Digimon Adventure 02 Best Partner character song “My Conclusion” (Iori Hida)

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Translation for Iori Hida’s character song “My Conclusion” (僕の結論), from the album Digimon Adventure 02 Best Partner 9: Iori Hida & Armadimon.

“My Conclusion” (僕の結論)
Lyrics: Chiyoko Mori
Composition: Cher Watanabe
Vocals: Iori Hida (CV: Megumi Urawa)

Everyone, I will be speaking my conclusion
Evil will not be tolerated
Even evil in itself
will be defeated by justice
That will always be a certainty in the end

No matter what danger comes
I have my companions alongside me
We will not lose to you, we will not run away
The bells of courage ring and ring

With my dedication as my only saving grace
I shall be proceeding with rationality

(Truthfully, this is not the time to be singing.
If I do not return home soon, I will be late for dinner!)

Everyone, I will be speaking my conclusion
Our enemies are beyond reason
Again and again, to the very end
They will certainly use cowardly means
to come and attack us

(Although I have just said this, there are some things that cannot be solved by theory alone,
and even I understand this well.)

In this labyrinth with no solutions
Even if I must crouch down here
I will wait for it, I will believe
in the moment of our victory

A strong heart can be found in righteous places
and dwells within one who is honest

Living every day with diligence, I have completed this composition1, Yes, That’s All Right!!

(Digimon Adventure 02 Best Partner character song masterlist) | (Let’s Go with Ya! →)

  1. Iori namedrops the concept of ki-shou-ten-ketsu (起承転結), a phrase used in East Asian literary and writing theory discussions. Literally meaning “introduction (起, ki), development (承, shou), twist (転, ten), conclusion (結, ketsu)”, it’s often taught in Japanese schools to teach students how to do literary analysis or paragraph/essay writing, so it can be considered a Japanese equivalent of how the “introduction, body, conclusion” essay writing method or the three-act story structure would be taught in the West. []

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