Digimon Adventure 02 THE BEGINNING early theater viewing audio dramas

A translation of the three audio dramas that were distributed during the first three weeks of Digimon Adventure 02 THE BEGINNING‘s theater run (October 27-November 16, 2023), featuring short stories with the movie’s characters.

1. Daisuke’s First Step! The Motomiya Noodle Shop Opens for Business

(Adventure 02 episode subtitle music)

Daisuke: Digimon Adventure 02 THE BEGINNING: Daisuke’s First Step! The Motomiya Noodle Shop Opens for Business!

Daisuke: There! I’ve finished my new creation, V-mon! It’s done!
V-mon: You did it! It’s Daisuke’s Ramen Special!
Daisuke: Yeah! After extracting the broth from the chicken, I’ve added in my own specialty secret mixture of soy sauce, chicken fat, and other things here and there to make a nice, clear soup! You’ll love the thin and straight noodles with two types of pork, plus green onion, nori1, and bamboo shoots! Top it all off with my special naruto! Please use as much pepper as you like.
V-mon: Whoaaaaaa! Even just the description makes it sound so good…It smells so good…!
Daisuke: Aaaargh! I want someone to try it already! I want my own shop already!!
V-mon: I mean, why can’t you have one now? Actually, is there a reason you don’t have one yet? You’re already a licensed chef now, so you could just start your own shop!
Daisuke: V-mon…That’s easy for you to say when you haven’t seen how much is in my bank account! Running a shop is pretty hard stuff! You gotta worry about this and that and all…
V-mon: Really? I mean, you can just work that all out, right?
Daisuke: If things could work out that easily, I’d already have opened up my own shop by now!
V-mon: Then why don’t we go and ask everyone else for advice? Come on, follow me!
Daisuke: H-Hey! V-mon!

Takeru: So that’s why you came to us for advice?
Daisuke: Well, I was mainly hoping to ask Hikari-chan rather than Takeru, but yeah.
Hikari: Renting out a shop is pretty expensive, isn’t it?
Takeru: Rent, deposit, brokerage fees, asset transfer fees…It’ll depend on the contract, but we’re looking at an initial cost of at least 10 million yen. And that’s not including goods and furniture, and if you have specific preferences about the interior layout or design, that’s going to cost even more.
Hikari: And if you want to open up a ramen shop, you’ll need things like pots and bowls, and lots of other sorts of things, right?
Patamon: I like flower-patterened bowls!
Takeru: (laughing) Patamon! Daisuke’s not going to do flower-patterned bowls!
V-mon: And what do you mean by that?! Daisuke’s a man who can pull off flower patterns perfectly well!
Patamon: Really?!
Daisuke: Uh, that’s not the problem here…
Tailmon: And even once you’re done setting up, you’ll still need to pay recruitment costs and hiring fees for expenses like driving or advertising.
V-mon: You seem to know an awful lot about this, Tailmon.
Tailmon: Really? I thought this would just be common sense.
Patamon: Is it?
Takeru: You’re basically going to be starting up your own business, so you’ll need to have quite a lot of money saved up.
Patamon: How much money do you have saved up, Daisuke?
Daisuke: Well, uh…
Hikari: Well, most people wouldn’t be paying for all of this out of their own pocket, though.
Takeru: Do you have a plan for raising enough money?
Tailmon: The most common-sense option would probably be to borrow from Koushirou, our local company president.
Patamon: For predetermined use of funds! Heh heh.
Hikari: By the way, Daisuke-kun, how much money do you have set aside in your bank?
Daisuke: Two thousand…five hundred…thirty yen!
Everyone: Get out of here!2
Hikari: Aren’t you working part-time at a ramen shop? Where did that money go?!
Daisuke: Well, you see, the other day, I bought a kitchen knife…
V-mon: A super-fancy sashimi knife for 150,000 yen!
Everyone: A sashimi knife for a ramen shop?!

Ken: So then, you came to us next for advice.
V-mon: Yeah! I’ll just get to the point, tell us what we can do! Ken? Miyako? Iori?
Wormmon: Hey, Ken-chan, would it really be that easy to do something like that?
Ken: Hmm…Opening a shop with only 2500 yen…
Iori: Daisuke-san, I’m not going to sugarcoat this. You’re going to have to start saving up money.
Daisuke: Iori…you look like you’ve come up with something!

