Animedia April 2020 — Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna setting reference materials

The April 2020 issue of Animedia included design sheets and reference materials for Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna, including some commentary, which I have translated here in this post.

Setting Reference Materials

This movie is made to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series that broadcast its first series in 1999, Digimon Adventure. The story is set in 2010, and depicts the “Chosen Children”* who appeared in the first series and its sequel, Digimon Adventure 02. Let’s introduce the setting materials for the characters who have grown up well into adulthood, and the Digimon, who conversely have not changed.

*”Chosen Children” refers to children who are chosen to save the “Digital World” alongside the Digimon. Each of them has a “Digimon partner” tied to their heart, which allows them to evolve.

Taichi Yagami and Agumon

Taichi Yagami

(Voice: Natsuki Hanae)

After having his first adventure as a fifth-grader brimming with courage, he is currently a fourth-year in university. He is still in the process of deciding what to do after graduation. Even now, he still involves himself in taking care of Digimon incidents, alongside his Digimon partner.

  • Since he’s moved out of his parents’ home upon entering university, he’s constantly spending his days busy with studying and his part-time job.
  • As a university student, he’s still able to meet up with Agumon, but they’re not constantly together all of the time.


(Voice: Chika Sakamoto)

Taichi’s Digimon partner. This is his Child-level form, after evolving from Koromon. Normally, he has a carefree personality, but during battle, he charges into battle without looking back. His special attack is Baby Flame, which spits fire from his mouth.


The Digimon that Taichi first met in the Digital World. This is his Baby-level form, prior to evolving into Agumon.


Agumon’s Adult-level evolved form. He’s big enough that Taichi has to look up at him. His special attack is Mega Flame.


Greymon’s form after evolving to Perfect-Level. He can fly with his six wings. His special attack is Giga Death Destroyer.

Yamato Ishida and Gabumon

Yamato Ishida

(Voice: Yoshimasa Hosoya)

Although he seems cool-headed, he can actually be very passionate. Appeared in the first series as a fifth-grader. Currently a fourth-year engineering major in university, and has decided to continue into graduate school. Although he was involved in band activities during 02, his current hobby is in motorcycles.

  • Yamato also hasn’t been to the Digital World in several months, but he still gets to meet up with Gabumon.


(Voice: Mayumi Yamaguchi)

Yamato’s Digimon partner. This is his Child-level form, after evolving from Tsunomon. He’s normally very shy, but wearing Garurumon’s pelt causes him to act bravely. His special attack is Petit Fire, which spits a bluish-white flame from his mouth.


Gabumon’s Baby-level form prior to evolving. Beyond blowing acidic bubbles, he doesn’t have much fighting power.


Gabumon’s Adult-level evolved form. His Fox Fire spits a scorching bluish-white flame from his mouth.


Garurumon’s form after evolving to Perfect-level. A bipedal beast man Digimon, he uses both hands to attack with sharp claws.

Sora Takenouchi and Piyomon

Sora Takenouchi

(Voice: Suzuko Mimori)

A childhood friend of Taichi Yagami. She was a fifth-grader in the first series, and is currently a fourth-year in university. She has decided not to seek employment after university, and is currently focusing her efforts on studying traditional Japanese flower arrangement in order to succeed her mother as the Grand Master of a flower arrangement cultural school1.

  • She’s trying to value the little time she has to spend in her normal daily life, so it seems like she doesn’t meet Taichi and the others very often.


(Voice: Atori Shigematsu)

Sora’s Digimon partner. Her wings have developed to be like arms. This is her Child-level form after evolving from the Baby-level Pyocomon. Her special attack is Magical Fire, an attack with illusionary fire.

  • Piyomon dreams of flying freely through the sky, and evolves into Birdramon, a bird-type Digimon that can do so as much as she wishes.

Koushirou Izumi and Tentomon

Koushirou Izumi

(Voice: Mutsumi Tamura)

An intellectual theorist. Full of inquisitive spirit, he has been making extensive use of a laptop since his days of being a fourth-grader in the first series. He currently manages a company while in university. He carries on the duty of bringing together the Digital World and the real world.

