Digimon Adventure 02 Best Partner -Kizuna- character song “Tomorrow’s Blue” (Hikari Yagami)

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Translation for Hikari Yagami’s character song “Tomorrow’s Blue” (あしたのアオイロ), from the album Digimon Adventure 02 Best Partner -Kizuna- 6: Hikari Yagami & Tailmon.

“Tomorrow’s Sky Blue” (あしたのアオイロ)
Lyrics: Risa Shirakawa
Composition: Akira Satou
Vocals: Hikari Yagami (CV: M・A・O)

In those blue eyes, is a silhouette of different length than when you snuggle up to me

We’ve run so much and our breaths are heavy
We pretend it’s nothing as our steps match each other
Actually, I always have something I want to tell you
But those words don’t even have a name

I think, when the night falls, tomorrow, what kinds of things should I do?
I’ve got uncertainties, but even those are dear to me, how strange

I want to chase after my dreams and hopes, it’s fine even if they’re incomplete
I won’t lose, I won’t stop, I’ll do this to stay true to myself
In those blue eyes, the thing I always want
is to have my own kind of smile reflected in them

It wasn’t a straightforward road to get here
But just having everyone with me is its own fun melody

I think, as the morning comes, right now, I really want to talk more
You’re the one who gave me kind feelings, and the strength to face forward

All I did was fall over a bit, but it’s a little scary
Instead of wandering around, let’s run far away

Even when nobody’s seen tomorrow yet, I want to cram my endless hopes into it
Your eyes, so blue, bring me light
No matter how strong the winds get, it’ll be fine, so watch over me, okay?
With that blue, our hearts are connected, and we run
As your silhouette snuggles close to me, I embrace you

(Digimon Adventure 02 Best Partner character song masterlist) | (Tender tale →)

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