(menacing music)

Iori: Why don’t you try taking things across international borders?3
Armadimon: You want him to become a smuggler, dagya?!
Iori: No.

(menacing music stops)

Iori: I mean starting up a distribution service and using the D-3 to help carry things across borders around the world.

(cheerful music starts playing)

Iori: You can open gates and use them to carry anything anywhere, and the Digimon can evolve and carry all sorts of heavy things.
Armadimon: And with Imperialdramon, you can do a full trip around the world in less than thirty minutes, dagya!
Miyako: If you’re gonna do that, why don’t you go ahead and start a travel service? You won’t have to pay any fees, and you could take your passengers anywhere!
Hawkmon: Brilliant idea as usual, Miyako-san! But the problem would be the customs departure and entry stamps…
Miyako: No worries! I’m already used to dealing with that!
Ken: Come to think of it, you’re always using the Digital Gates to come over from other countries, aren’t you, Miyako-san?

(music drains out)

Hawkmon: Well, um…he said it, didn’t he…

(Ken and Wormmon laugh)

Miyako: Uh, but! You could use this to get ingredients! You could get the best possible ingredients when they’re at their freshest!
Daisuke: Yeah, that’s true, I really would like to use the best ingredients I could get…
Ken: By the way, Daisuke, are you certified to run a restaurant yet?
Daisuke: Huh?
Iori: If you want to open a restaurant, you have to get certification for food hygiene management. If you expect to have 30 or more people in your shop, you’ll need fire safety management certification, too. You have an idea of what documents you’ll need to submit to the public health center and police station, right?
Daisuke: …I have absolutely no idea.
Everyone: Get out of here!
Armadimon: Dagya.

V-mon: Maaaaaan…Running a shop’s a lot of work.
Daisuke: Well, the first step’s just grinding up savings as usual…
V-mon: Hey, Daisuke…Why don’t you ask the boss for this shop?
Daisuke: Whaaa?!
V-mon: Like, say…go up to the boss and ask, “please let me have this shop!”
Daisuke: Don’t be stupid! What kind of guy would just give up his shop when you ask for it?!
V-mon: Maaaaaaaaaan…Can’t there be some kinda way?
Boss: Then why don’t you try making use of the shop here?
Daisuke: B-Boss! How long have you been there?!…and also, you were listening?!
Boss: Been here for a while. Anyway, I don’t mind if you use the shop from time to time.
V-mon: Boss! You’ll really give him the shop?!
Boss: I’m not giving him the shop, I’m just letting him borrow it on a temporary basis. So what we could do is have Daisuke run the shop during its off-hours.
V-mon: Off…hours?
Boss: You could do late night or early morning, but why don’t you start with our regular weekly day off?
V-mon: Only one day a week?!
Daisuke: Oh, you dummy! One day a week is more than enough to start with! I can get used to how everything works without having to pay the start-up fees! And most importantly, I get to actually have people try my ramen!
Boss: And you’ll get to store up funds, so you’ll kill three birds with one stone! Oh, but make sure you pay the utility bills for what you use. Hahahaha!
Daisuke: Thanks so much, Boss!
Boss: Sure. So what about the store name? Have you decided on one yet?
Daisuke: Well, of course!

Daisuke: And that’s how I started using Yamatoya4 Ramen on a temporary basis. The first step on my road to business independence started here!

Daisuke: All right, V-mon! Motomiya Ramen opens for business today!
V-mon: Yeah! We’ll give it everything we’ve got!

(door opens)

Daisuke and V-mon: Hey, welcome!5

(Adventure 02 episode preview music)

Narrator: On Digimon Adventure 02 THE BEGINNING theatrical bonus #2! The secret story of the people struggling behind the scenes in the midst of the battle at Tokyo Tower! Next, on Digimon Adventure 02 THE BEGINNING audio drama: “An SOS to Our Brothers! Takeru and Hikari’s Secret Mission?!” Now, the gate to adventure opens.

