, it’s not like Daisuke to be particularly clever or tricky, so it makes him pretty trustworthy. Let’s keep doing our best together, Daisuke!! (V-mon)

V-mon: He doesn’t have to study, and he can play whenever he likes and eat whatever he wants…it must be nice to be V-mon, I want a life like his. But he’s a pretty reliable guy. We’ll always be the best partners ever!! (Daisuke)

Ken Ichijouji & Wormmon

Deepening their bonds by believing in each other

Ken Ichijouji: Ken-chan has a lot of regrets about being the Digimon Kaiser. I don’t want to see Ken-chan be hurt ever again. I’m going to protect Ken-chan from the darkness. Ken-chan’s kindness is my treasure, after all! (Wormmon)

Wormmon: No matter what, Wormmon always stayed by my side and believed in me. Even though I kept doing awful things to you…Thanks to your love, I was able to get my true self back. Let’s always be together from now on. (Ken)

Miyako Inoue & Hawkmon

A perpetually lively and chaotic pair!

Miyako Inoue: Miyako-san is always bright and pulls everyone along. She looks wonderful while working with her specialty in computers! There are times when she gets overly excited and makes mistakes, but even that is a part of everything I love about Miyako-san!! (Hawkmon)

Hawkmon: Sometimes he gets a big head and starts talking too much, but Hawkmon is always calm and composed, and always has just the right advice for me. In the end, I can always rely on him. The way he’d put his life on the line for me makes him like a kind of knight. Because he’s so, so cool!! (Miyako)

Hikari Yagami & Tailmon

Always friends, forever and for eternity

Hikari Yagami: Within Hikari’s kindness hides her strong will, and she has a mysterious ability to communicate with the hearts of Digimon like us. I still don’t fully understand the meaning behind it, but I believe that power is from the light in Hikari’s own heart.

Tailmon: Tailmon is always able to do things with a calm mind and possesses a strong heart. Whenever I’m feeling down, she always comes to be by my side. Sometimes she says some pretty cold things, but she says it because she’s worried about me, so I understand. (Hikari)

Iori Hida & Armadimon

Their power comes from their hearts that believe in each other

Iori Hida: Iori’s real different from me, and he’s all real serious~. It’s hard to get him to talk all that much, and sometimes he can get a bit stubborn, but he’s really super nice, and he’s always worryin’ ’bout me and everyone else. (Armadimon)

Armadimon: Armadimon is usually quite simple-minded and easygoing, but whenever I come close to being in danger, he would even use his body as a shield to protect me. After getting to know Armadimon’s cheerful personality, I came to realize what I myself was lacking! (Iori)

Takeru Takaishi & Patamon

Let’s always treasure the time we have together!

Takeru Takaishi: Takeru’s gotten a lot more mature over these past three years. He used to be such a crybaby, but now he’s doing his best to guide Daisuke and the others. I was really moved. I’ve got to do my best in guiding the others, too! (Patamon)

Patamon: There are times when he’s a bit too feisty, but Patamon is the type to honestly apologize when it really is his fault. All of that is why I love you so much, Patamon. Whenever I see your innocent smile, I’m filled with happiness, so don’t disappear from my sight again, okay? (Takeru)

Translator's notes
  1. In the original Japanese version of Adventure and Adventure 02, Tentomon speaks in (a “TV version” of) Kansai dialect, which is never given an in-universe explanation despite it being pointed out. []

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