  • He uses the funds accumulated through his company in order to expand his activities as a manager for the “Chosen Child” community.


(Voice: Takahiro Sakurai)

Koushirou’s Digimon parnter. An insect Digimon with a hard shell and six limbs, this is his Child-level form after evolving from the Baby-level Mochimon. For some reason, he speaks in Kansai dialect. He evolves into Kabuterimon.

  • He’s the type who can relieve tension, so he’s the best partner for Koushirou, as he can be a refreshing presence for him when his mind is fully tied up in things.

Mimi Tachikawa and Palmon

Mimi Tachikawa

(Voice: Hitomi Yoshida)

Appeared in the first series as a fourth-grader, as a somewhat selfish princess-like girl who didn’t necessarily do things in accordance with others. Currently, she manages an online shopping site, and is constantly busy flying all around the world.

  • She deals in all sorts of “cute” miscellaneous goods. She doesn’t get to see her friends often due to how busy she is with work, but she constantly stays in contact with them.


(Voice: Kinoko Yamada)

Mimi’s Digimon partner. She has the same wide range of emotions that Mimi does. This is her Child-level form after evolving from the Baby-level Tanemon, and she can also evolve further into the Adult-level Togemon, and super-evolve into the Perfect-level fairy-type Lilimon.

Jou Kido and Gomamon

Jou Kido

(Voice: Junya Ikeda)

Appeared in the first series as a sixth-grader. Currently, he’s in the middle of practicing medicine as a fifth-year medical student. He’s studying very hard to become a doctor, so he has very little time to meet with his friends or their Digimon.

  • At first, he was only aiming to become a doctor because his father wanted him to, but after going through his adventure, he gained his own true resolve to become one.


(Voice: Junko Takeuchi)

Jou’s Digimon partner. A marine-type Digimon who excels in swimming. In contrast to the overly dedicated Jou, he has more of a mischeivous and cheeky personality. He evolves to this Child-level form from the Baby-level Pukamon, and can evolve into the Adult-level Ikkakumon.

  • Gomamon’s special attack is Marching Fishes, which brings in a school of fish to charge in and attack.

Takeru Takaishi and Patamon

Takeru Takaishi

(Voice: Junya Enoki)

Appeared in the first series as a second-grader from a different school. At first, he disliked fighting, but became strong-willed through his adventure. He is currently a first-year literature major in university. He is studying English and French, and is currently writing a novel.

  • The younger brother of Yamato Ishida, by blood relation. Their surnames are different because their parents are divorced, and they were taken under custody by different parents.


(Voice: Miwa Matsumoto)

Takeru’s Digimon partner. This is his Child-level form after evolving from the Baby-level Tokomon, with a cute crybaby personality. He can evolve into the angel-type Adult-level Angemon and Perfect-level HolyAngemon.

  • His large ears can flap like wings and allow him to fly, but he’s so slow that it’s faster for him to walk.

Hikari Yagami and Tailmon

Hikari Yagami

(Voice: M・A・O)

Taichi’s younger sister. Appeared as a second-grader during the first series. Her trademark was the whistle that she had around her neck. Currently, she is a first-year early childhood education major at a women’s junior college. She mainly meets up with her older brother, Taichi, when getting involved in Digimon incidents.

  • In order to deal with Digimon incidents that take place in the real world, she rushes into the fight with her Digimon partner.


(Voice: Yuka Tokumitsu)

Hikari’s Digimon partner. This is her Adult-level evolved form. She has a strong-willed older sister-type personality, and can attack with long, sharp claws with her special attack, Cat Punch. She can super-evolve into the feminine angelic Digimon, Angewomon.

  • Her first appearance was as an antagonist. After meeting Hikari in the real world, she remembered her true purpose, and became her partner.

Daisuke Motomiya and V-mon

Daisuke Motomiya

(Voice: Fukujuurou Katayama)

Made his first appearance in 02 as a fifth-grader. He was Taichi’s junior, and Hikari and Takeru’s classmate. Currently, he’s a first-year in vocational school, studying to earn his cooking license.