2. An SOS to Our Brothers! Takeru and Hikari’s Secret Mission?!

(Adventure 02 episode subtitle music)

Takeru: Digimon Adventure 02 THE BEGINNING: An SOS to Our Brothers! Takeru and Hikari’s Secret Mission?!

Takeru: I’m telling you, I mean when that happened!
Ken: When what happened?
Hikari: Oh! Ichijouji-kun! Wormmon! You took too long!
Takeru: Good, there you are!
Ken: Sorry, sorry!
Takeru: Excuse me, can we put in an order? I’ll have a lemon sour6 and an orange juice!
Ken: Two draught beers, please. What about you, Hikari-chan, Tailmon?
Hikari: A piña colada!
Tailmon: A shot of tequila and a chaser.
Patamon: Fried chicken, yakisoba7, and a sashimi platter!
Wormmon: Two servings of fried rice!
Waiter: A lemon sour, an orange juice, two beers, a piña colada, a tequila shot and a chaser, fried chicken, yakisoba, a sashimi platter, and two servings of fried rice. Will do!

Everyone: Good work today!

(sound of drink toasting)

Ken: So what were you guys talking about?
Takeru: We were talking about the important job we had during the incident with Lui-kun.
Hikari: Well, we were involved in it, but…
Tailmon: It wasn’t all that much in comparison.
Takeru: But still, we did what we must!

(dramatic music begins)

Takeru: You want to know what we were doing on the front lines, right, Ken-kun?
Ken: Y-Yeah.
Takeru: (yelling) Excellent!! Ask and you shall receive!
Hikari: Takeru-kun…by any chance, are you drunk?
Takeru: As if! The party has just gotten started!!
Ken: He might be a little drunk.
Takeru: Well, whatever! Anyway, listen here!
Patamon: Takeru and the others were on…contact duty!
Wormmon: Contact duty?
Hikari: Despite what it may have looked like, we were trying to get in touch with my brother and Yamato-san and all of the others to see if they could help.
Tailmon: Although we didn’t get to see the full results until after everything was already over.
Takeru: But still, it wasn’t like everyone was just watching and doing nothing, right?
Hikari: Yeah! They were all doing everything they could to the best of their ability.
Ken: So they were…By the way, what was Taichi-san doing?
Takeru: (giggling) R-Right to the point! About that! He was going through a real hard time there!
Patamon: Let’s just say it was a super-amazing thing!
Hikari: You know my brother works in a Digital World-related department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, right?
Ken: Yeah.

(menacing music begins)

Takeru: While in his role as a government official, Taichi-san happened to learn about some disturbing information.
Wormmon: Information?
Tailmon: According to this information, the Ministry of Defense was going to deploy their anti-Digimon weapon, ADAM, against the DigiEgg that had suddenly appeared over Tokyo Tower.
Ken: ADAM?
Patamon: Anti-Digimon…whatchamacallit-something-or-other…called “ADAM” for short!
Wormmon: What’s the “whatchamacallit”?
Patamon: No clue!
Takeru: Apparently, it’s a weapon that can completely disassemble a Digimon’s digital data before they’ve even had a chance to strike back.
Hikari: Seems like ever since the whole Eosmon incident, the government had been secretly working with America and Germany to develop anti-Digimon weapons.
Takeru: It’s not like a nuclear weapon or anything, but something specialized in destroying digital data, so there wouldn’t be any need to worry about humans in the vicinity. So the government was perfectly ready to go ahead with their attack.
Ken: Why would they make something like that…
Tailmon: I mean, it’s only natural. None of the armed forces around the world could lay a single scratch on the Eosmon, after all.
Takeru: Naturally, Taichi-san was vehemently against the use of such a dangerous weapon. They still didn’t know whether Ukkomon’s egg would be an enemy or an ally, so attacking it would be unthinkable.
Hikari: He was making use of every method he had to put a stop to the attack.
Ken: This kind of sounds like something out of a spy movie.
Takeru: It does, doesn’t it?! So since Taichi-san had no way of knowing who around him he could completely trust, he got my brother, the astronaut-in-training, on his side.
Wormmon: You mean Yamato, right?
Patamon: Yep, that’s right?
Hikari: Alongside Yamato-san, they pulled strings left and right like spies and found out where the secret weapon was being kept. And this is where Koushirou-san came in!
Tailmon: Taichi sent Koushirou data about ADAM, and Koushirou wasted no time in analyzing it and developing a shield that would nullify its attacks.
Takeru: And meanwhile, Taichi-san wasn’t done yet! He leaked this information to someone named Imura, a friend of my brother in the FBI, to put pressure on the government from the outside…
Patamon: And then he asked Mimi, who happened to be passing by, to make an anonymous phone call!
Ken: Happened to be passing by —
Takeru: Then Taichi-san inquired with government officials as to where the Prime Minister was and had a private meeting with him!
Ken: A private meeting…?
Wormmon: So then Taichi pulled things off really well, right?
Tailmon: In a certain sense, yes.
Wormmon: What do you mean?
Hikari: My brother managed to persuade the Prime Minister, who issued an order to halt the attack, and at first, it seemed the Self-Defense Forces had stopped…but some members ignored the order and let loose. And so…

