Digimon Adventure 02 Best Partner -Kizuna- character song “From Spain with Love!” (Miyako Inoue)

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Translation for Miyako Inoue’s character song “From Spain with Love!” (スペインより愛とかこめて!), from the album Digimon Adventure 02 Best Partner -Kizuna- 3: Miyako Inoue & Hawkmon.

“From Spain with Love!” (スペインより愛とかこめて!)
Lyrics: Nagae Kuwahara
Composition: Cher Watanabe
Vocals: Miyako Inoue (CV: Ayaka Asai)

¡Hola! Have you been doing well, I wonder?
We’ve got smartphones to talk, but we’re separated
I, who have evolved into an adult
make everyone do a double-take at me when I walk by!

Whenever I hear you guys’s voices
It just brings back the good old days
Well, sometimes I still end up in a panic
and not sure on what to do!

The country of the sun is irresistible, bingo!
Brightly and nimbly, in order to fulfill my future, I’m working hard

Even if we’re separated far, far away
Our bonds are in a tight knot, so if I forget them or leave you alone
Ah, that’d be totally unforgivable
When things are feeling hard, the first thing you should do is call me, okay?
I’ll take the wings of love and sincerity, spread them, and get there as fast as I can
Ah, I’ll open up any gate I need to

Hey, I’m one step ahead of you
and can take alcohol already1
Sorry to you who are still kids!
Sometimes I head to the wine bar and ¡Salud!

Al mal tiempo, buena cara
We laugh exactly when things are hard
To my friends who are walking different paths
I’m really proud of you all

The country of siesta is the best, bingo!
I take the afternoon nap, renew myself with a bang, and see, even I’ve got a smile!

If I can always, always be honest with myself
Even if I don’t put together some program, even if I keep screwing up
Ah, you understand me
I love you all, I pledge with the core of my heart
Knowing that there’s nothing that won’t change, I’ll overcome the world
Ah, I’ll throw out anything and go there

Fiesta, flamenco, olé! La Maja, matador, olé!
I go and get all riled up at an El Clásico
Gaudí and Cadafalch, Montaner and Calatrava
I go wow at some cool places2 that make me squeal
Pinchos, paella, tapas, jamón iberico rico!
Churros chocolate, I try to go get them but I missed them
Pirozhki, borscht, caviar! Pirozhki, borscht, caviar!
Ah, somehow I was just remembering —

(Digimon Adventure 02 Best Partner character song masterlist) | (Gentle Tornado →)

Translator's notes
  1. The age of majority in Japan was 20 years old in 2010, so Miyako, the only one in the Adventure 02 group to be 20, is thus the only of this group who can legally drink under Japanese law. []
  2. The lyrics book writes “美建築物” (bikenchikubutsu), or “beautiful places”, but the song reads it as ikechiku, or “cool places”. []

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