Dear Hypnos – EZFG

Translation for EZFG’s song “Dear Hypnos”, featuring Kagamine Rin and Len.

At some point, someone’s got to be the one to do it
I ended up convincing myself that “someone” was me
I got myself into the rhythm of this society full of doubts
I ended up convincing myself that’s the point of living

The most important time of all
that I can freely use for myself
Finally that time has come
And yet…and yet…

I wanna sleep, ah-ah
I wanna sleep, ah-ah

I can’t keep my eyes open
(I wanna sleep, ah-ah)
I can’t push away the monster approaching
I’m gonna lose consciousness soon
(I wanna sleep, ah-ah)
The sound of the explosion is enough for a lullaby
and good night…

There’s a goal I don’t want to give up
I piled up all my preparations for any missing points
But the tiniest gaps piled on and expanded and I drowned in them
I just need to get out of this situation as fast as I can…

Tomorrow will definitely be
the day I finally get all my strength back
So I just need to get myself rested up
And yet…and yet…and yet..

I can’t sleep, ah-ah
I can’t sleep, ah-ah

My eyes are wide open and my chest is throbbing
(I can’t sleep, ah-ah)
The silence makes me hear all of this noise
My head’s spinning and nothing’s working, even the aroma does nothing
(I can’t sleep, ah-ah)
The sky’s already turning bright, it’s no use
all night!!!

A single moment of peace
to you who worked too hard
So that you may get through the morning
our sympathies, our thanks

I want to dream
(I want to dream)
I want to have a dream
(I want to have a dream)
I still want to dream
I still don’t have enough
I still want to dream
It’s still not enough at all

In a dreamy state of mind
Slipping out of reality
Please let me wake…

How much more…
How much longer
will I have to put up with this?
I want to try
When will all my attempts bear fruit?
I’m at my limit, overcoming it isn’t natural anymore
Trying to bear with it and pushing harder leads nowhere
I’ve somehow failed to notice
the signs I’m about to fall apart
I don’t need any more disasters

I want it to come true
I want to take hold of it
I want to reach it
And yet I can’t resist
I want to sleep
I can’t sleep
I want to sleep, ah-ah

I can’t let it end like this
But for now, good night

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