(even more dramatic music)

Takeru: ADAM was unleashed above Tokyo, heading right towards Ukkomon!
Hikari: And it just so happened to be right during our battle when we were sending Imperialdramon at Tokyo Tower!
Ken: …!
Takeru: Bringing along the shield that Koushirou had made, my brother and Taichi-san boarded an F-16 and rushed into the sky over Tokyo!
Tailmon: The F-16 took damage from Ukkomon’s tentacles and the obstructive Self-Defense Forces, but just before ADAM reached Ukkomon…
Takeru: Somehow! They just barely! Managed to deploy the shield in the nick of time!
Hikari: Our brothers were protecting Ukkomon, and all of us, too.

(triumphant but solemn music)

Takeru: And, well, that’s why we didn’t get any response when we tried to contact everyone.
Hikari: By the way, we did get in touch with Sora-san, but she told me that it really would be hard for her to join the fight after all…
Tailmon: But she left some kind words for Hikari, telling them to follow the path they believed in.
Ken: Wow…
Wormmon: By the way, what about Jou? Did you try getting in touch with Jou?

(music abruptly cuts off)

Takeru, Patamon, Hikari, Tailmon: Uh…
Takeru: Well, that, uh…
Hikari: Well, he’s always busy, so nobody got in touch with him because we figured he’d probably be too busy for this, too, right?
Takeru: And then he got really pissed at us after the fact, saying that he actually managed to have some free time for once, and we hadn’t let him know!
Hikari: We had a hard time calming him down, yeah…
Wormmon: So that’s…what happened…
Takeru: Anyway, it was all this and that, but that’s how Taichi-san and the others were all working hard behind the scenes.
Ken: I can’t believe something like that was going on at the time…
Takeru: …Oh? Wait…did you actually believe that?
Ken: Huh?

(cheerful music starts)

Takeru: Sorry! It was all fiction! We made it up!
Wormmon: Huh?
Hikari: Sorry! Well, the part about us trying to get in touch with them was true, but we didn’t think you’d actually take it seriously, so before you and Wormmon showed up, we were talking about it and going “it’d be really funny if this actually happened!”
Takeru: And then we got really into it, and figured, we might as well try telling the story and seeing what happens…
Ken: And that’s why you told us all that?
Patamon: Yeah! Did you like it?
Ken: Yeah. But you should probably take out the part about the private meeting with the Prime Minister. Taichi-san may be working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs now, but he’s way too young for that. Also, in regards to how Mimi-san comes in —
Tailmon: Are you…


Tailmon: …trying to be a producer for this?

(sound of grabbing glass)

Takeru: (hastily yelling): Excuse me, I’d like another lemon sour!!
Hikari: Me too!!

(Adventure 02 episode preview music)

Narrator: On Digimon Adventure 02 THE BEGINNING theatrical bonus #3! After the closure of the battle at Tokyo Tower, Lui heads to Odaiba to hang out with Daisuke and his friends. But at some point, he finds himself lost in the Dark Ocean…! Next, on Digimon Adventure 02 THE BEGINNING audio drama “To Our Future!” Now, the gate to adventure opens.

