“Appmon ended” blog post from SymaG

A translation of a blog post from Appmon OP “Gatch’n!” and insert song “BE MY LIGHT” vocalist SymaG, originally posted on October 8, 2017.

I’m posting this a week late, but on 9/30, Digimon Universe App Monsters ended…(‘、3_ヽ)_
I’m hit with the loss of Appmon. I don’t care if you have someone else singing the OP, I just really want more of it…

The hype in the second half was incredible
“Huh!? Are you serious?? Then that means…if you’re gonna do that, hey, wait, what are you doing!!” It was that sort of feeling. Like that.
At the end I just ended up naturally crying. How old am I supposed to be again? I’m 82, you know.1

This series timed my song to some really good places, and it was the best kind of cool
and I was trembling, like “ah…That’s insane…I’m gonna die…This is the end for me…” I got close to having a complete convulsion.
That might have been the moment where my dreams really came true.

All these chances of good luck came together and I got to sing for this
so my own personal dreams have completely come true, and now I’m terrified
like, how do I say it, maybe the goddess of luck is spoiling me too much and I’ll be drawn back into her palm soon, I’m so nervous
but either way, there’s no changing the fact that “I was able to be involved with such a masterpiece”
so with that alone I’m just going yAAaaaAAAAaaaAaAAY lol.

Thank you to everyone who cheered me on and supported me.
Everyone at Toei took this ignorant old man and made use of me so well.
I’m truly grateful to you all. This last half of a year was like a dream.

Someday, within the memory of the kids
when they see footage of Haru-kun and Gatchmon, and “Gatch’n!” will play in their heads
I’ll be looking forward to that day with a grin.

Translator's notes
  1. Part of SymaG’s persona involves repeatedly claiming to be 82 years old (regardless of what year it is). []

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