  • He’s training himself in making ramen, so he uses Digital Gates to research the art of noodle making.


(Voice: Junko Noda)

Daisuke’s Digimon partner. This is his form after evolving from Baby-level to Child-level. He has a mischievous personality and is the type to live in the present. He can evolve into various different forms, including the Adult-level XV-mon and the Armor form Fladramon.

  • V-mon, a reckless fighter, has the special attack of V-mon Head, which involves him charging in by using his head.

Ken Ichijouji and Wormmon

Ken Ichijouji

(Voice: Arthur Lounsbery)

Made his first appearance in 02 as a fifth-grader. He was originally an antagonist under the name of the Digimon Kaiser, who conspired to take over the Digital World, but he eventually took back his true heart and became one of Daisuke’s friends. Currently, he is a first-year university student, studying psychology.

  • He meets up with Daisuke and the others often, along with each of their own Digimon partners.


(Voice: Naozumi Takahashi)

The Child-level form of Ken’s Digimon partner. He once gave up his life to save Ken, and they were reunited when he was reborn. He can evolve into the Adult-level Stingmon. When Jogress evolving with XV-mon, they become Paildramon.


Wormmon’s Baby-level form prior to evolving. He’s capable of hanging from Ken’s arm.

Miyako Inoue and Hawkmon

Miyako Inoue

(Voice: Ayaka Asai)

Made her first appearance in 02 as a sixth-grader. Koushirou’s junior. A bright person who gets easily carried away. Currently, she is a second-year studying programming at an engineering college, and is studying abroad in Spain. She is involved in management for the Digimon-related community.

  • Her job in the Digimon-related community is to communicate with and advise Chosen Children.


The Child-level form of Miyako’s Digimon partner. Courteous, and always calm and collected. He can evolve into the Adult-level Aquilamon. Using the power of the Digimentals, he can also evolve into Armor forms.

  • He’s accompanied Miyako while she studies abroad in Spain, and is in charge of camera work whenever she records videos to use in emails.

Iori Hida and Armadimon

Iori Hida

(Voice: Yoshitaka Yamaya)

First appeared in 02 as a third-grader. He had an overly strong sense of justice, and could have a fastidious and inflexible side. Currently a second-year in high school. He intends to become an attorney, and is studying in order to aim for the goal of majoring in law in university.

  • He was learning kendo under his grandfather during 02, and even now, in high school, he continues to practice kendo.


(Voice: Megumi Urawa)

The Child-level form of Iori’s Digimon partner. The easy-going and optimistic type. Speaks in Nagoya dialect. He has not only evolved into the Adult-level Ankylomon, but also Armor Evolved into Digmon.


Armadimon’s Baby II form, prior to evolving. An amphibian-type Digimon with ear-like branchia sprouting from both sides of his body.


Kyoutarou Imura

(Voice: Daisuke Ono)

A Japanese man serving as Menoa’s assistant. A university researcher with a sharp and intimidating aura to him. He seems to say exactly what’s on his mind and how he sees things, thus coming off as somewhat suffocating. He serves as backup support when working on resolving incidents.

  • He seems to have a suspicious and hidden character and has a tendency to do things on his own, so his behavior comes off as very mysterious.

Menoa Bellucci

(Voice: Mayu Matsuoka)

An American woman who has been recognized as a prodigy since she was a child. She serves as an associate professor at a university in New York, and is a Digimon researcher. In order to take care of a Digimon-related incident occurring around the world, she comes seeking the help of Taichi and the others.


Digivice / Smartphone-type Digivice

Has appeared since the first series. Originally, it was an out-of-place artifact sort of device that was entrusted to the Chosen Children. It helps each Digimon partner evolve. Currently, as university students, Taichi and his friends use the “smartphone-type Digivice”, which was developed by Koushirou.

Translator's notes
  1. Sora’s mother is an iemoto (i.e. effectively a Grand Master) for a school of cultural preservation of traditions related to a Japanese art form — in her case, ikebana (traditional Japanese flower arrangement). There is a very strong expectation for the position to be passed down via lineage. []

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