3. To Our Future!

(Adventure 02 episode subtitle music)

Lui: Digimon Adventure 02 THE BEGINNING: To Our Future!

(sound of waves)

Lui: Where…am I…? I thought I was in Odaiba just now…

Lui: It’s dark. I hear the sound of…the sea? Is this…a dream?

(ominous sound)

Lui: I see someone there…? Who’s there?
“Young Lui”: I’m you.
Lui: Me when I was a kid…My past…
“Young Lui”: You’re trying to throw me aside just so you can be happy, so I came to warn you.
Lui: Me? Throw you away…?
“Young Lui: Yeah. So I think I should have you remember. No matter how hard you struggle, you can’t escape your past. But we’re both not much by ourselves, so I brought in some guests today.
Lui: Guests…?

(ominous sound)

“Iori”: Why did you accept Ukkomon?
“Armadimon”: Ukkomon was your way of getting back at your parents, wasn’t he, dagya?
Lui: I…!
“Miyako”: Before Ukkomon appeared to you, you were desperate for your mother’s approval, weren’t you?
Lui: I…
“Hawkmon”: Don’t you feel anything? No matter how awful your mother was to you…
“Iori”: She was still desperately trying to raise you.
“Miyako”: And yet…
Lui: …!
“Hawkmon”: I cannot forgive what Ukkomon has done. Because he ended up murdering your parents for no reason other than to play house with you, didn’t he?
“Hikari”: So why did you accept him again? Even after you rejected him once and were willing to pull your own weight…
“Tailmon”: Why? Didn’t you decide to live by yourself, on your own?
Lui: …!
“Takeru”: You may have been willing to change your past, and Ukkomon may have gone back to being an egg, but you can’t erase your sins.
“Patamon”: Lui is guilty! Ukkomon is guilty, too!
“Miyako”: That’s right. Ukkomon may be the one who actually went ahead and did it, you were the one who started it all.
“Hawkmon”: In other words, all of this is your fault.
“Iori”: You tossed Ukkomon aside and ran away because you were afraid of accepting that truth, didn’t you?
Lui: No! No…That’s not it!
“Patamon”: So why didn’t you go looking for him?
“Takeru”: You never went to the Digital World or the Village of Beginnings. You never intended to go looking for him at all.
Lui: I didn’t know about those…!
“Hikari”: You don’t get to say that just because you were the first. After all, all Digimon are inhabitants of the Digital World.
“Tailmon”: You ought to have heard about the Digital World before.
Lui: I don’t know anything about that! I mean, I was always alone! I didn’t have anyone who could tell me!
“Young Lui”: That’s because you never bothered to learn about it.
“Takeru”: Didn’t you ever think that you’d be missing out on something by refusing to listen?
Lui: Stop! Please, stop!
“Young Lui”: We’re not going to stop. After all, there’s no reason at all that you guys should get to be happy.
“Iori”: Why are you still able to live while you turn your back on what Ukkomon did?
“Tailmon”: Why do you still get to survive when you’ve lost everything?
Lui: I, I have…I don’t know!
“Hikari”: Why should you be forgiven when Ukkomon was your way of getting back at your parents?

Ukkomon: Stop yelling at Lui!
Lui: …Ukkomon!

(tense music and eerie noises give way to soft music)

“Armadimon”: You’re the cause of all of this evil, dagya!
Ukkomon: That’s right! I’m the one who did bad things! All the bad things are my fault! I did it, Lui. Lui, these are all my sins. I have to be the one to make up for them.
Lui: Ukkomon…
Ukkomon: I’m sorry. I’ll go ahead and disappear.
Lui: No! Wait! You can’t! We’ll do something about this!
Ukkomon: Lui…!
“Young Lui”: Why shouldn’t he leave?
Lui: Yes, it’s true. Ukkomon may have been my way of getting back at my parents. It’s true, we might be guilty of these sins. But…But even then…(takes a deep breath) Ukkomon saved me. Ukkomon was my one and only friend, who reached a hand out to me.
“Young Lui”: Saying that won’t erase your sins. It never will.

