I started translating a few things for fun and then somehow I ended up translating more things, and then one thing led to another, and then I ended up needing a site to put everything on. So this is basically just the site where I put translations for everything that strikes my fancy, because it’s fun.

Most of what I do on here is relevant to the Digimon franchise, which I have a ridiculous fondness for, but this is not exclusively the case, and I’ll probably put up anything that strikes my fancy.

Opinions and viewpoints expressed in anything I translate are not my own and do not necessarily line up with my own personal views on what’s being expressed, with the exception of posts with the “Personal” tag and the occasional translator’s note.

The site name “DigiLab” comes from the DigiLab run by Mirei Mikagura in Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth and Hacker’s Memory, where she observes the multiverse and gathers information about what’s happening in it.

Also currently affiliated with Blue Cats Coffee as an editor.



Kazari is the name I go by, though the handle “kazarinn” is also fine for crediting purposes.


She/her, please.

What languages do you translate?

Japanese to English, currently.

I’m curious why you translated [x] this way / I think there’s a mistake in [x] translation.

Please send me an email (see below) or leave a comment on the resulting post, and I’ll take a look at it.

Can you translate [x]?

I don’t take requests. If you do send me something as a suggestion, I may end up doing it depending on my amount of free time and personal interest in it, but that’ll entirely be left to my own discretion.

Can I repost the text of [x]?

If you plan on reposting the entire translation, please don’t (unless the page has gone missing or is deleted); I’d prefer you link back instead. If you’re quoting passages, feel free to do so, but please also credit and/or link back. Posting my lyric translations to wikis or other editable lyric aggregate sites is fine, but, again, please credit and/or link back.

Of course, I ask that you credit and take proper procedures with the original source as well.

Can I retranslate [x] to (language)?

You may do so, but please do link back to my translation when you do. (You don’t need to ask me beforehand, but I’d definitely appreciate it if you at least let me know.)

Again, please be sure to credit and take procedures with the original source as well.

I’d like to ask a question or get in contact with you; how do I do so?

You can email me at kazakazarin [at] gmail [dot] com. You can also try hitting me up on Twitter or Tumblr, although I don’t use those platforms as frequently.