We Love DiGiMONMUSiC Memorial Booklet comments (Shintarou Matsui’s comments)

A translation of the “100 Comments” left by voice actors and staff members for animation and music production from Digimon Adventure, Adventure 02, Tamers, and Frontier, which were included in a booklet from the DiGiMONMUSiC 100 Title Commemoration Release: We Love DiGiMONMUSiC (デジモンミュージック100タイトル記念作品 We Love DiGiMONMUSIC) album collection, originally released December 25, 2002. This also includes both versions of the addendum comment left by music producer Shintarou Matsui in both the original version and the December 25, 2013 rerelease.

With the exception of Producer Matsui’s comments, the original booklets organized all of the commenters by name in gojuuon order. For the sake of easier reading for English speakers, I’ve reorganized the comments in English alphabetical order by surname (or, in the case of pseudonyms without surnames, by pseudonym), and have split the list into portions.

(A-I | K-M | N-S | T-W | Shintarou Matsui’s comments)

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Digimon Frontier 20th ★ Cover Song Release Q&A!

Translation of an interview posted to the Digimon Partners website on December 17, 2022 with singers AiM and Ayumi Miyazaki as well as music producer Shintarou Matsui regarding their cover versions of Frontier songs “Remaining Innocent” and “With The Will” released for Frontier‘s 20th anniversary.

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Super Evolution Stage: Digimon Adventure tri. pamphlet cast and staff comments and interviews

A translation of the cast and staff comments from the official pamphlet for the Super Evolution Stage: Digimon Adventure tri. ~The August 1st Adventure~ stage play, which had ten showings between August 3 and 15, 2017 at the Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi. The following translation includes:

  • Comment from Toei Animation
  • Comment from stage play director and writer Kenichi Tani
  • Short individual interviews with main cast members Gaku Matsumoto (Taichi Yagami), Shouhei Hashimoto (Yamato Ishida), Suzuka Morita (Sora Takenouchi), Kaisei Kamimura (Koushirou Izumi), Marina Tanoue (Mimi Tachikawa), Junya Komatsu (Jou Kido), Kenta Nomiyama (Takeru Takaishi), Yuuna Shigeishi (Hikari Yagami), and Ore no Graffiti (Etemon)
  • A list of ensemble and voice cast
  • A group interview with Matsumoto, Hashimoto, Morita, Kamimura, Tanoue, Komatsu, Nomiyama, and Shigeishi
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Digimon Original Story drama CD booklet text

Translations for the text found in the booklets for the “Digimon Original Story” drama CD series released on April 23, 2003, consisting of the following:

  • Digimon Adventure Original Story: Two-and-a-Half Year Break
  • Digimon Adventure 02 Original Story: 2003 -Spring-
  • Digimon Tamers Original Story: Message in the Packet
  • Digimon Frontier Original Story: Things I Want to Tell You

The CD booklets for Adventure and Adventure 02 contain commentary from series director Hiroyuki Kakudou, the booklet for Tamers includes excerpts from the CD’s respective tracks, and the booklet for Frontier contains comments from the characters’ voice actors.

Note that this translation only includes the content of the booklets and not the drama CD audio itself; for a translation of the audio, please refer to onkeikun’s translation here.

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Real Sound interview with SymaG and Nanahoshi Orchestra on “Gatch’n!”

(Full title: “SymaG × Nanahoshi Orchestra discuss their enthusiasm about their first ‘anime song’: ‘I hope they can grow up with the song and story together as a set'”)

A translation of this interview from June 14, 2017 with vocalist SymaG and composer Nanahoshi Orchestra regarding the release of their single “Gatch’n!” and its B-side “BE MY LIGHT”, which served as the second opening theme song and an insert song respectively for Digimon Universe App Monsters.

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Dengeki Online Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode interview

(Full title: “Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode prerelease interview: Revealed secrets ranging from development of the Ultimate-evolved 3DS version to information on how to clear the game”)

A translation of this Dengeki Online article from June 20, 2013, featuring an interview with producer Kazumasa “Habumon” Habu and director Yusuke Tomono of the video game Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode.

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DigiFes 2022 Digimon Frontier stage reading — Another Mysterious Message! Who’s the Culprit?!

A translated transcript of the Digimon Frontier stage reading “Another Mysterious Message! Who’s the Culprit?!” (謎のメール再び!犯人は誰だ!) read off by the main cast’s voice actors at the DigiFes 2022 night show, at the Tachikawa Stage Garden on July 30, 2022.

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Digimon Survive “Recollections”

A translation of the “Recollections” snippets on the Digimon Survive official website. The snippets are in-character short stories from the perspective of the main eight human characters, reflecting on what they were doing prior to the events of Survive.

Note that while these short stories are chronologically prequels, they contain mild spoilers for some of the information revealed in the game.

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Crest names and translation

This has been something I’ve been turning over in my head for a long time now, but after several months of consideration and consultation with others, I’ve decided to translate 純真の紋章 (“junshin no monshou“) as “Crest of Sincerity” and “誠実の紋章” (“seijitsu no monshou“) as “Crest of Integrity” going forward, and I also plan to retroactively update most of my past translations to reflect this. Those who have followed my translations may know that I’d been using the translation “Purity” for 純真 (“junshin“) and “Honesty” for “誠実” (“seijitsu“) up until now. On top of explaining my justification for the changes, I thought I also might as well take the opportunity to write about Adventure and Adventure 02‘s Crest names in translation.

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