Ken: That’s right. But that’s why you have to accept those sins and bear them. Just like when I was the Digimon Kaiser…
Lui: Ichijouji-kun…! Wormmon! How are you here?!
Wormmon: We came to get you!
Ken: Because I’ve been where you are before, once in the past.
Wormmon: No matter how huge your mistakes are, you can do things over again! Right, Ken-chan?
Ken: Yeah. You can do it! Just like we did.
Lui: …!
Ken: It’ll be all right, Lui. So…
Wormmon: Let’s all keep moving forward together!
Lui: All of us together…

“Young Lui”: Are you prepared?
Lui: …I don’t know. But…I want to believe I can do it.
“Young Lui”: …All right. Then let’s go together.
Lui: Huh?
“Young Lui”: You understand, don’t you? I’m your sensation of “guilt”. I’ll never disappear. I’ll go with you, wherever you go.
Lui: …Right.
Ukkomon: Hey, Lui. Are you sure it’s okay for us to go together?
Lui: That’s not how it goes, Ukkomon. If we want to go forward, we have to do it together.
Ukkomon: Lui…Thank you.
Lui: I’ve…been living so I could reach this moment.

Daisuke: — Lui! What are you doing, staring into space like that?

Lui: …Daisuke-kun!…I’m in…Odaiba?
V-mon: What’s wrong? It’s still smack in the afternoon, and you look like you’ve just seen a ghost!
Daisuke: We’re all gonna leave without you!
Hikari: Lui-kun! This way!
Tailmon: What are you doing over there? Hurry!
Patamon: You said you’d play pole-toppling8 with us on the beach!
Miyako: And we’re getting pancakes for lunch! Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of sweet things, they should have sweet-and-salty ones too! Probably.
Hawkmon: Miyako-san! That’s a little too imprecise of an assurance!
Iori: And they’re still sweet either way, aren’t they?
Takeru: Then why don’t we go to a place that has salty ones instead?
Armadimon: Dagya!
Miyako: That’s off the table! Not an option!
Takeru: (bemused) Not an option — ?!
Miyako: (in the distance) I am not accepting a place that doesn’t have sweet ones…!

Ken: Lui!
Lui: Ichijouji-kun!
Ken: Everyone’s here. So it’ll be fine!
Wormmon: Yeah! We’re all here with you!


Daisuke: Lui?
Lui: …Sorry. I think I just needed to get my heart in order for a bit.
Daisuke: …So…are you okay now?
Lui: Yeah.
V-mon: All right!
Daisuke: Then let’s give it everything we’ve got!
Lui: (laughs) Then I’ll go right ahead!
Miyako: Hey! Wait, hold on a sec!
Daisuke: That’s not fair, trying to get the jump on us!

(chaotic playing in the background)

Lui: Onward!

Translator's notes
  1. Nori = Edible pressed seaweed used in a number of Japanese dishes, including as a ramen topping. []
  2. Daisuke’s friends complain with the phrase “ototoi kiyagare!“; literally meaning “come back the day after tomorrow!”, it can be used in a dismissive sense to say “it’s way too early for this!” (as in, it’s so far away from the right time to be thinking about something that this discussion shouldn’t even be going on yet). []
  3. Iori suggests that Daisuke become a “hakobiya“, or “courier”, but the word also doubles as a euphemism for “smuggler”, so Armadimon initially mistakes Iori for suggesting that Daisuke get his hands involved in dirty business. []
  4. A reference to Akatsuki Yamatoya, the writer for both LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna (which this shop name is a carryover from) and THE BEGINNING. []
  5. Daisuke and V-mon’s greeting is “Hey-rasshai!“, which is the phrase they use in their LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna duet song. []
  6. In Japanese, “lemon sour” usually refers to an alcoholic lemon soda cocktail. []
  7. Yakisoba = Stir-fried noodles, usually mixed with something like Worcestershire sauce. []
  8. Pole-toppling” = A Japanese game where one team tries to topple a pole while the other team tries to defend it from being toppled. []

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    I wish part 2 was actually in the movie and not just Takeru and Hikari trolling, it sounded cool (however, this is also a great Takeru and Hikari prank)
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